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Rangers/Kreider talks looking dim, still top trade option

Per Darren Dreger, the contract talks between the New York Rangers and forward Chris Kreider are fading.

This will likely go down to the 3pm wire tomorrow, as the Rangers have made signing him a top priority. They are also leaving their options open for a trade just in case they can’t come to an agreement.

This is likely Kreider’s first and last big contract, and for a guy who had a blood clot a few years back, he wants to capitalize on it. The Rangers want to avoid a huge contract that hamstrings them as rookies come off their entry level deals. There is no right/wrong here, just what works and doesn’t for both sides.

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  • Supposedly the sticking point is money, not term (they stand at 6 years) — Kreider wants $7M, the Rangers want it closer to $6M. If this is the case they’re being foolish — especially if there’s a limited NTC as opposed to a full one or a NMC. Sign the guy and be done with it, plus sign Fast — I hear crickets on Fast, he deserves better (yeah I know, he gets paid and that’s all they “owe” him) from the organization, he’s the consummate professional.

    I was fine with the rebuild, but at some point you have to stand pat and let the maturing take it’s course. Guys like Kreider and Fast won’t be easily replaced, it will take a couple of years — if they even can.

    • I was never in favour of a complete teardown and wanted to see the Rangers resign Miller and McDonough.

      Unfortunately, Kreiders and Fasts fate was sealed when the Rangers signed Bread and Trouba. Even if Krieder does resign someone else will have to go.

      A happy ending would be if Lundqvist went to Carolina. The Candy Canes get a veteran goalie who plays well in the playoffs. Henk gets a fresh start and a new leash on life. The Rangers dump some salary.

    • LOL….maturing take its course, these guys you want to sign are too old. Who doesn’t love them? Really, you think they give us a shot? No way! Have you even heard of the rebuild? Time to get assets for the Dynasty this team is building. It starts at Shesty, and then gets better! Love Chris, but his time has come and gone, sell high! LGR!

      • Do we really want to do what the Oilers have been doing for years to no avail? Do you think Patrice Bergeron is too old? Centers the #1 line in hockey. With the chemistry of the KZB line intact the Rangers could achieve that. Along with at least 5 more top line players developing we will have 3 top lines in the next 2 years. At least 2 top d men coming in those years. All we have to do is keep the core and in 2 years we will be finalists for the Cup. Plus, after next year, if we don’t buy anyone out, 2 giant contracts are off our books. We should stay our course with minor adjustments. Still have assets to trade during the off season(Georgiev)

      • As a rule I’m against signing anyone long term who is over 28-29, but there are always exceptions to every rule. Everyone doesn’t age the same. Kreider is a physical specimen. I have little fear that he’ll break down in the next 5-6 years. Re: Fast, I would give him 3 years.

        However in both cases for me it comes down to the type of NTC involved, if it’s limited with Kreider then I would sign him … if it’s an absolute marriage like Staal, Hank, etc. I would have to think twice. In Fast’s case, it should be very limited … but at 3 years it isn’t a huge concern.

        Have I heard of the rebuild? Joe, calm down. The rebuild is over, the retool is upon us — that means goodbye to Staal, Smith and Hank … Haley and McKegg … if I got a good offer for Howden, I would grab it.

        The house that Hank built was not meant to be torn down, it was meant to be stripped to the studs — and Kreider and Fast could be considered studs.

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