Details of the Chris Kreider contract

Most of the money comes in signing bonuses

The details of Chris Kreider’s contract have been made available publicly,

This is a little tough to read, so here are the bullet points:

  • Year 1: $2 million salary, $8 million signing bonus, NMC
  • Year 2: $3.5 million salary, $6 million signing bonus, NMC
  • Year 3: $1 million salary, $5 million signing bonus, NMC
  • Year 4: $4 million salary, $2 million signing bonus, NMC
  • Year 5: $5 million salary, NTC
  • Year 6: $4 million salary, NTC
  • Year 7: $4 million salary, $1 million signing bonus, NTC

The Rangers wouldn’t be looking to trade Kreider until that 5th year at the absolute earliest, so this is a team friendly deal from that perspective.

Also worth noting that most of Kreider’s money is in the first four years, with only $14 million to be paid out in the final three years. That makes Kreider very movable in those final years if need be, as mentioned on the podcast.

Overall a solid contract for both player and team.

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  • Movable in the last 3 years? Not really. That’s what NTC stands for. You can trade him in the first 4 years. After that he controls his destiny.

    • the opposite. you can’t trade or waive/demote a player under NMC. you *can* waive/demote but not trade under NTC.

    • Skjei gap? Yes, whose going to bring the opposition their coffee while they stand in our crease. Or mishandle the puck, or be completely out of position?

  • Guys, Great contract but something has to give next year based on these numbers. Our Cap for next season is real tight if Kreider has a $10mil cap hit (is that correct way of applying it?). Even with the addition of entry level contracts for 2 forwards and 2 defensemen. We have about $1-2mil of trouble getting ADA, Fast, Strome, and Lemieux all in under the cap projection of about $85mil. The only thing I can think of is that they plan on buying Lundqvist out which would save $3mil. Very interesting!

    • Nevermind. Looks like contract amount has to be spread evenly across the term for ‘cap hit’ purposes.

  • Like SalMerc said above, it’s nice to see both sides iron out a fair deal for everyone concerned. This deal also makes players on the roster get a warm feeling about this team, and management, without disrupting the chemistry this season. Over the summer, or at the draft things may change drastically, but they will have had experience in making a PO run, to get in, with the guys they played with all year. Captain Chris even sounds right, doesn’t it?????????

  • how does the low salary make the last 3 years movable when he has a 15 team no trade list after year 4? The teams that like taking deals like his are ottawa and other terrible small markets that perpetually lose. There is no way he will accept a trade to them.

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