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Toronto Maple Leafs (3) / Rangers (5) Game Thoughts

K. Z. B.

K. Z. B. That’s the intro. Let’s get to the thoughts tonight shall we?

  • There are a lot of criticism’s of David Quinn amongst the fanbase and the twitter-verse, but one thing his system encourages is an ability to create amazing scoring chances when the game becomes a track meet.
  • While this may cause some high danger chances against, the Rangers are able to generate their own high danger chances with their top 2 lines.
  • I focus on the top 2 lines because those are definitely the ones that go out there and can drive not only possession, but have tangible change on the game itself. Whether it’s Panarin, Kreider, or Zibanejad, those top 2 lines have some elite play driving ability.
  • It was good to see Chytil get on the scoresheet again as his game has been really good the last 3 weeks or so while playing with Kakko and Howden. I’m of the take that he is going to take huge strides and can be that 2C with Panarin or Kakko riding shotgun with him as early as next season.
  • When Zibanejad and Kreider scored 6 seconds apart, you have to wonder if Kyle Dubas was messaging Gorton in the other suite about striking up a deal for Georgiev. The Leafs are in big trouble if they can’t get even average goaltending out of their backups. Georgiev could absolutely provide that stability back there for them after working with Benoit Allaire and Henrik Lundqvist for parts of the last 3 seasons.
  • Igor Shesterkin might just be the greatest young goalie in the game and that is furthest from an exaggeration. Against an offense like the Leafs had, he weathered the storm, and really further made a case that he is not only ready for the NHL, but can perform at an above average level. Raw GAA and Save % stats can be deceiving–like any stat without proper context–but you cannot ignore how this guy plays behind this defense. He is like Lundqvist in that he gives the Rangers a chance to win whenever he is in net. He is anything but a liability.
  • Has there been a Ranger more on fire post all-star break than Chris Kreider? It took him A LONG TIME to get going this season, but he has really done a good job for himself turning his season around and creating a buzz around his stock again.
  • Kreider has always been a streaky goal scorer, so you wonder if this is the year he hits 30…
  • Holy crap can Trouba throw punches
  • This was a great effort the entire night by the Rangers, much better showing than Monday against Dallas. The future is bright in more ways than one in New York!

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  • The Leafs are real bad defensively, they have no heart as a team at all, and now they have AHL-level goaltending. They are in real trouble, theyโ€™ve arguably already blown this groupโ€™s shot at a title.

  • Big Jake did some damage again. I like this kid a lot. He doesn’t take any crap and can dish it out. He also can throw a clean and mean check. The fans that have been all over him don’t know much about hockey. He’s a stud.

    Tony D and the seeing eye pass. Great hands on that kid.

    Buchnevich quietly has begun to play quite well.

    Kreider is hot, Zibanejad is always hot and Panarin a little cool for him, but I guess he can’t score every night!

    • I think Buch was really tossed off his game by illness and at the same time a bad puck luck streak.
      But he just has that face that always make people think he is all grumpy… Bad Player Face Syndrome!

      its funny how perception works…

      • You can see by Buch’s interactions with linemates on the bench and the encouragement from the coaches, including Quinn, many people are pulling for him.

  • Interesting game to say the least. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Rangers held their own during the track meet part of the game.

    This is the type of game that shows you why Fast has to be resigned …. and Kreider skated like he was 18 year old, not a 28 year old.

    I question the shot total on Shesty though, I think they missed a few on TO’s PPs.

    So TO is out of the Georgiev sweepstakes by getting Jack Campbell, oh well …

    • CK20 is a physical beast that is above the normal rare. He should be resigned because of this, he is just not as old as other 28 year olds.

      • I think he’ll play well into his mid-30’s, at about this level. I just don’t see a decline in those legs, he treats his body like a temple … but also the chemistry and camaraderie he has with Mika (especially) and Buch, that’s hard to find.

        Come on JG, start talking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Keep Kreider…and eventually make him the Captain.
          Give him a 5 to 6 year contract at 7M per (max).
          (Better yet, front- load his contract where he makes 1 to 1.5M more (incentive to sign as little as a 5 year contract…or a max 6 year contract)…and the last 2 to 3 years of his contract you can have a lesser cap hit.)

