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Rangers trade Brady Skjei to Carolina Hurricanes

Per Shayna Goldman, the Rangers have traded Brady Skjei to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Rumored return is a 1st round pick.

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  • “Carolina has both their own and Toronto’s first-round picks in 2020” … If it’s Toronto’s or just “our choice”, I’m happy … especially if it’s OUR choice.

  • Good move because we are loaded on the left side, and need cap space for ADA, as I posted earlier today. Basically Skjei’s contract is given to Tony, and he becomes a happy camper!!!!!!

  • Buddy told me weeks ago that the Rangers felt Sjkei does not fit and this team needs bigger tougher players. Hence- the move wit h Carolina, Re-signing Kredier and now this move.

    Rangers are going to bring in another tough player for the bottom 6, Smith will be gone, Hank in my opinion will be moved prior to the draft. Fast could be re-signed, Strome—?????

    Quinn really likes Hajek and Rykov could be called up as well once the dead weight is moved. Staal- most likely might be here for his last year contingent on if a buyout will be used but Sather will over ride….

    • I think we all ran Brady out of town the same way we ran Pionk out of town. Brady’s issue was the difficulty of handling the 1st pairing minutes on a consistent basis, he would be quite good in a 2nd pairing role in my mind. As to his fit with the rangers, I think he fit based on his skating — he could be more physical though, that much is true.

      Bottom line I think it came down to Brady or Tony D, cap-wise … but let’s not kid ourselves, we’ve created a whole on D that won’t be easily filled on the left side. Staal was the one who had to go, Staal and nobody else (well aside from Smith).

      I’m guessing they could try Tony out on LD when Lundkvist shows up — based on the limited viewings I’ve had of him, I think he can handle playing behind Trouba and Fox.

      The only question mark I would have with that move, who does Tony pair up with? Trouba? I don’t really see that … If Tony isn’t moved to LD next year and you continue the Staal-Tony pairing (which doesn’t look bad), who slots on the LD with Trouba? Hajek? Rykov? They should call Rykov up and try it out.

      • Nobody ran Brady out of town. There’s no shame in not being able to handle first pair minutes unless you are paid like a first pair defenseman – and Skjei is paid like a lesser first pair guy or a premium second pair guy. With Trouba, Fox, DeAngelo, Lindgren in tow and Miller, Lundqvist on the way, there was simply no justification for paying someone who would be third pair at best $5M plus a year.

        Before the Kreider signing, the Skjei contract was the third biggest Ranger contract in dollar value. You simply can’t compare Staal ($5.7M) and Skjei ($21M). One was a long term issue and the other was not. PLUS, the Rangers got a first rounder in the process of ridding themselves of the Skjei cap hit. Whereas the Rangers can’t rid themselves of more than half the Staal hit, even if they want to.

        It was pretty clear that the Rangers could not keep every single name on the following list: Trouba, Skjei, DeAngelo, Strome, Buchnevich, Fast, Kreider. And it is likely that simply jettisoning Fast or Buch would not have been enough to make things work. Honestly, tanto, I think that you would have made this trade in JG’s shoes.

        • I would have made the trade, but to suggest “Miller, Lundqvist on the way” … you must know something we all don’t — like Lundkvist is a LD now or that Miller is ready (cause he probably isn’t). lol If I had to bet on a dark horse next year it would be Robertson, Rykov or Hajek (gasp, jk).

      • Big hole indeed. Hajek needs more development, doesn’t look ready for primetime IMHO. Rykov for what I read is still recovering for his preseason injury and is having some skating issues. Smith and Staal are not desirable for your first pairing, that we know. If the goal is for the Rangers to make the playoffs, they shot themselves in the foot by trading Skjei with no one in the wings to take his spot.

  • So the Rangers have solved their cap woes for next year in the most reasonable way. Now they can keep Fast, Strome and DeAngelo. In fact, assuming Lundqvist requests a buyout (hard to imagine him not requesting this), the Rangers may be even able to sign DeAngelo long term instead of a bridge deal. Especially as they can likely trade Smith with half salary retained after his bonus is paid.

    Of course, not buying out Staal and Smith keeps the 2021-2022 cap penalty to a minimum – basically just $4M for Girardi, Shattenkirk and Lundqvist, less than this year or next.

    • Hank requests a buyout? I wouldn’t give in to that. He should at least let them trade him, retain half his salary and get something back in return.

      • There is not much of a market for a goaltender with a $2.25M salary and a $4.25M cap hit – at least I don’t think there is. Sure, if he were the Lundqvist of old. But if he were available for $1M or $1.5M, the market opens up.

        I think Lundqvist would consent to a trade if it were to a place he was happy to go to, but I think he is much more likely to find a happy home if bought out.

        And if he refuses to be traded and requests a buyout, do you really say no? Seems to me the same argument people are using against buying Hank out against his will support honoring his wishes. And it isn’t just PR. Given a choice between Georgiev and an unhappy Lundqvist, who do you want? Unhappy players hurt the whole team.

  • I am reading it’s either Toronto’s or Carolina’s but Carolina gets to choose which one. Here’s the wrinkle. Toronto’s pick is top 10 protected. I am curious what happens if the leafs miss the playoffs and win the lottery. Then it’s Toronto’s pick and Carolina only had their first. Will the Carolina pick become ours?

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