Will the Rangers Make the Playoffs? Live from the Blue Seats – Episode 1

The podcast is back!

The Rangers are about to enter the All-Star break outside of the playoff picture. Can they make a run and clinch an unlikely playoff berth? They’re also managing an unorthodox three-goalie rotation and something’s gotta give. And what’s up with David Quinn’s lineup decisions, especially regarding Pavel Buchnevich? Rob, Becky and Dave discuss it all as Blue Seat Blogs returns to the podcasting world with Live from the Blue Seats!

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  • Coming into the season, I thought the Rangers could make the playoffs, with this talent.

    But after this coming trade deadline, with guys like CK and Strome possibly traded, probably not. The Rangers will end up in the worst case scenario of being around .500, missing the playoffs, and picking in the middle of the draft. But, fortunately, I think that this draft is a very deep one, so hopefully draft position will not matter as much.

    I will be there tonight against the Isles. I think that Georgie is in and the Rangers have a chance to win the series against the Isles, for the first time in a long time. This will be another good test to see if the Rangers’ latest defensive success continues (we hope so). LGR!!

    • You and I disagreed about Kravtsov. You expected him in from day one whereas I saw him as a January call-up who would be an impact player. Alas, even I was optimistic. Kakko has also been less than advertised to date.

      I don’t see any reason why these two players won’t be stars next year, but I do think the Ranger playoff prospects required a lot more from that duo this year. Otherwise, I think the year has gone well, but the Rangers needed the stars to align to make the playoffs and they did not.

      • There was nothing wrong with my prediction for Krav, at the beginning of the season, considering we have a defenseman and Haley inserted into the lineup.

        I can’t put the players on the ice.

  • We have to leapfrog over a few teams in order to make the PO’s, and I fear we won’t.

    Having said this, right from the beginning I said we’d struggle to do so, but this team would be fun to watch again. On many occasions we were fun to watch, and see the progress made by the kids, but on other occasions we saw a team that played clunkers. Give these kids another year of growth, get rid of some dead wood, and we will be in there next season.

  • Given the youth on this club and how a long season will be for them plus the possible trades and how this will effect the over performance, I’d say we miss the playoffs. Going into this season I was very excited and interested in seeing certain players development and from what I see… I am really pumped for things to come.

    if they play hard, fight and keep playing enjoyable games to watch, I am ok with this season except the D struggles, but recently things are improving overall on the blue line too.


    I hope JG requests to hold on to #15231 this draft too.

  • Wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoyed listening to the podcast. You are to be commended for your efforts to improve the way you speak in order to give fans a podcast to listen to. I thank you for changing and the effort to put a good listening show for us fans. I’m a ranger fan for almost 60 years and I live eat and breath hockey. In my humble opinion this will be a podcast many will listen to for years to come. THANK YOU!

  • we make the playoffs if, Henrik agrees to a trade. otherwise I cant see them keeping any of the FA
    don’t you dare trade Georgie either.

  • If they can continue playing the way they’ve played the last 5-6 games, they could challenge … but they’ll need multiple teams ahead of them to falter and they can’t be sellers at the trade deadline — odds are probably 4 or 5-1 against them making the playoffs, 10-1 if they’re sellers.

  • If you cant get a game with 30 seconds left at even strength to overtime you should be nowhere near the playoffs .

    • Didn’t they just win a game in the final minute the night before on LI on a goal by CK? Things generally even out over the course of a season. Not enough secondary score to get in to the playoffs this year I fear. Last I looked, Jack Hughes wasn’t lighting it up in Newark. Even that sophomore in Carolina, Svechnikov, had an unimpressive line as a rookie. Kakko just needs time.

      • Our 4th line generates virtually no offense. That isn’t a recipe for getting in the playoffs over the course of an 82 game season.

        • Couldn’t agree more with you, Tanto. The Rangers have to hope Greg McKegg is gonna have a big 2nd half just to break the 10-point barrier. Or that his linemate Brendan Smith gets into 12-point territory.

          Just unreal what garbage NYR puts out game after game on the 4th line.

  • Devastating loss the other night…..I was hoping Rangers would have beaten the Jackets because I think it will be extremely difficult to pull the trifecta in defeating the Isles three games in a row.

    • Isles are reeling at the moment, Rangers are playing ok. Think it’s more of the same tonight.

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