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Can't win them all

After a long stretch of good play from the Rangers, you knew the regression would eventually come. You absolutely loathe the fact it was against an Alain Vigneault coached team and it cannot be understated how important Sunday is going to be. A few boneheaded plays and an unfortunate loss cost the Rangers this one. Let’s get to the thoughts on this one eh?

  • After that awesome comeback, and after learning that the Rangers arrived in Philadelphia at 2AM this morning, you knew it was a strong possibility they wouldn’t bring it all tonight. The Flyers were well rested having not played since Tuesday, so you almost expect the rested team to beat the team on little rest.
  • The highlight of the game from a Rangers perspective was the immaculate pass from Panarin to spring Fast on a partial breakaway. Threw the puck from the face-off dot to the other blue line right on Fast’s tape, and Fast batted in a rebound from the air for the opening goal. Following this goal though, it was all Flyers.
  • It started when Brendan Smith broke his stick. He stayed out in front to be a body that could block lanes, but Trouba foolishly followed Jake Voracek behind the net, vacating his net front positioning and leaving Smith and Georgiev out to dry. Voracek threw a cross crease pass to Sean Couturier and Georgiev had no chance on it. I partially blame Trouba on this one due to his lack of awareness of Smith’s vulnerability and leaving a passing lane wide open for the opposition. Easy goal.
  • The Rangers luck would only worsen from here on out. Chris Kreider blocked a shot, and left the game with a fractured foot. Knowing how these injuries typically play out, you hope Kreider can be ready in time for a potential playoff run. A 30 goal season once again evades him while on pace for one.
  • Just how Georgiev made every save imaginable last night, so did Carter Hart for the Flyers in this one. Gave up very little rebounds whereas Georgiev–having played last night–seemed to not be able to control the rebounds like he normally did. I would have gone with Hank in this one only because of the back-to-back situation. Wonder if we see him on Sunday?
  • While Quinn again loaded up his top line tonight by putting Panarin with Zibanejad, it was just not enough tonight. The Flyers had the puck all night it seemed. There is a reason they are such a dominant home team. Vigneault apparently learned how to utilize rosters since he left New York.
  • The officiating in this one was absolutely abysmal for both sides.
  • Remember all the praise I said about Marc Staal last night? Throw it in the garbage. This was his worst game in a long time. Pretty sure he was on the ice for every goal against both on the PK and even strength.
  • First loss in a while, but be prepared for Sunday. It’s been well documented this season how this team responds after a loss.
  • With Kreider out, I wish Quinn would have thrown out Gauthier on the power play as a net front guy. Given his size and scoring ability everywhere he goes, it would have been good to see a preview of what is to come for him and his development.
  • Speaking of Sunday, Kravtsov SZN?…

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  • If(and that’s a big if) it’s just a metatarsal, it could be as quick as 10 days to 2 weeks. Once the swelling goes down so he can get it in the boot and it’s started to knit, Kreider can go. Just will have to wear a boot shield.

    *Rangers have enough cap room($4.7mm including LTIR for Haley) to go to 26-7 players and still have room for bonus overages. That means not only can they do their final 2 AHL callups if needed but can sign the likes of Miller & Barron when their seasons end.

    *I said I’d be back in March, but Leap year got me. Missing the endless panic & caterwauling of certain people I certainly didn’t miss.

    Gorton proving the nattering nabobs are all wet again. A nice bit of business to get a 1st for Skjei, nice job using the frontloading (& the future value of money)to bring Kreider at a lower AAV. Now to just get ADA in on a deal (similar to Kreider) before it gets to arbitration.

    • Reenavipul

      Missed your posting and insight, where have you been?

      I do agree that should Miller, and especially Barron come out of school, they could help right away.

      I hate saying this though, but this injury to Chris could go 4-6 weeks, but please let me be wrong!

      • Do you actually think this coach would play Miller over Smith or Staal. Or Barron over Howden or McKegg or Phil D. ?? I have my doubts.

      • I don’t think Miller is anywhere near ready. From what I’ve read he’s taken a step back this season and even if he was in the NHL there is no guarantee that he wouldn’t struggle.

        • He took a step back because they wanted him to focus on D and not jump into the play.

          It’s not about him & Barron jumping straight into the lineup(though Barron might be a bottom 6 upgrade) it’s about getting them under contract and showing them what it means to be an NHL player.

          If Cornell gets out of regionals, the earliest you’d see Barron is the last weekend of the regular season.

      • Like I wrote above, I just didn’t want to deal with the endless negativity towards GMJG & DQ and have fights over nothing that could be proven on a daily basis.

        It’s fairly obvious that my positivity towards them was proven right.

        Outside of here I was pushing for the team to move on from ADA because that arbitration deal will be murder(thanks to Panarin) and Fox at worst gives you 90% of the production at 1/5 the cost.

        Moving Keane and Skjei killed off that avenue of pursuit, now they have to get ADA below fair value via frontload.

  • Marc Staal is a truly terrible hockey player. Brendan Smith quickly returned to a replacement-level defender. Kakko has been flying the last 2 games, and our Great Coach Kid Chowder refuses to make the most logical move of sliding up to the first line, in favor of someone the team just acquired.

  • We started out fast, but how quickly we went down hill from there. Filthadelphia played a sound game, had some puck luck, and just beat us. I’m proud of the 9 game road streak, and the fact that they never gave up during that span, shows character.

    I had to laugh last night watching Lemieux go after the wimp Hayes. He challenged him, and the big spineless worm skated away, is that funny or what? Someone said that they checked Kevin’s jock strap, and it was empty, LOL. Just shows how right JG was, he gave away the purse swinger, who never would drop the gloves, ever, and got us a few real men in Trouba, and Lemieux…………..

    • I don’t get it either, but that’s not why they lost.

      Too many games in too few days. They have to make up for the stupid schedule at the beginning of the season when they had all those days off.

      • Oh I know, it just bothers me having to watch this kid sit on the bench when I can see no good reason for it. From now on I’ll call it the Andersson Treatment … whether the treatment is right or wrong is up to each individual. In Gauthier’s case, for me at least, it’s wrong.

        • Even with a full line up, Gaut should be on the 3rd line.

          Now, he should be on with Zib and Buch to replace CK, IMO.

  • Would like for them to try Gauthier with Z he plays same type of game CK20 plays. He dose no good playing 4th line minutes, Lias all over again . Or just move Kakko up for a few games , don’t know if he would be good fit with Buch tho, but this is not the time too be trying all new line changes

    • Yeah, you’re right—let’s not try new lines, and let’s play down a man for the next 2 weeks every time Kreider’s line goes out there instead.

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