Brendan Lemieux to be suspended when play resumes

Illegal hit on Jonas Donskoi

Brendan Lemieux will be suspended for his hit on Jonas Donskoi last week. Lemieux’s hit was late, he received a penalty, and was a pretty dumb penalty to take.

Lemieux’s suspension duration won’t be announced until after the NHL resumes play, be it this season or next. He will serve that suspension when play resumes, so the season suspension doesn’t get him out of punishment.

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  • Not that I condone the hit, I don’t, but Ovi freight trains Drouin after leaving his feet to make the hit, putting Drouin out for 2 months, and does not even get a 2 minute penalty.

    Pick and choose.

    • I think it’s BS … the hit was stupid and ill-advised, but he didn’t leave his feet, didn’t target the head and wasn’t by the boards. I see at least one or two WORSE hits per game in the league — without even as much as a penalty being called half the time. It’s garbage … and what pisses me off even more is the fact that they don’t just say the suspension is for X numbers of games. There’s no reason not to announce the number of games, whether they’re to be played this season or next, whenever they resume playing.

      • Oh no, it should be a suspension, just like every hit that way should be as well.

        I get the whole “let’s mix it up” type of thing, and I approve of that, but this guy is just stupid sometimes. And trust me, I like him. He’s a perfect 4th line player with some sand paper. But he needs to be smart too.

        I agree on the # of games announcement. What’s the secret? lol.

        • I’m just saying in a comparative sense this was at best a “fine” and not a suspension. This comes down to Donskoi’s injury but I still see much worse in the games I watch — like Tooth said, Ovi and Wilson are nightly offenders yet they almost never see a fine, let alone a suspension.

          Bleh, I don’t care … I just want my hockey back and everyone to be safe. 😉

  • Ovie and Wilson do far worse on an almost nightly basis. Without reprimand. Ovie has been a late hit, charging specialist his entire steriod laced career.

    • That’s ridiculous. Ovechkin plays on the edge, and he plays without drugs. Don’t hate on number 8, the guy is one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of skates.

      Wilson, on the other hand, is pure garbage.

    • If his name wasn’t Lemieux maybe he’d be less of a cheapshot artist and overall idiot. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree, his dad was a pure piece of crap.

  • What about the hit on Buchnevich by Ryan Ellis, no suspension there, he clearly elevated and elbowed him in the head.

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