Chris Kreider finishes third in NHL’s fastest skater

Mat Barzal takes the crown

Last night, Chris Kreider participated in the NHL skills competition, taking part in the fastest skater contest. Kreider led off the event finishing in 13.509 seconds. He was eventually bested by both Connor McDavid (13.215 seconds) and the winner Barzal at 13.175 seconds. Still a good showing for Kreider, who showed he still has some of the best wheels in the game.

Other highlights included Shea Weber winning hardest shot at 106.5 (!!) MPH. Meanwhile Al MacInnis, at the young age of 56, clocked in a 100.4 with a wooden stick(!!!!).

Also the NHL unveiled its All-Decade team, and the goalie named was Marc-Andre Fleury. Meanwhile, Henrik Lundqvist and his generational numbers was snubbed. None of Fleury’s numbers are better than Hank’s except for wins. Talking about a Canadian bias.

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  • Just thinking … the Ducks have a ton of cap space, and need youth. How about we package some of our excess in both areas in a deal with them. Say … maybe … Howden, Hajek, Andersson, Skjei, and Smith … for ???? That would let us keep Kreider, and probably either ADA or Strome, while opening up some room for fresh faces (Keane?, Lundkvist?, Miller?, Barron?) Addition by subtraction.

    • Brilliant. Let’s deal all the players we don’t want to another team. I’m sure there will be more teams than just Anaheim lining up for that opportunity.

      • Took the words from my mouth. I’d like to give Howden a little more time. Maybe next season before we just try to dump him off somewhere. He’s a good face off man so at the least, he could be our 4th center man for years to come.

    • Come on Joe, how about we throw in Staal as well. lol You’re suggesting we make room for Keane and Lundkvist, they’re both right shots but you aren’t creating any room for them. Miller? Are we sure he’ll be ready to step in and play meaningful minutes? You think he’s going to play with Trouba right off the bat?

      It would make more sense to trade ADA and Andersson plus perhaps Hajek for their 1st, a decent project type forward prospect and a 3rd (or something like that), at least that way you’re opening up one RD and LD slot … up front chances are good we don’t resign one of either McKegg or Haley, maybe both.

  • 3rd? Not surprise lol.. I could tell already by the second turn that Barzal already smoked him.

    I use to do this skills comp when I was younger. The setup was more about a relay race which imo is more entertaining.

    JT Miller totally ice picked one of my friends little brother ribs during those relay races, haha good times.

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