Rangers Jeopardy for COVID-19 Charity

Brandon Cohen, prior editor of Blue Line Station and who has done some guest spots here, is running a great idea for COVID-19 charity. He set up a New York Rangers Jeopardy board which will open up to 30 people to compete. As you know, the coronavirus has had us on lockdown, and the front line hospital staff (which goes beyond doctors and nurses) have been risking their own lives for the safety of others.

Brandon put this together where 30 people, for a $10 entry fee, will compete against each other for the right to choose where the money will go. As a bonus, if the winner is one of you guys, our regulars, you can send me a guest post and I’ll publish it here (within reason – you guys know the rules).

If this is something you’re interested in, shoot Brandon a DM on Twitter.

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  • Great job, Brandon. I will commit to match the winners COVID-19 donation. I don’t think I would do well so not throwing my hat in the ring.
    Good Luck to all, stay safe!

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