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NY Rangers Goal Breakdown: Rangers stage comeback for shootout win

The Rangers had another good process game last night against the Wild, controlling the quality of play while not conceding much quantity. Down 3-1 in the third, they fought back and eventually got the equalizer with one minute remaining to force overtime. Eventually the Rangers would win in a shootout because Panarin is a cheat code.

Pavel Buchnevich continued his hot streak with another goal, while Artemi Panarin continued his trek to 40 goals. Alex Georgiev had a solid game, if unspectacular. He didn’t steal anything but he kept the Rangers in it so they could tie it. He held his own in the shootout to secure two points.

Wild 1, Rangers 0

This is a bit of a rough neutral zone turnover by Phil Di Giuseppe. Ryan Donato picked up the puck and skated through open ice before putting a backhand off Brady Skjei and by Alex Georgiev. Backhanders are tough to read from the getgo, let alone with a deflection.

Rangers 1, Wild 1

Two center ice passes and an over aggressive Alex Stalock. Artemi Panarin scores this in his sleep.

Wild 2, Rangers 1

Good pressure and passing by Minnesota, but the half block attempt by Filip Chytil is what fools Georgiev here. Either block it or don’t.

Wild 3, Rangers 1

There’s not much you can do about this deflection by Jordan Greenway.

Wild 3, Rangers 2

Ping pong puck goal.

Rangers 3, Wild 3

Good passing here on the 6-on-5, and a great deflection by Mika ZIbanejad. I don’t think there was anything the Wild could have done on this, it’s a numbers game.

Shot Heatmap

Very dull game with not much red/blue in danger areas. The Rangers have more red than Wild blue, so that’s good.

Skater Results

The Rangers definitely controlled quality, but that’s loosely defined since there wasn’t much to work with. A rather dull game with an exciting finish. Yet another rough outing for the fourth line.

The Rangers seem to like dramatic comebacks this season. I don’t have an exact count, but it seems there are a lot of these third period comebacks to force OT games this season. They can take this momentum to the depleted Columbus Blue Jackets tomorrow night to wrap up the back to back.

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    • He does. But the Rangers have to change up their LD-RD pairing mentality. Can’t pay a 3RD $5-6M. He has to play with Fox/Trouba for it to make any sense.

      • They can and they should. They can move less talented players in order to do it.

        I’d agree that moving him to the left side would be advisable, but it should not be a requirement to retaining the kid. The kid has skills and the team should never ship out highly skilled, young players unless there is no alternative.

        • Agreed, he has to be signed (should have done it last summer, but as usual our FO doesn’t like betting on their players before it’s too late) … as far as I’m concerned they can move any of their D aside from Lindgren, Fox and Trouba. Hopefully they don’t have to move Skjei right away, would of course prefer that they move Staal (or he retires) and Smith — they’re just not worth even half their salary cap hit.

          • This is just like last summer. Last year, the Rangers had cap issues and had three choices – buy out Shattenkirk, trade Kreider, or do a handful of things. This year, it is either trade Skjei or do a handful of things.

            Why do you want to hang on to a $5M third pair defenseman for another year or two. Why not improve the 2021-2022 salary cap situation rather than make it worse?

            The Rangers can afford Panarin-Strome-Fast-Zibanejad-Kreider-Buchevich-Chityl-Kakko-Kravtsov-Lemieux-Howden-diGuiseppi-McKegg up front with Trouba-Lindgren-DeAngelo-Fox-Rykov-Miller-Staal(7th D) on defense with Shesterkin-Lundqvist in goal.
            And Smith in Hartford.

            The lineup is attainable (with some adjustments of low cost players) unless the Rangers are totally unable to resign Kreider and Fast.

  • Hank has already secretly agreed to retire. In return, Hank and all his descendants get free shampoo from the Dolan familyfor eternity. They’re just keeping it quiet during the negotiation with a certain pending free agents.

    • Wrong. The Dolan family is going to give Sam Rosen a huge raise in turn for him paying the king millions for his hair to make rug from the kings mane.

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