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The Habs and the Hab Nots

After an incredibly emotional win on Long Island, the Rangers continued their stretch of play on the road with yet another solid win against the Canadiens. Despite my personal opinions of this three headed goalie monster and what it means for the legacy of Henrik Lundqvist, Georgiev has been fantastic in place of Igor Shesterkin. Save after save after save and some timely goals were the difference in this one. But enough of these introductions, let’s get to some thoughts on this one.

  • The small story of this one was to see how the Rangers would respond after yet another win on Tuesday on Long Island. While every point matters at this point of the season now with the young Rangers playing some of the most meaningful hockey in the past couple of years, enough can’t be stated how much the depth players have a role in this run. That showed tonight when Di Guiseppe got a beautiful spin-o-rama pass from Adam Fox and he converted while the Rangers were down two. While of course you want Zibanejad, Kreider, and Panarin to get hat tricks every other game, your depth up and down the lineup is so important. Especially with this unfortunate accident off the ice involving Buchnevich and Shesterkin. (Get well soon guys!)
  • Montreal got some early bounces in this one when Max Domi twice deflected a puck off Adam Fox’s skates by the net, one of them being saved and the other becoming a goal. You want Fox to be aware in those situations of course, but it was just an extremely lucky bounce. When Domi’s other attempt became a goal, it was almost like he was aiming for his skate on purpose knowing he’d be there, so give credit to his awareness in that situation.
  • The other Montreal goal in the second came from a bad read and the defenders cheating to the same side and Tatar being sprung on a breakaway and just dangling Georgiev out of his pants. Georgiev bit on the fake forehand, and Tatar tucked it upstairs on the backhand. After this goal however, the switch seemed to be flipped and the Rangers became a little more engaged in the game which was then when the Fox to Di Guiseppe goal.
  • I thought it was interesting that in the third period, Quinn decided to load up the top line and put Artemiy Panarin and Mika Zibanejad on the same line. It has been a while since at even strength, they were together for a while.
  • I was happy to see that Kakko was shooting more in this one. Especially in the third, he was producing tons of chances, including a one timer down low on Price that he was JUST able to get a piece of. Kakko is part of that conversation at the moment when it comes to depth scoring. He is going to become a monster in this league.
  • One thing I’ve noticed that past 10 games or so is that Marc Staal is starting to really join the rush, something I  feel has not been a part of his game on a consistent basis in a long time. With Skjei gone now, it is good to see some dynamic two way play from not only Staal, but all of the defenders.
  • This became quite the goalie battle in the third when the Rangers turned the aggressiveness all the way up and were throwing everything at Carey Price. He robbed Zibanejad, Kakko, DeAngelo, and many others in this one.
  • Panarin to Zibanejad forever and ever amen. Have I mentioned before that Zibanejad should be the damn captain?
  • This is the goalie all of Canada obsesses over? He can’t beat the Rangers lol. Adam Fox shoots one from the point and it trickles through Price for the goal ahead goal.
  • The power play looked flat at the start of the game, but came in the clutch at the right time, with 4:37 to go, a shot from the point by DeAngelo floated in and was tipped in by Strome to give the Rangers a 4-2 lead.
  • I have become so impressed with Ryan Lindgren’s game. He seems to be a calming presence on that blue line in the sense that he is just solid in all three zones. Blocks shots, gets aggressive in the crease to give Georgiev site of the puck, can make a good outlet pass, can skate, and has some playmaking ability too! His overall seasonal development has been something to watch.
  • Panarin for the Hart Trophy, this guy is just super star status every game.
  • This team is so much damn fun to watch. JUST WIN BABY!!

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  • That was one amazing win!!!! Fox and Lindgren are a special pair of rookies!!

    Mika killing it

    Panarin for MVP

    Gauthier did more tonight than Lias did in his 70 games. And yes , he has been visible on the fourth line unlike Lias!

    B Smith played a very strong game

    Georgiev is clearly a number one NHL goalie. If we have to trade him , he will surely bring back a first round pick!

    If we make the playoffs, DQ will be an Adams award finalist and rightfully so. Most of the idiots on the other BSB are pissed. Their narrative has been blown up.

    Just wow!

    • So Quinn should get credit for what? The goalies (as usual) are the ones driving this winning streak for NYR, the team still gives up 40+ shots on the reg. If this team had a sub .910 SV% they’d have lost most of the games that they’ve recently won.

      Panarin, Zibby, Fox, Lindgren, Kreider are playing great hockey—what’s Quinn got to do with any of that?

      Quinn deserves credit for very little right now, and certainly belongs nowhere near any discussion of the league’s best coaches. Gorton is the man behind this team’s success, he’s stockpiled formidable skill and skating ability while drafting and trading well.

      • FQ

        Why bother to respond to some moron who is a fan of this so called coach. Your post was outstanding, pointing out who should get the credit, it certainly isn’t DQ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello friend.. hope all is well Czech…..lmao…How about the sicilian slice Guispeppe.. what a huge goal just before the end of the second period…Just a huge goal that seemed to deflate the Habs…I agree Quinn might be a candidate and Foxy has to be a rookie of the year candidate.

  • This time of year:

    A win is a win is a win is a win is a win is a win is a win.

    Fox getting no Calder chatter is criminal. NY bias within the NHL at work again.

      • It’s very hard from the outside looking in to understand who the guys see as a leader. We do read a lot about K mentoring the kids, being a voice in the room, less so Z (at least I don’t, maybe I’m not reading the right blogs!). Nothing against Z of course just wondering if anyone has a closer perspective on this.

      • I agree, Walt.
        By the way they both play: their dedication and commitment to excelling and leading by example on the ice (and, I’m sure, off the ice) easily qualifies them for for “captainship”.

  • With less than 2 minutes left in the second, Di Guiseppe scores and gives the team life. Then the third the flood gates open up, what a comeback.

    Julian goes home, with many friends in the crowd, and plays a heck of a game for himself. This kid is going to be a big time player. We score four in the third, and Price looked dejected. The Canadians looked like they gave up once we scored to tie the game. Bottom line, great game after a very slow start!!!!!!!!

    • You guys need to spell “DiGuiseppe” right: it’s DiGiuseppe (i before the u).

      …just a “friendly correction” from a paisan. 🙂

      Seems to be that everyone is clicking on this team –like the newcomer, DiGiuseppe.

      Yes, it is a fun team to watch: exciting and the most-hottest team in the NHL, right now.

  • Cannot wait to see K’Andre and the other youngsters, who must be drooling to come up and play with the big club…

    • That’s right, Rocky. Amen to that.

      The young D men in the system (“Where are they all going to play?”) … a nice dilemma to have.

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