Chris Kreider to replace Artemi Panarin at the All Star Game

Chris Kreider will replace Artemi Panarin at the All Star Game. This news came late yesterday after Panarin missed the game against the Islanders. This is likely a precaution for the Rangers and Panarin, at getting Panarin another 10 days of rest is probably more important than the All Star Game.

It is a little surprising that Kreider, and not Mika Zibanejad, is replacing Panarin. Zibanejad was on the fan ballot, but lost the voting. Guessing it’s because Kreider is a winger and Zibanejad is not. Or maybe Zibanejad just wanted the 10 days off.

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  • I like this a lot. Good for him to get there in a nyr uniform. Furthermore, Can only help his trade value if that’s the course they take. Can only help his UFA negotiations if that’s the course he takes. I don’t really care if someone else was more deserving, it’s an injury replacement and team likely gets the choice. (Slavin over teuvo?).

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