Roster Moves

Rangers “trade” goalie Tom McCollum, forward Lewis Zerter-Gossage to Flyers

Completes the J.F. Berube future considerations

The Rangers and Flyers appear to have completed the trade made yesterday, which sent goalie J.F. Berube to the Rangers for future considerations. The Rangers (via the Hartford Wolf Pack) have sent goalie Tom McCollum and forward Lewis Zerter-Gossage to the Flyers for future considerations. The trade now reads Berube to the Rangers for McCollum and Zerter-Gossage.

Why two trades to make one trade?

Simple – Berube is on an NHL contract, just is in the AHL. Both McCollum and Zerter-Gossage are on AHL deals. This is strictly an AHL trade, but because of the contract types, the trade couldn’t be straight up. It had to be done in separate moves. One of those weird little facts about NHL/AHL contract differences.

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  • I suspect this is a case of a team being nice to its players. Hartford should make the playoffs and Lehigh Valley not. Hartford wants an upgrade in goal and the Flyers want to give the veteran Berube a chance to play in the playoffs (as the Rangers let Tokarski do last year). Of course, sending a goalie the other way balanced things and Zerter-Gossage wasn’t getting playing time in Hartford.

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