Mailbag: Player age, Trading Strome, Trading Trouba

Three questions for the mailbag since the bye week. As per usual, use the widget on the right to submit your questions to be answered.

Gerard asks: Can’t help but think about how underwhelming Jacob Trouba has been. Does it make sense to trade him?

This is a tough one. Trouba has six years at $8 million left and will have a NMC kick in next summer. He’s “underwhelmed” in the sense that he’s not putting up points like Tony DeAngelo, but that doesn’t mean he’s been bad. I’m not one to write off a player of Trouba’s caliber after one season, however DeAngelo’s season and Adam Fox’s emergence makes you wonder if trading him and keeping DeAngelo is the better path. There is no wrong answer here, but I think the Rangers are leaning towards trading DeAngelo and moving forward with a 1-2 of Trouba/Fox. Of course if they move DeAngelo to the left side, they can keep all three.

Keith asks: Chris Kreider and Artemi Panarin are the same age. Guess Panarin is old too.

Yes this is true. Kreider will be 29 in April and Panarin 29 in October. But this is an apples and oranges thing. Panarin is an elite winger, one of the best in the league. Kreider is a 50 point guy whose game is based on speed, strength, and a net front presence. The speed is the concern here, since that may not age well. However the rest of his game should age. I’m not a believer that Kreider will have a poor aging curve, but there is always risk in long-term deals after 30 years old. The question is whether or not the Rangers believe he can continue producing at his current level in years 3-5 of that deal, with the understanding that anything beyond would be an incredible risk. Same with Panarin.

Bill asks (I fixed the wording here): Ryan Strome is not your 2C, Filip Chytil is your 2C of the future. Why shell out that much money for him?

This is where I stand with Strome. He has chemistry with Panarin that can’t be ignored, but you also can’t ignore Chytil and his importance to the future. You also can’t ignore the salary cap, and spending $5 million or more on a guy who may or may not be a bottom-six center in year two of a deal is a big risk. He has certainly been worth the trade of Ryan Spooner, and he should bring back something of value at the draft. However I can also certainly understand the reluctance to trade a 60-70 point player. Luckily the Rangers don’t need to make a long-term decision this year. He is an RFA and they can kick the can down the road a year to make a more informed decision.

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  • We need a new defense coach , they give up 40 -45 shots a night ,, lindy ruff has to go not Trouba

  • I think that anyone who believes Trouba has been underwhelming hasn’t been watching him closely. While his point production has been less than we might have expected, his size and strength, his ability to play big minutes against the best lines, and hockey IQ are all big plusses. Tony DeAngelo has taken up any slack in Trouba’s scoring which I believe will get better over time. Trading him isn’t going to happen. He will be a mainstay on the club for several years.

    • Hey Peter, big Trouba fan here, I have waited for him to come here for 3 years.

      He has been fine, but the reality is that he is not playing to his contract, not even close.

      I cannot help but think that Jacob is having trouble with the “system” and his partners have been pulling him down too. Not having him on the top PP hurts his case for earning his contract because he needs to get at least 50 pts. So the Rangers’ FO undervalued ADA and Fox, the 2 main PP D men, is what it comes down to, and probably overvalued Trouba.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that JT is here, but $6M-$6.5M per seems to be more the # than $8M per.

  • To the question and point about Trouba, if we look at a single season (ADA) as anything to judge to deep on, Brady Skjei’s one and one (now overpaid) season should make us give JT some slack and pump the breaks on ADA’s HOF speech just yet…
    dont mis understand me completely, ADA can fetch right now for teams pushing cup dreams, JT is a proven top guy…

    I further give Trouba more of a break since his play has improved since the defensive tweaking that recently happened and 76 hasn’t been the best pairing for him…

    in Winni he had a better partner…

    IDK just feel like we’re jumping too deep in both directions

    cheers, LGR!

  • Lately I have found myself in slo-mo when the Kakko and Chytil line is on. There is little doubt Chytil has a huge future ahead. He plays a controlled game at very hi-speed and he is claiming his space on the ice. Buch and Chytil are both using their bodies more; particularly Buch. Anyway last night I had it on slo-mo and it was the play in their own end when Lindgren got the puck in his mouth. Kakko gave him his stick and played defense only with his body. At one point the puck went to the boards and it allowed Kakko to lay a hit on the blue jacket, coughing up the puck. I don’t ever recall him doing that. Hopefully it made an impression.
    Lastly, if I was behind the bench, I would start playing Panarin with Chytil and Kakko. With a third line of Lemieux/Strome/Fast. Those are three solid lines.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing about the line makeup for months. Seems so obvious you have to wonder why DQ is so oblivious about it.

  • Tampa Bay may have just done us a favor . They beat the Flyers . IF ……..(IF) We beat the Bruins Sunday we will be 5 points behind them (and we have a game at hand ). So we could maybe get within 3 points of the Flyers (and we have 3 more games with the Flyers…… I have not been enthusiastic about making a trade (Henrik ) but I might be changing my mind …..LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!

  • I do not understnad fully how people say Trouba is “underwhelming” and certain writers on the other site like to make noise and email Larry Brooks to create an even greater level of noise that the Rangers might trade Trouba.

    JD/Gorton and Co. are not moving Trouba, It took two-seasons of discussions to get Trouba to NY and trust me on this, Trouba was the get since 2018 when the rebuild kicked off. Lastly, Trouba needs a legit one-Left d-men. Sjkei is not a good compliant to Trouba in my opinion and what I see during the games. Many times, I see Sjkei making bad decisions on the ice and Trouba is trying to compensate for Sjkei. I’m not saying I am 100% correct here, I just have seen too many plays where Sjkei is losing gap control, chasing around the net, etc… Trouba brings a physical elelment to this D-corps, he has playoff experience, can play on the PP, good skater and does make good decisions for the most part. Let’s review Trouba play when he has a steady LD playing with him.

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