James Dolan diagnosed with coronavirus as MSG commits to paying workers

James Dolan is the biggest name in the Rangers organization to be diagnosed with coronavirus, with that news breaking over the weekend. Dolan is currently self isolating with mild symptoms of COVID-19.

Late last week, Dolan also announced that MSG will continue to pay their arena employees through May 3rd. In the wake of the Bruins and Hurricanes asking for pay cuts and laying people off, the Rangers are setting the bar for how to do things the right way.

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  • The fans have given him plenty of heat, but when the time came, the man stepped up and did the right thing. Now let’s give him, and his family, the support they deserve.

  • I mean I’m not a big fan, but rejoicing because the guy is sick is effed up.

    Kudos for stepping up for the employees and get well soon.

  • The guy that owns the Hurricanes and shut down the AAF is the biggest jerk. Imagine being outclassed by Dolan. Speedy recovery, Jim.

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