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Rangers sign undrafted UFA forward Austin Rueschhoff

Western Michigan forward is a big boy

The Rangers continue their NCAA free agent signing ways, agreeing to terms with Western Michigan forward Austin Rueschhoff. Rueschhoff is a big kid – 6’7″ and 225 lbs. The 22 year old RW put up a line of 12-14-26 in 36 games with Western Michigan.

Rueschhoff isn’t going to be the prettiest of skaters due to his size. But it looks like he has some solid skating ability here with some decent hands. There isn’t much else out there on him.

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  • That’s some ugly skating, but it’s also from circa 4 years ago … hopefully it’s improved.

    • 1 career fight in the USHL, so either no, or just kids don’t want to throw down with someone they’re giving up 6” to.

    • Youth + size is always a good thing for a team like the Rangers!

      How ya doin”, Walt? Staying healthy? Obeying the rules (restrictions) out there? 😉 Hope you are doing well, my friend.

      …and one thing… “1 up” for ya. 🙂

      • Ranger Joe

        I’m fine, but my wife is going nuts with me around all day. This may cause a strain on a so to be 50 year marriage, LOL!!!!!!!!

        Stay healthy my fried, as well as everyone else on this site………

  • NHL
    8h ago

    Mass. AG Healey calls on Bruins owner to compensate employees.

    How many times have I posted that Jeremy Jacobs is a dirt bag, and here we go again. He has to be embarrassed by the AG of Massachusetts to do something that may cost him money, in order to help out the hourly people being impacted by the shut down. This man is a first rate piece of horse manure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brad Marchant has started a go fund me account, and the players on the Bruins team have made donations, but not that tightwad owner……….

    • With so many wealthy people who are charitable and generous, this guy is exactly the type of wealthy person the general public hates.

      He is a slimy and horrible human being (if you want to call him that). One of Bettman’s cronies, which tells you about Bettman too. Which we already know anyway.

      Jacobs finally buckled under but only after severe public outcry. The damage is already done.

      • Tony

        He and Ed Snyder, of Comcast-NBC ownership were the people most responsible for the lock out, and the cap nonsense which the NHL has to operate under today. And to think that these scumbags, Snyder, and Jacobs are in the NHL-HOF, what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!

        • No question Walt.

          Oh, and who has the NHL contract? NBC and it’s affiliates, a Comcast company. Gee, how did that happen?

  • Adam Edström
    Position: Center

    Age: 19

    Height: 6-6

    Weight: 212 pounds

    Draft status: Sixth round (No. 161 overall) in 2019

    2019-20 stats: Nine points (four goals and five assists) and a minus-7 rating in 46 games with Rögle’s top-level club in the Swedish Hockey League.

    Scout’s take: “We are very happy with strong development of Adam Edström. He adapted quickly with his new team Rögle in the SHL. His game is more rounded now. At 6-6, he is an excellent skater with a strong physical presence and hitting. He’s aggressive on forechecks, good on face-offs — a smart player and a very good kid. He is a sixth-rounder who will surprise many down the road.”

    Couldn’t help but post this good report. There is nothing else going on so why not read up on our kids, and their progress. This is a big kid, could be a good 3-4th liner for us down the road, who can win faceoffs, and forechecks well. As we all know, the Swedes all can play defense, so this kids got my interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • They were bumping him up to 2nd line at times after the likes of Hoglander & Bokk were getting caved early.

      The skating isn’t just good for a big man, but good. I don’t know if you’d want to bring him over for next year, better to let him get top 6 minutes with Rögle, then re-evaluate. Guys like these two & Gettinger can make for big,fast, semi skilled bottom 6 players on cheap deals that the team will need for years to come.

      • Reen

        I’m not say bring him here next year, I wanted to let people read about a kid who may be better than expected at the draft!!!!!!!

        I will say that I’ll keep tabs on his progress. Take care my friend…………….

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