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With Toronto off the market for Alex Georgiev, what is next for the Rangers?

Immediately following last night’s game, the Toronto Maple Leafs made a trade for Jack Campbell and Kyle Clifford, sending 24 year old fourth liner Trevor Moore, a 2020 3rd rounder (originally Columbus’), and a conditional 2021 3rd that can be come a 2nd if Clifford re-signs or the Leafs make the playoffs and Campbell wins six games.

This clearly takes the Leafs out of the running for Alex Georgiev, who came with a much higher price tag. The higher price tag makes sense, as he’s younger, more cost controlled, and quite frankly better than Campbell. However that doesn’t matter anymore, what matters now is finding a trade partner for Georgiev, as Toronto was the closest fit.

Finding a trade partner is relatively simple – find a team with horrendous goaltending that could use a young goalie. There are a bunch of teams out there already. The asking price is supposedly a young NHL forward

San Jose Sharks

This is something we’ve discussed before. The Sharks have the worst goaltending in the league and it’s holding them back from potentially making the playoffs. This season may be lost, but they have a roster that is built to hang on to contention for one or two more seasons. Georgiev fits that bill for them while also serving as a potential long term solution.

In terms of young NHL forwards, the target here would be Kevin Labanc. Labanc is a solid third line option who the Sharks will struggle to afford next season when he’s due a raise on his $1 million salary. They kicked the can down the road one year, but that’s all they will get now. He’s going to be due $3 million-$4 million.

Minnesota Wild

The Wild are another team that is having goaltending issues and it’s keeping them out of a wild card spot. Their season is on the brink, and they’d have to act fast to stabilize their team and make a run. They also have a bunch of young forwards: Kevin Fiala, Luke Kunin, Jordan Greenway, and Joel Eriksson Ek come to mind as middle-six (Fiala/Kunin) or bottom six (Greenway/Eriksson Ek) options.

Now if the rumors are true that neither Kasperi Kapanen nor Andreas Johnsson were enough from Toronto, then none of these guys straight up is an option. The Rangers would want Minnesota to add. They do have all picks except their 3rd rounder this year and all of their picks next year.

Greenway has a history with David Quinn. So that may be something to watch.

Calgary Flames

We covered the Flames before too – they don’t really have many options in net long term, and neither is really a solid option in the short term. At 23 years old, Georgiev solves both of those problems for Calgary.

Finding a match here is difficult though. Sam Bennett won’t cut it. Neither will Andrew Mangiapane. Dillon Dube is certainly interesting, but is that enough? Again this goes back to the rumored price for Georgiev – that Kapanen or Johnsson weren’t enough.

The common denominator here – all of them are Western Conference teams. When it comes to a trade like this, a hockey trade that isn’t a rental, location plays a role. Price should trump all, but not seeing Georgiev more than twice in a season and not until a Stanley Cup Final in the playoffs matters as well.

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  • With all the smoke I really can’t help but wonder if they are going to try and trade Hank. I have trouble believing Kapanen or Johnsson for Georgiev wasn’t enough.

    • That report was BS. The goalie trade market is historically depressed. The fact that the Rangers would turn down a young middle six forward for Georgiev was just not credible.

    • Especially Kapanen, I would have done that trade in a heartbeat. The one caveat though, why would we want another RW? We have Pavel and Kakko, with Kravtsov coming up. If anything we should be focused on a LW, especially if we’re looking to move Kreider … or a Center, if Strome is the trade target. Otherwise a pair of 2nd rounders or a 1st for Georgiev would be very acceptable to me because the trade of Georgiev doesn’t really set us back in any meaningful way with the rise of Shesty and the goaltending of Hank.

      • that’s a very good point about the RW’s Tanto. I am wondering if they are looking at a few different things. Even possibly moving Buch. I am not advocating for moving him…more wondering if management is…Toronto also needs some D help. So maybe there’s a deal to be made there…Kapanen’s name keeps coming up, and our management seems very interested.

    • What I heard is that Toronto didn’t want to give up Kapanen because they felt it would leave them with a gap at right wing, and there was no one else on the Leafs that JG thought was worth the deal.

  • Toronto isn’t out of the Georgiev market. Andersen is a free agent after this year, and there’s a good chance Campbell chokes in the Toronto pressure cooker. They could make a run for Georgiev in the offseason.

  • Gorton holding his bag of balls too long ? He really doesn’t need to make a move this season, however I read that multiple Russian goalies are looking to come over. …. also DQ keeps making comments about the 3 goalie rotation. Or maybe that’s to take pressure of all of them. I find it pretty inconceivable that they expect a lottery pick for georgiev. If they do then lundqvist better be waiving soon.

  • Does anyone else thing it was funny that Toronto announced the trade right after last night’s game? We’re they looking to scout Georgiev and the Rangers didn’t comply? Sounds petty and implausible but this is the NHL.