      • As much as I would like to see Kreider signed, the length and quantum of such a contract is going to put us in Cap Hell from 2022/23 onwards. Both Kreider and Zib (22/23) would have to take very team friendly contracts to partially avoid this. If BOTH Kakko and Krastov can create Strome-like production in 3 years time then we might have a low cost depth solution that provides some well needed Cap freedom. Are young D coming up the piepline will be very low cost so that helps as well. (Please trade Skeij and resign DeAngelo!) Also critical in all this for the Rangers is having a low cost Fast v2.0 coming up the pipeline. So hold on tight because its going to be a very interesting 2.5 weeks.

        • We have $20M+ coming off the books after next year … and I’m doubting that either Kakko or Kravtsov (especially the latter) will command a HUGE next contract. When either might will be in 5-7 years …. and with the way the salary cap will go up in the next few years (thank you Seattle and TV deal), I doubt it’s an issue. Besides, you think Skjei will be on the books in 5 years?

          There are replaceable players and then there are guys you would be hard pressed to find with same skillset, I think Kreider falls more in the latter category — even Fast does in his own way.

          Of course it would help if Rangers’ management would at least talk to the guy so we actually know what he wants!. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Next year or the year after is not a problem. Even with 5 minimum salaried players on the roster in 22/23, a Zib contract of $11mil, Chytil $5-7mil, a Strome caliber (point production) player signed for $4.5mil, two subsequent raises for Igor in 21/22 and 23/24, and Lemiux and Kaappo raise in 22/23 and you start to see where things may be heading..

            Skeij doesn’t matter as DeAngelo will slot into the $5.25mil range contract anyway.

          • There’s plenty of time to trade players, no need to rush trading good players now because you’re worried about some raises in the next 4-5 years — besides, most young players don’t get the big raises their first time out, their bargaining power is seriously hampered — unless they’re virtual superstars.

            The key is to have no full NTCs or NMC clauses.

          • Unfortunately I think that’s been Sather’s and Gorton’s thinking the past decade.

    • he honestly scares me, he is just so stealth. like a shark just waiting in the crease to pounce on it!

      I hope the garden faithful come up with a really good chant for him, EEEEGOOR just doesn’t do it all that much for me.


    Igor made some very timely, good/great saves.

    Very entertaining game.

    My guest at last night’s game comment: “What’s with this coach?”

  • Jack Campbell is the new Leafs goalie, and Georgiev is still a Ranger???? There may well be something in that article I posted yesterday about the team trying to get Hanlk to wave his NMC????????

    As for the game, well when we responded with two goals within 6 seconds to take the lead, we all knew the Leafs were toast. ZBK line was on fire, Igor looked comfortable in net, and Jake throwing his big frame around was a darn good sign. ADA showed us again why he needs to be resigned, and JG has his hands full with decisions. Glad it’s him, and not me, LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Between Henrik’s playing time, the way the 2 young goalies are playing and the young defense too.

    Get Henrik to go win a cup somewhere… I wish him well.
    Trade #76
    Buyout Smith, Get Stall to retire.
    Sign ADA and CK20. NOW!!!!!

    Lets Go Rangers!

    • Pas44

      Sure wish that everything suggested would come true, except trade Smith rather than buying him out!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AMEN, Pas44.
      If they can get Hank to waive his NMC and deal him to a SC contender, then your goalie tandem is set for the next 10 years!

      • I am not sure the Georgie wants to be a backup, I think he is going to find starting ice time but we do have other prospects in the pipeline for net minders…

        • They could split games, at least for next year. Let them slug it out, that should only increase his value.

        • That is true. His time to be a no. 1 is now.
          My point was that, out of all the goalies in our organization, having Georgiev and Shesterkin would be probably one of the best tandems in the League (and we would be set for the future).
          Even a 50-50 split should keep them both happy.

  • Agreed on Chytil. There are times when he puts his speed / skill on full display and it’s downright filthy. Seems like it’s standing out more frequently this year.

  • Didn’t see ๐Ÿž line generated much… May be couple of moments…. Tops.

    Chytil had only 2 or 3 shifts with ๐Ÿž, DQ even didn’t try.

    No doubt Toronto was way more dangerous and deserved win… So Shesty

    4th line despite being sheltered again looked way better without Smith and Haley

    • No doubt TO was way more dangerous? Hardly, they were outshot and outclassed for much of the game IMO. The Rangers had a shite ton of odd man rushes,

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