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NHL suspends morning skates, meetings, and practices

More to come

Update (11:35am): Looks like officials are being sent home.

Original post (10:09am): The NHL has suspended all team operations this morning:

There is a Board of Governor’s call at 1pm today where more information will be available.

It is expected the league will suspend league operations and the season for both the NHL and AHL.

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  • The world is a changing place, but I’m sure normalcy will be restored. A little said the Rangers will not be able to complete their run for the playoffs, but some things are much more important. I wish all good health! Stay safe!

  • Terrible situation. It has to be done but, it is still painful to lose both hockey and baseball for this fan.

    That being said, I hope that everyone’s loved ones are and remain safe, and that in the end these measures are successful in quelling the advance of the illness.

  • The situation dictated that all teh major sports close down for the time being. It is unavoidable right now. Too many folks in too small an environment. Shutting everything down could not be avoided.

    That said, I hope the owners of all team in all the major sports will insure that the part-time help at the low end of eh pay-scale, like the ticket takers, ushers, food vendors, et al, are compensated even though there are no games being played. Many of these folks rely on this income to literally survive.

    • Very valid point MBN, a lot of low wage people will be missing paychecks. There needs to be provisions for them.

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