    • I actually think Toronto thought they were bringing Georgiev with them…for Bracco…and The Rangers had different ideas…

  • Three-headed goalie looks to stay on until draft night…….I seriously doubt that Hank gets moved….G gets moved on draft night.

    • Agreed the Rangers are not moving Lundqvist. Although his play has trailed off the few seasons (some refute that), he bleeds Ranger blue and has had a stellar career. He should retire a Ranger with his number hanging from the rafters.
      As far as Georgie is concerned, I see him going to a club that is building for the future. Likely scenario the Rangers hang on to him until the draft.

  • The 3-headed goalie monster continues……………..

    No moves of Georgi until draft day. Meanwhile Kreider keeps upping his value and makes the decision to move him more difficult.

    Strome has got to go! So does Skjei.

  • What about this theory: Rangers didn’t want to move Gorg until they knew moving Lundqvist was off the table? I don’t think Toronto could wait any longer after last night. LMAO

    Waiting for the latter will prove far more fruitful s Gorg can always get moved at the Draft with or without Lundqvist traded.

    • Plus…the Rangers may still think they have an outside shot of making the playoffs; if so, then keeping Georgiev would give them a better chance in achieving the goal. Anyhow…all should be clearer by the trade deadline if the Rangers really have a shot in making the playoffs, and the decision to make a deadline deal would be easier if they didn’t have a shot at making the playoffs. (And if the playoffs are a strong possibility, then Georgiev would better be dealt in the offseason (or Draft Day).

  • With that trade I think it means Georgiev is here until the offseason where more teams may evaluate there goaltending situation

  • Can we all please stop jumping on Georgie’s back, he still on the team I think it’s very offensive to him when he’s lead our team to victories and is a amazing young goaltender with potential. I hate to say it but most likely Hank will be the one to move GEORGIEV ISNT GOING ANYWHERE until Hank makes a decision. My guess is that he’ll retire after this season. Instead of continuing to pick on Georgiev and write articles about where he should be traded we should be supporting him like Shesterkin. I’m sorry but I think they are both equally good and no one is better than the other one. So while all three are on the team can we please respect ALL THREE??!!

    • Nobody’s picking on him. It’s just that he’s the goalie who’s most likely to be traded. I think that the plan is to have Lundquist play back up and mentor to Shesterkin next year, which makes Georgiev redundant. I also don’t think that keeping both Alexandar and Igor is a non-starter, because I believe that they both feel that they’re capable of being starting NHL goalies, and will want to be paid like it.

  • Brooks insinuating that the pressure is getting high on Hank to waive his rights for an eventual trade.

    While I always believed that Hank would never do that (waive his rights), the thought of being a back up or, worse, a healthy scratch, for most of the games going forward, if not all the games going forward, can not be enticing to him.

    At what point does staying a Ranger override everything else? Of course, if he stays a Ranger, no matter what the circumstances are, Hank will not have to move his family. Maybe the most important factor of all.

    • He’s starting to see the reality that he’s going to sit more than play…and that will get him thinking “maybe it’s better that I move on?” He wants to play as a number 1 (because he still can, at times, play at that level)..and the reality of the situation is getting him to think of “the unthinkable”: ending his career in another uniform?

      • They’re forcing Hank’s hand. He either waives his NTC or they buy him out over the summer (according to Brooks), which saves 3 mil next season and 1.5 Mil of dead cap space gets added the following year. Either way I don’t think Hank plays many more games down the stretch. The Rangers keep both Georgie and Shetsy.

      • I think so Joe. I guess it depends on how much he wants to move his family, or maybe, his family stays in NYC and he just plays elsewhere.

        In any case, this will now become a bigger topic of conversation than Kreider, until the trade deadline comes and goes.

        • Here’s my (dumb) take…
          I think there is a 5% chance Hank is moved … 95% he is here next season.
          Of that 5 % chance, on a scale of 1 to 10 .. I think it is a 7 that he is bought out and a 3 that he waives the NMC and traded.

          I say that because I just cannot see a team taking on a $4.25 million cap hit even at 50% retained… if you asked me last week I would have said there was no chance he was being moved… but things are changing.

  • I wrote it on here a couple of weeks ago…. I still have a hunch they’re gonna move Hank. He simply cannot be happy here and barely playing. And he can’t be looking forward to this for next season either. The writing is on the wall here for him. This is it. He’s now a backup and probably won’t get a set of consecutive starts for a while…maybe never again.

    Considering this was never the stated goal or plan from the start of the season leads me to believe that he’s probably not loving it. With 3 goalies playing well, this situation isn’t changing w/o a move of some kind. They have to be talking to him already. What would he rather do, sit here and drift away to the end of his career? Or move somewhere and get a shot at a Cup and regularly playing again.

    I know Hank loves NY, and we love him. But I don’t see him saying, “Yea, I’ll just sit here, take up a ton of cap-space, and let my career die out for another year and a half.” That certainly doesn’t sound like him.

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