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NY Rangers Goal Breakdown: No bread means minimal goals in loss to the Islanders

The Rangers couldn't find the back of the net consistently without Panarin, despite dominating the game

The NY Rangers were without Artemi Panarin last night for the first time this season, and it showed in the 4-2 loss to the Islanders. The bread-less Rangers actually controlled the game, outshooting and outchancing the Islanders all night. But a combination of bad luck and a silly offside challenge doomed the Rangers. They did make it interesting with two late powerplay goals, but overcoming a four goal lead in the third is tough to do.

This is a loss to a rival in a game that actually meant something, in the sense that this rivalry seems to have renewed blood recently, but there was a lot of good in this one. The Rangers controlled the game against a Barry Trotz team, which is tough to do. They also controlled the expected goals, which is exceedingly difficult to do against a Trotz team. Sometimes, these games happen.

Isles 1, Rangers 0

In what was going to be a theme for the game, this was a rough one for Ryan Lindgren. Alex Georgiev made the initial save off a deflection in front, but the rebound went off Lindgren’s leg and in.

Isles 2, Rangers 0

This was really the only goal you can blame on a defensive breakdown. The Rangers, on the penalty kill, almost scored, but 8 seconds later got scored on. The main breakdown here is Brett Howden, rushing back after the chance, not having his head on a swivel and catching the change the Isles made. Anthony Beauvillier had all the time in the world to get the puck, and he walked in to the hash marks before beating Georgiev.

Isles 3, Rangers 0

Another goal off Lindgren, this time off his skate. Just some bad luck.

Isles 4, Rangers 0

Don’t get fancy in the defensive zone. Brady Skjei kicked it and missed, and the Rangers couldn’t recover.

Isles 4, Rangers 1

Solid deflection by Pavel Buchnevich on that one. Gets that monkey off his back.

Isles 4, Rangers 2

Mika Zibanejad threw the puck on net, knowing it wouldn’t be a goal. The Isles blocked the shot but it was Chris Kreider in front for the goal to make this interesting.

Shot Heatmap

The Rangers had a whopping 63.29% shot attempt advantage and a 56.84 expected-goals advantage. Sometimes luck goes against you.

Skater Results

A lot of good. Some focused bad. Overall good process, as mentioned above. You can’t look at this game and say the Rangers didn’t play well.

This is a good process game that you can build on, but it will be ten days before we see if the Rangers continue the past six weeks of this good process. It’s the All Star Break and the bye week, so no games until then. I hope you are all prepared with other things to do. But don’t worry, we will still have things to write about.

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  • Isles got all the bounces..This could have easily been a Ranger victory , even without Panarin….With that being said, its time to start selling off as the expectation is for a much tougher team going forward as the brass will be looking for more abrasive players during the off-season and possibly sooner.

    • Most of the Ranger shots were to the outside. They would rather have pretty passes than pepper the goalie and crash the net.

      When the shots were 9-1 in the first (and no penalties drawn), with no goals scored, I thought that was trouble right there.

      • As Rocky is eluding too, this roster needs more players who play that type of game, need tougher players by means of their first priority is to crash the net, every game will go to the corners to separate the puck from opposing players, will play around the lower circles often. Can we please bench Marc Staal? my goodness he is taken a spot from a young player right now.

  • This was a soft team playing a soft game, imho. Not sure how you can say it was good and something to build on? They were down 4-0 going into the final minutes of the game. Sigh…

    I don’t think I saw them crash the net once, and definitely not a difficult night for Greiss. If you take 40+ shots and virtually none of them are difficult for the goalie to stop, does it even matter? The Isles gave them the outside, and the NYR were more than happy to pass it to each other and take long-distance shots with no one in front. Maybe they could have tried to, you know, get to the slot at some point. So frustrating… this team looks softer than when AV was having them turn the other cheek.

    Sounds like the “fan”cy metrics looked good. Yea, well they looked awfully soft and easy to play against in the eye test. But at least we have some good graphs and things like that.

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