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NY Rangers goal breakdown: Rangers dominate Jets for road win

Jets spot Rangers 4 goal lead early in third

The Rangers went into Winnipeg looking to take the season series from the Jets and perhaps play spoiler, and did just that. Chris Kreider scored twice before the Blueshirts scored twice in the first minute of third to blow the game open. Ryan Strome also got off the schneid with his first goal in 13 games.

There was a scary moment when Igor Shesterkin had a Jet shoved into him by Tony DeAngelo. He was favoring his leg before getting pulled by the concussion spotter. Henrik Lundqvist made one save in his absence before Shesty was back in net. Shesty stopped 42 of 43 shots in the win.

Rangers 1, Jets 0

There was no real breakdown by Jets here, just a good play by Pavel Buchnevich to chip the puck to Chris Kreider, then a power move by Kreider.

Rangers 2, Jets 0

There’s a good argument for the Jets not picking up Ryan Strome creeping in at the back door. Connor Hellebuyck made a great save on Strome, but the rebound went right to Kreider. The entire defense was caught off guard by the Strome chance.

Rangers 3, Jets 0

Adam Fox started this with a great breakout pass, then a little bit of luck led to Strome getting his first goal in 13 games. The initial chance got blocked, and Strome was able to spin off the defender and tuck it under Hellebuyck.

Rangers 4, Jets 0

Kreider in deep forced Hellebuyck into a turnover right to Pavel Buchnevich. His shot was stopped, but he got his own rebound behind the net and fed it to Mika Zibanejad in front for the goal. Forechecking creates issues against bad defensive teams.

Rangers 4, Jets 1

Bad bounces happen, this one off of Ryan Lindgren’s skate. Shesterkin would not have been credited with a shutout, as he was not the goalie of record. So this isn’t a big deal.

Shot Heatmap

The Jets may have had more shot attempts, but it was the Rangers who controlled the quality game. The Blueshirts are getting better and better at not only creating quality, but limiting quality against. The turnaround this team has shown from October/November to December-February is crazy.

Skater Results

The fourth line got caved in hard, which seems to be a trend for the Rangers lately. Eventually the fourth line is going to have to be figured out. Everyone else though, solid game. Nothing else to really see here.

This was a good win to start the road trip. The Blueshirts get a day off to travel to Minnesota before back to backs against the Wild and the Blackhawks.

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  • Another good game from Kreider, he’s either playing like he wants to stay or he’s putting on a show for the cup contenders. I like Kreider’s game but I’m torn between keeping him or trading him. One thing I do know is that he is prone to spurts of great games like these. So this is nothing new. He is what he is … a really good second line power forward, not an elite top line guy.

    There are too many hoops to jump through to get him signed… cap space, term length, movement of players to free up money, ADA’s new contract, dead money etc. I just don’t think he will be signed to an extension, plus he has to be increasing his trade value by the day.

  • How did this defense turn around? It isn’t just good goalie play? Did the system change? Is Lindy Ruff better than we thought?

    If we started playing this well 12 games ago, we would really be in the playoff hunt. I fear there are not enough games ahead of us.

    • Sorry my friend, Ruff is a has been, lousy defensive coach. Say what you may, we need a real d-coach next season if we are to really compete!!!!!!!

    • Whenever I see us back on defense and I see all five guys in the zone playing defense it warms my heart that’s when we play our best

  • Since Igor allowed the one goal, he got the win. Since Hank was in goal when the Rangers went up 1-0 and if the game remained a shutout, Hank would have received the win.

    So a weird situation!

  • That was a great showing last night, against a pretty good team. I thought Buch played real well. KBZ was great. Adam Fox is more offensive, but the play he made on the 3 on 1 was great Defense. And he is sneaky good defensively too. Igor with a .9767 last night. He is going to be a star in this league. I guess now his road stats are better than his home stats? Just being snarky. We played very good defense last night. It was a rare night where our D had no points. However, there was a lot of good play in our own end. We won the special teams battles last night also. We took 4 penalties, which wasn’t great., but we have been much better in that aspect of the game. The PK came through. The process seems to be working well.

  • I don’t think anyone dominates a team while giving up 43 shots. That’s on the D. Shest was stellar (“injury” embellishment notwithstanding)

    • Embellishment? What embellishment? The Tsar was seen flexing the royal leg at least twice later in the game. Not to mention the skull of the Tsar was hit by a common Winnipegger in that collision.

      The Rangers’ D needs to rally ‘round their autocrat and block some damn shots!

    • you think the Russian embellished that hit? come on….. his neck snapped and he twisted back on skates wearing gear on to ICE buddy.

      I guess he didn’t care that his embellishment caused him to lose ice time and ended him up in concussion protocol.. and what if Henrik made 10 sick saves and DQ left him in…

      come on thing about things babe!

    • Shots were 44 – 32, so it there was plenty of offense played by both teams. Looking at the heat maps, the Rangers had the edge in high quality chances, and kept the Jets pretty much to the outside. Add in the Rangers’ usual edge in goal, and it wasn’t a bad effort at all.

    • The goalie of record is the goalie in the game when the winning goal was scored. So, had there been a shutout, the winning goalie would have been the man on the ice when Ranger goal 1 was scored (Lundqvist). Since the Jets scored, the winning goal was Shesterkin (on the ice for Ranger goal 2. Hockey is unlike baseball, where things are decided by when the winning team takes the lead for good.

      The hockey rules can lead to odd situations. Occasionally a goalie is pulled several goals behind and his replacement gives up one goal. If the team pulls to within one, the reliever gets the loss.

      One bizarre story: There was a very very obscure goaltender who never gave up a goal. I think his lifetime record was 0-1. He entered the game in relief while behind, he got pulled late in the game, the opponents scored an empty netter, but then his team scored. The empty netter was the winning goal and he got the loss!

      • Thanks. So, if there were a shutout, Lundquist would have gotten the win and the shutout since he was on ice for the first goal.

        • I presume (hope) they would not give a shutout to someone who only played a few minutes, but I don’t know the rule on that.

  • Our first line is our ONLY line.
    Trade CK, Strome & Buch. time to bring in quality players like Zibby & Panarin.
    We are a hungry team, but too late to the season. CK keeps upping his value everyday.
    Georgi needs a start!
    Can this team get 10 of the next 14 possible points? That’s what it will take.

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