After a brief hiatus, I am back! Becoming a homeowner takes a toll. This seemed like a good one to come back for. The game went about as much as anyone could expect– especially with the kind of season Detroit is having leading the tank brigade to Alexi Lafreniere. Even under those circumstances though, there were some good things to come out of this one from the Rangers. Let’s get to the thoughts shall we?

  • Like a bunch of other sports organizations across the US and Canada, the Rangers nailed that Kobe tribute. It is still unbelievable to think he is no longer with us. Good to see that they also acknowledged the other victims as all of their families are grieving similarly I’m sure.
  • From puck drop, even with all of the flaws this team has, it is clear Detroit could get blown out by an AHL team. Their only saving grace in this entire game is Jimmy Howard.
  • Speaking of Howard, what black magic ritual does he perform every time he steps into Madison Square Garden that allows him to become Jim Craig in the ’80 Olympics? It’s truly baffling how intangible his stats are when he plays ANY other team.
  • The long break did not stop Buchnevich’s momentum as he was buzzing all over the ice and getting chance after chance. ¬†Good to see him finish off that 2-on-1 with Zibanejad.
  • Or should I say…CAPTAIN Zibanejad?…(Please for the love of God just make it happen Quinn and company)
  • Another guy that could have had his goal scoring affected by the long break was Kreider, but that was not the case. His ability to tip pucks in front of the net should be having every playoff bound team throwing a first and a prospect to the Rangers for his services.
  • I am always so amazed by Panarin’s ability to beat virtually anybody in one on one battles. He was spinning Ehn around like a top for like 15 seconds with some elite stick handling.
  • Igor Shesterkin is here and is everything that was promised.
  • Artemiy Panarin getting 70 points by January is something I’d thought I’d never see a Ranger do. He’s underpaid at this point.
  • Brendan Lemieux is truly in a league of his own at drawing penalties and is a big reason why the Rangers get so many opportunities to use their weapons on the power play.
  • What Lemieux possesses in drawing penalties, Zibanejad has in a cannon of a shot. Perfect screen in front by Kreider as well to distract Howard. Howard is not at fault for all of the goals against. This Detroit team could probably lose against the expansion Capitals from the 70’s.
  • I will say this about Detroit, they sure know how to be bad and secure that last place spot early. For their fan’s sake, I hope they get that first overall pick.
  • If only Shesterkin had hit that empty net…
  • Let’s do this again tomorrow!

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