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Los Angeles Kings (1) / Rangers (4) Game Thoughts

The Igor Shesterkin Show

This game was the Igor Shesterkin show. Despite the final score, the offense took a little bit of time to get going in this one. But enough of the introductions, let’s get to the thoughts on tonight’s game shall we?

  • There are not enough words in the English language to describe how good Igor Shesterkin is. Not only has he entered a conversation in being the heir in goal, but a contender in most important to this team. 42 save performances don’t just grow on trees. He has been everything that was promised.
  • Greg McKegg heater incoming just in time for the trade deadline? What a guy…
  • Despite the Rangers giving up as many shots as they did tonight, there were only 6-7 that felt like true, high-danger scoring chances. Everything else was LA attempting to shoot and create rebounds, which Igor was not giving up in large capacity.
  • We skip ahead to the third period as that was where the majority of the action really started to take place.
  • Kakko has been playing much better since coming back from the all-star break, but what makes his goal in the 3rd possible is an immaculate pass by Filip Chytil down low all while being battled by MacDermid. A beautiful one-timer in a high-danger scoring area, and he got all of it. Think he’s in for one monster of a second half.
  • Panarin broke his little slump with a bat-in goal off a Strome shot pass on a 2-on-1 that was created by Panarin’s hand-eye coordination in the defensive end from a hand pass. While he wasn’t on the score sheet the last couple of games, Panarin was not without his chances. Even in this one in the 2nd, he got fed a great pass from Strome by the half-wall to the slot, but Quick made a good save.
  • With a score of 3-1, LA pulled their goalie the final 2 minutes. DeAngelo made no mistake in hitting nothing but net from his own end to put the team up 4-1.
  • With every point, DeAngelo is severely pricing himself out of this team. His arbitration case is going to be insane. While it’s great for him and his career, it’s going to get very interesting to see how Gorton either will sell DeAngelo’s career year, or pony up the cash to keep him–while keeping in mind Lundkvist, Trouba, Keane, Skinner, and Adam Fox are also all other right-handed defensive options going forward in this organization.
  • Great game, great performance by the team.

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  • Igor is officially unofficially the Rangers number one goalie. The torch has been officially unofficially passed to the Czar..

    • Actually DQ said he will play as long as he gives them a chance to win. He also said they aren’t looking to keep anyone sharp anymore. Not enough time left to do that. Igor is winning so he is playing.

      • Czech, love ya……I follow you on both sites and admire the shit out of you…..
        The Rangers just beat one of the worst teams in the league… of the worst teams in the league just put up a comical number of shots against our team……

  • Looks like there was a productive 4th line…

    Di Giuseppe looks like a nice fit there. Rolling a solid 4th line will make a difference. Nice to see a Hartford forward making some plays.

    • Di Giuseppe was on 3rd line, with Chytil and Kakko. That line was good almost all game. I may not be understanding your post correctly, if so apologies. Anyhow, getting Chytil and Kakko away from Howden(I truly believed he would be a lot better watching him in minors), is only going to ramp up their numbers the rest of the season. Di Gi can skate and isn’t in over his head like Howden seems majority of the time. Its almost as if last game the narrative from Sam and Joe was that Chytil wasn’t a playmaker…….

      • You are correct…I guess the point is better made by saying that DiG lengthens the lineup and allows the Rangers to roll 4 lines.

  • A lot of noise and a lot rumors, one key point to keep in mind is, people inside the Rangers Organization want more toughness ( not saying fighters, circa 90’s hockey) just more tough players with size, just keep this in mind over the next few months leading to the Draft and on July 1st.

      • Then you need to watch closer my friend. Brady is a turnover machine.

        They are both bad, for different reasons.

        • Staal is in a class by himself. Skjei at least has the physical attributes to compete at the NHL level. Staal does not.

          You mentioned Winnipeg and Neal Pionk—it’s pretty clear that Skjei has gone backwards as a player since Quinn’s arrival. Pionk now looks like an NHL defender in Winnipeg, away from Ruff and Quinn. I’m sure there’s plenty of systems that could get value out of Skjei. He needs something to restore his poise with the puck.

          • That might also be attributable to his lesser role with the Jets and just his improvement (development) over time. We forget sometimes that he was a UFA signing and perhaps needed a couple of PRO years to round out into form. From the Rangers standpoint a Trouba for Pionk substitution just made sense.

        • I agree that Skjei isn’t very good. I think he’s definitely better then Staal. At least he can skate and contribute offensively where Staal is a complete waste. Slow, no offense and bad defense.

  • I would love to have Kyle Connor on the Rangers.

    Maybe the Jets will buy into Skjei as they did with Pionk.

  • I’m pretty sure I saw Skjei go fetch his stick and wind up behind the net on LA’s goal. Pray for a salary dump.

  • Czech, my friend…Hope all is well….Quinn stated yesterday morning that he has all the confidence in the world in Igor…..When deciphering Quinn’s words: Get rid of a goalie not named Igor…..I do not have the time or luxury to keep 3 goalies happy….Igor is the real deal and has been for a few years now…..This kid is a very smart and anticipates opposition’s moves extremely well……..Igor of course will not stop everything, but based on eye analytics…….He is as good as advertised.

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