Rangers and Morgan Barron talking contract – COVID-19 holding up talks

The NY Rangers and prospect Morgan Barron, a first team All American this season, are talking entry level contract, but the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation is holding up talks.

From a contract perspective, this makes sense. Barron just finished his junior season, his best in the NCAA this season. For Barron, it’s best to capitalize on his contract now since the only thing that can happen in his senior year is losing production leverage. The obvious counterpoint to that is that if he decides to go back for a senior season, the Rangers would be on the clock to sign him or else he becomes a UFA.

For the Rangers, they need forward depth in Hartford, and landing one of their better forward prospects, who projects as a strong bottom-six option in the NHL, would be an important add for the Wolf Pack. Currently their best forward is Vitali Kravtsov, and he may be with the Rangers next season.

The timing seems perfect for both sides. Once (if?) the COVID-19 fallout comes to a close, we should see them hammer something out relatively quickly.

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  • Well, if I were him … oh, lord, if only i were him (sorry, had a distracting flashback to my college days) … I’d sign soon, because there’s a distinct possibility that money’s going to be tighter next year than it is right now. As for the Rangers, it would absolutely be to their benefit to get him signed and working with the team, probably in Hartford, as soon as possible. The way things are going, they’re going to be ready for some serious playoff action on the 2021/22 season, and a big forward (especially a center) would fit right into their roster.

    • I remember hearing about how this kid might try to play out his college career. In case to keep options open on where he would like to play. This news came before January 2020, I remember reading about it on NHL reddit and NYR reddit fan page. I thought ForeverBlueshirts even did fluff piece on this back in early December? Rangers would give him one of more easy paths to the bottom 6.

      Remember that there has been loads of better center’s who had to learn how to be a pro at the winger positions.

      They don’t all come in the form of Kevin Hayes that can be plugged in right away post college. Than end up being an established top top 9 centerman in the NHL with 12 mins of ice time. Man if he could come in as a 30-35 point responsible center/winger than that’s money right there. This team is severely lacking in 5v5 producer’s with quality 3 zone play. Dude’s like Kreider, Chytil and Buch need to hit 2/3 categories to be effective ( PP1, top line linemates and easy deployment ). A PK’er to fill the void of Lias Andersson sucking and the fail attempts of Brendan L would be awesome addition. If they can’t add to the core soon than future season’s will be 100% on the shoulders of Panarin, Zib, ADA, Fox and the goalie. Than the window would close within 3-4 from now. This team is already facing that hill if Strome can’t replicate 2019-20. Dude’s like Barron are sadly going to need be put through early test (no natural development).

  • Good news, and hopefully he signs up soon. From all I read, he is a big, strong, skilled player who can play center, and or wing. He thinks the game thru, is smart, Cornell folks, and should be a good option for the third, and or fourth line for years to come. I’ll be happy to see him in Ranger blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think the only issue is that he was looking at a realistic run for the NCAA championship with Cornell this year. He might decide that it means enough to him to put off signing a pro contract this year, and then we’d have to worry about him being a free agent. OTOH, I’m sure he’s smart enough to realize that he’s got a realistic shot at stepping into a meaningful role with a strong, and improving, Rangers team pretty quickly.

      • But see that was 1/2 my point in my first comment. I have been reading about how he always intended on finishing his college career in order to have the freedom to pick another pro team. I’ve read that could be a major possibility before this virus became mainstream and stopped his run with Cornell in February. The narrative of him going back because he got ripped away from his team became a thing well after January 2020.

  • I’m going out on a limb and say he’d be an improvement over Brett Howden … immediately, if not sooner. But how will DQ feel about that?

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