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Breaking: NHL suspends the season

Amid Coronavirus outbreak, the NHL has suspended the season

As expected, the official word has come down that the NHL will postpone the remainder of the season. The “hope” is to restart the season at some point, and part of the process was asking about arena availability as late as July.

The logistics of something like that are very difficult to plan/predict. If the season goes to July, what happens to the draft? Free agency? Arbitration? Does it delay next season’s start so the players get rest? How does it impact the CBA negotiations?

Those are all questions for another day. For now, as a reminder, stay safe. Stay informed. Use good judgment. Wash your hands. Use social distancing. Be safe.

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  • The draft would be interesting!
    Would they go by this seasons point totals, or do they do a weighted system ,combining this season and last?

    • Not sure what the reasoning would be to “weigh” anything. At most I could see them adjust totals for this season and base the standings for the draft on winning percentage as opposed to points, since teams have played a different number of games.

      Personally though I think the season will resume in less than a month … and they’ll tack on games in April or adjust the number of games played down to circa 70-72. Just a personal opinion.

      In the immortal words of Sergeant Phil Esterhaus: “Let’s be careful out there.”

      • Tanto

        Funny you said what you did, Brooks wrote an article on this subject today. What he said made sense (?) in that the PA, and owners are both on the same page when it comes to their partnership. Bottom line, if they don’t play again this season, it could impact the cap figure next season, and the PA won’t like to have that figure reduced………………….

        • Yeah Walt, the cap implications will be pretty serious. A lot of teams make money come playoff time so profits will take a big hit.

  • Hey. If we can’t watch hockey for a while … at least we can talk about hockey!

    I just want to say, for the short time I have been participating on this blog, I do cherish the “friends” I have made (Walt, you always will get “1 thumbs up” from me. lol).

    Anyway…ALL GOOD PEOPLE, here. Great fans of the sport and of the NEW YORK RANGERS, whom we all love and have a passion for!

    Glad to have this blog and that we can keep talking about the Rangers!

    (p.s. “Hats-off” to those who put together and maintain this blog. “Wonderful job by all!”)

  • As of 3/13/2020 NYS has 421 confirmed cases of Coronavirus at 2pm. Everyone try to be safe and healthy, but how in the world can this be contained in about 2-3 months? Just a thought, perhaps continue the season in late April and have like the mlb with a few wildcard games if that can happen. Playoffs could go through late July with the cup finals around that time.

    Obviously the season can only continue if this virus is indeed contained, brings me to a side note question? WWE is having Wrestlemania 36 in Tampa Bay, approximately 85,000 fans all in that open air arena, no roof. If the WWE event is being cancelled at the garden, then how can an event with so many fans continue if this virus is still relevant? The event takes place in April, just wondering. Also, there is no WWE no NHL no NBA at the garden, does that mean all events at MSG are cancelled? Its crazy to think that Jacob Javitz center is also or was hosting a lot of events as well (boat show, car show, etc). Just saying 2-3 weeks may not be enough time to contain the virus. Again, hope all are safe, gotta stay away from rinks, gyms, malls, etc. I just do not feel safe working out or playing ice hockey even if that rink’s or gym’s message is we are wiping down our equipment/locker rooms.

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