Chris Kreider is skating

Just a week after fracturing his foot

A nice little surprise this morning, as news hit that Chris Kreider is indeed skating.

This is barely a week after a foot injury that has kept him sidelined since the weekend series against the Flyers. Kreider fractured is foot, and the timetable to return was unknown.

That’s two broken bones that have healed in days, not weeks, for the Rangers. The playoff push is something real for these guys. Either that or Dan Girardi, now that he’s retired, has donated his cyborg body parts to the Rangers.

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  • CK will only play in the 2 or 3 last games if we are still in a position to make the playoffs. If we are out of it, why risk it.

    It would make the team pretty pumped if CK skated and played before year end.

  • The team really needs to be cautious with Shestorkin and Kreider. No need to rush them back for the playoffs. Could end up doing more damage in the long run.

  • This isn’t the time to be rushing anyone. As it is I’m still miffed and believe that DQ & Co. rushed Shesty.

  • Sure, why not, they put out a debilitated Marc Staal every game, so why not Kreider?

    Let’s try everything in our power to make that 7 year deal another albatross.

    • LMFAO…”Sure, why not, they put out a debilitated Marc Staal every game,” Comment of the season brother…

  • He’s skating, but there are no guarantees that he will play. I hope he doesn’t if not fully healed!!!!!

  • I know, let’s all spend the next couple of weeks whining about the coach and the GM. This is a team which we all thought would be in Ottawa-land this season. They’ve come farther than anyone thought in a short period of time. Could we at least consider, just consider, giving credit where credit is due instead of trying to make yourselves look intelligent to each other by hammering the coach? Do you really think a guy with three years left on his contract is going to rush two guys back into service too soon who he knows are going to be critical pieces of this franchise going forward? Really?

    Regards- orange

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