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NY Rangers Trade Rumors: Boston has made Chris Kreider its “top priority”

Bruins have been linked to Kreider for some time now

Another day, another Chris Kreider trade rumor. This time it’s not to the Colorado Avalanche, but for the Boston Bruins, who have made Kreider their priority:

This isn’t all that surprising, as Kreider and the Bruins have been linked since last year. There is some grain of salt required here, since the main source is Joe Haggerty (no record of being an “Insider”) and he quotes “multiple sources.” It’s standard practice to use caution when looking at all these rumors.

In terms of a return, I’m not 100% sure what the Bruins have to offer aside from futures that would entice the Rangers. They aren’t trading off their current roster, so pipe dreams of Jake Debrusk, Danton Heinen, or Anders Bjork should be stowed away for now.

If the Rangers do wind up with futures, they will probably go for the most NHL ready top-nine prospect the Bruiins have. Jack Studnicka maybe? The former second round pick is centering Providence’s top line and is second on the team in scoring. Urho Vaakanainen? Maybe, but he’s a defenseman and the Rangers are chock full of defensemen. Oskar Steen? He had great numbers in Sweden but has struggled in the AHL this year.

The good thing here is that there will be competition for Kreider, something we knew would happen when the Taylor Hall trade went down sooner than expected. The only trap the Rangers have is being fixated on a specific return and passing up a better package. Get the best package and player possible for Kreider, if they do indeed trade him.

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  • Boston has nothing in the development side worth trading for. Studnicka is likely near his ceiling; the kid from Michigan picked last year is years away…and if they don’t want to talk about Debrusk or Bjork and a pick…forget it. Heinan is the Bruin version of Buchnevich.

    • Totally agree. Not a great fit here. I’ve also seen Trent Frederick’s name thrown around. That’s a big no thank you. He’s peaked as a skill prospect and is attempting to transform his game into more of a face smasher. He’s big but that is all.

    • As a Bruins fan I would have no problem trading Danton Heinen or Jake DeBrusk And a second round draft pick to the range is for Krieder !! I’d no it in snap

      • Well you are the first “Bruin fan” that has admitted to this.

        Anytime I go over to their territory, anything to do with Kreider ends up with a united top comment of “no thanks” or a hard “pass”.

        • Kevin Hayes? The center who has less assists, less goals and less points than Kreider so far despite playing two more games? That Kevin Hayes? Seems like Philly is understanding now why the Rangers weren’t about to pay him $7 million a year for 7 years! 🙂

    • What about kovalchuk? The price is right!!!

      Boston needs someone, because they are stale right now. Need to energize for the playoff run.

    • Absolutely, no AHL prospects from Boston. The top ones have been around for a few years now and are not A prospects. 1st round pick + or else let the bidding wars begin. BTW, the post above discounts Haggerty as a source but it is wrong to do so. He’s very dialed in to the Bruins. More than most. I am from here, and I’ve heard him often. He’s not mongering.

  • If Boston wants him badly enough, they can try working a three-way trade with another team which has something of sufficient value for the Rangers.

  • Yeah, their young forwards don’t match up. Not that it’s a point of need, but would you bring McAvoy home? The B’s seem to be falling out of love with him. We can then trade other D-men for forwards.

    • This fit stinks because he’s a righty but I’d do the trade anyway because that asset is better than anything else they could get. Allows the Rangers to get creative with other trades. It won’t happen because the Bruins still really like him.

  • As a Bruins fan I would have no problem trading Danton Heinen or Jake DeBrusk for Chris Kreider. Both Haydn and DeBrusk have a good 506 games and then vanish for 15 games !! I would trade either one plus a second round draft pick for Chris Kreider in a snap !!

    • You would do that for a rental? The one thing that the Bruins need more than Kreider is cap relief. And with Kevan Miller looking to return they are in some trouble. The Bruins are not trading DeBrusk unless they get significant cap help included and then it’s dubious… he’s 23 years old with upside. I’ll take on the Backes contract with 50% retention, plus in return I would retain 50% of Kreider’s salary for this year. Give me DeBrusk and a second round pick.

      • Massive ripoff for Kreider there. Rangers don’t need anyone else’s bad contracts either. DeBrusk isn’t nearly the player Kreider is.

        • 27 goals in 68 games last season as a 22 year old middle sixer. Off a little this year was injured but pacing another 50 point /27 goal season. They’re not trading him without some incentive. He’s talented with upside. Top six guy. Kreider is merely a rental.

          • Sorry, he’s not worth Kreider—and he was not good in the playoffs last year. He’s had his share of injuries already as a young player, concussion problems too. No thanks.

  • The only way this trade gets made is Danton Heinen and the Bruins 1st round pick. The Bruins may not be willing but that is similar to what the Rangers received for Hayes and Kreider is in more demand and positioned higher for a rental than Hayes.

