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What to expect from the NY Rangers this trade deadline

Today is the NHL’s trade deadline, and by 3pm today we will have a clearer picture of the Rangers’ future plans. Chris Kreider, Jesper Fast, Alex Georgiev, Tony DeAngelo, Brady Skjei, Marc Staal, and Ryan Strome have had their names mentioned in the trade rumor mill and there’s a change one or more won’t be wearing Rangers blue by 3pm today.

What We Know

We know nothing, Jon Snow.

What The Rumor Mill Says

A lot. Trade talks between the Rangers and Chris Kreider are breaking down. There are six Rangers on TSN’s trade bait list. There are rumors of a Skjei/Trocheck swap. There are rumors that Staal may actually be able to be traded. There are rumors that the Rangers may actually make difficult and unpopular decisions with Strome and DeAngelo. There are rumors with Henrik Lundqvist. There are rumors everywhere. It’s a little crazy.

The rumors are also around saying no one has interest in Marc Staal. For some reason, that isn’t surprising.

What We Don’t Know

For some unknown reason, Fast hasn’t been tied to anything directly. I guess that’s because he’s a fit everywhere and it’s easier to speculate when there are only a few teams to speculate. We also have no idea what the Rangers plan on doing with DeAngelo and Skjei. Logically speaking they are only keeping one, but logically speaking they can keep both if they simply move DeAngelo to the left side. It’s a fluid situation here.

We also have no idea what the Rangers are actually planning. There are so many variables here that it is impossible to even judge what they do/don’t do. What were contract demands? What are Gorton’s plans? What were the trade offers? Did Kreider actually run Price?

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  • What we do know is that the NY Rangers are playing their best hockey of the season right now. Can they continue if they move some players? I am guessing this is where DQ and players like Zibby & Panarin (an yes, even Lundqvist) need to step up and make the locker room calm.

    Guessing by 3:30 Kreider is gone and so in at least one other player. We need to look towards making the playoffs, but also towards the 2020-21 season.

    I do not envy Gorton today.

  • I’ll say this. We got Ottawa’s 4th in 2021 and Nick Ebert for Namestnikov and Ottawa got Colorado’s. We win that trade…

  • No matter what JG will be criticized …. no matter what JG will be praised! This is a no win/no lose scenario. The clock is ticking.

  • The New York Rangers are expected to extend the contract of Chris Kreider.

    Kreider’s name was high on the trade board of several teams going into Monday’s deadline, but it looks like he will be staying with the Rangers. He has 24 goals and 45 points in 60 games this season.

    SOURCE: Darren Dreger on Twitter
    Feb 24, 2020, 11:21 AM ET

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