  • The problem with this possible trade is Boston doesn’t have the cap space to fit him! So unless they are trading a player off their roster to make cap room how are they going to get him?

    • The initial rebuild two years ago was fine. But I’m getting sick of trading high high twenties age vets for drafts picks that may never pan out what’s wrong with a mix. We rarely keep our own free agents. If they trade Deagelo and Strome kreider there is no plan to get out of the rebuild. Wait to see Panarin get demotivated because he is on a perennial losing team. We can get to the same place withMika in a few years as with Kreider and they dump him. Work something out with Henrik to retire dump buchnevich and the fourth line. Not the top 6.

      • “We rarely keep our free agents”—

        McDonagh, Hayes, JT Miller—all were traded because the Rangers didn’t want to give these guys the dollars and term they were looking for. And so far the Rangers have won that bet.

        Hayes’ contract was a long and expensive joke on the Flyers, and McDonagh’s offensive numbers have fallen off a cliff. McDonagh was acquired to win a Cup in Tampa, and that ain’t happening any time soon. Miller is inconsistent and a bum in the playoffs, I was happy to see him go.

        Teams have to do this stuff now because of the salary cap. Any one of the above players would’ve messed with the rebuild if they’d gotten their big contracts from the Rangers instead of their new teams.

      • Cap-wise, don’t the rangers have to trade Kreider in order afford DeAngelo and Strome? Or, if they resign Kreider they are going to have to trade(or lose) the others.

        The Rangers problem is they historically overpay for players past their prime.

  • Slim pickings in Boston. Debrusk + perhaps. Haven’t watched Beecher but he has the size we would be looking for …

    • I was curious about Beecher too and found this, courtesy of The Athletic:

      Beecher is so strong, athletic and explosive that even if his offensive tools don’t progress in significant ways throughout his college career, he’s probably still going to fashion out an NHL role. If they do progress, and he can become a consistent offensive contributor game-to-game, watch out. I’ve liked his start with the Wolverines, where he has done a good job manufacturing for himself on a team that has struggled to score. I didn’t like his world juniors, though, even after he spent most of the tournament lining up alongside some darn good players. He’s always going to project as more of a give-and-go player at the next level, rather than a line driver, but his blend of size, pace and power will make him fun to watch.

      • Assuming Chytil is our future 2nd line center, this boy could line up behind him in a 3rd line role — now that we’re all assuming Lias is out of here.

        • He’s a freshman at Michigan, needs work, might be available in two years or so, so no immediate help. Big, decent skater, defensively responsible, not a big scorer, was rated as a potential 2nd or 3rd line center before the draft. Might be worth it in a deal that also brings Boston’s first rounder. (We might be able to package our first and Boston’s to move up in the draft). I could see Mika/Chytil/Barron/Beecher as a decent set of centers. I can also see Gorton holding out for more.

          • It was just a thought, but to be honest he shouldn’t be the focal point of any trade made with Boston. I was thinking more like Beecher and their 1st for Kreider and a 3rd — then again I think the idea of Boston giving up their 1st this year plus what is effectively their 1st from last year might be a bit too rich for their taste (and I wouldn’t blame them).

  • As a NYR fan I’m good with Studnicka and a 1st this year. You can keep Debrusk. I think Bruin fans got to stop worrying about the UFA status and look where CK is from and where he played college hockey. You’d have the upper hand in signing him if you trade for him … and maybe win a Cup!

  • The best deal for both teams to make w/ each other is between the Rangers and Colorado . They get Kreider which makes their top nine stronger . The Rangers get their young forwards /prospects / #1 pick in the June draft. If the Rangers can convince the Court Jester to waive and go w/ Kreider , the haul of forwards / prospects coming back would be ideal . Think Jost,,Bowers, Kaut, Newhook, A J Greer, to name a few. Forward prospects in system is lean. This helps tremendously . Some combination of these highly rated forwards is what the Rangers should focus on. Let’s see if they can pull it off.

    • I agree. Colorado has the better selection of prospects and cap space to make a deal. I think there is some fuel to the Avalanche rumors. They almost make a trade at last years draft and the Rangers have had scouts at there games.

  • Boston is pursuing Kreider because He would fit tremendously into their system and style the Bruins play. Kreider is not afraid to create traffic in front of the net and his speed and drive to the net are spectacular. But I don’t believe that the Bruins have anything interesting to offer that the Rangers would accept..I think The Rangers should look to other teams such as Toronto, Colorado and perhaps Minnesota. Also. The Rangers will need to start getting some bigger body, because they are physically easily over matched by many teams..

  • It may mean nothing, but there seems to be an awful lot of interest, at least on their fan boards, from the Blues. Kreider’s the kind of player who could fit in almost anywhere, so it makes sense for them. Who have they got that we want?

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