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Rangers continue to scout Avalanche regularly

Two games in a week have had scouts

Some interesting trade rumor tidbits – the Rangers have scouted the Colorado Avalanche fairly heavily. The Blueshirts had a scout there on January 18th (vs St. Louis) and again on the 20th (vs. Detroit). Usually you can write off a scout at a game as a one-off, since that is their job. However twice in the same week does seem to add smoke to the conversation.

Chris Kreider has been linked to Colorado since last summer, when the Avs turned down sending the 16th overall pick to the Rangers for Kreider. Status quo does change, and it is unlikely the Avs draft in the top-20 this year, so that does lower the value of a first round pick. It lessens the value of the pick and does open up package type deals for a bottom-six forward and a pick.

It’s no secret that the Rangers want NHL ready players, specifically forwards. The Avs have a few players that fit that bill: Tyson Jost, Vlad Kamenev, and Valeri Nichushkin are the three young forwards, with Jost likely being the main target (Nichushkin is a retread and Kamenev doesn’t fit the bill). The 21 year old center, a former 10th overall pick, is on the last year of his ELC and centering the fourth line (behind MacKinnon, Kadri, and Bellemare). He has a line of 5-10-15 in 46 games this year, and has been about a 10-goal, 20-point center since sticking in the NHL.

It is worth noting that the Blues, who missed out on Taylor Hall, were the Avs’ opponent in that first game, and the Blueshirts just wanted to get two birds with one stone. I highly doubt Robert Thomas would be available for a rental, and the only other young forward (Jordan Kyrou) was a healthy scratch that game.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Doesn’t mean a deal between the two teams, likely around Kreider, gets done, but the Rangers are doing their due diligence.

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  • Nice write up. I actually think Kamenev is the Av’s choice. I say that simply because Kamenev hasn’t been able to find a regular spot with them and he is no longer waiver exempt.( he did also play in the games we scouted) Jost would be a better fit for us. But I am not too jazzed about either option. If we are going 1st and prospect I think Sampo Ranta would be an interesting choice instead. He’s not as NHL ready as Jost or Kamenev, but my view he would be better fit for us in the bottom 6. in the long run.

    I also have to wonder about a package. The Av’s need an upgrade at goalie and Hank’s name has been connected to them, but maybe they are really quietly after Georgiev.

    If Kreider is Boston’s first choice I would target a first and Trent Fredric. Not sure that is doable, but if we take back some salary we may get some love. Heinen would be a good choice for the bottom six too. Also watch for Boston to demote Backes to the AHL, which frees up about a million of cap space. They will probably need to demote Backes as that has really not worked out and most likely he needs to go to open up the cap space to fit anyone. He sort of reminds me of the situation with Belesky. I would not want half that contract on our books. Even though it ends next year.

    Watch him end up in the 6th borough…Tampa…

    • Nice analysis… If Boston retains half salary for this season and next I would take Backes in the right situation. Just give me a second round pick and DeBrusk and Kreider is all theirs.

  • I can’t say any of those players interest me all that much … probably Jost the most. Of course it depends what we’re sending to the AVS and what additional compensation comes our way. Despite what the Rangers are saying, I would like another 1st round pick and one of their non-NHL prospects.

  • if i am rangers, i would ask for Frederic and 1st or John Beecher and a 2nd for Kreider and Fast.

    as for the Av’s, no to all of the aforementioned names with the exception of Raanta.

    for the Blues, I would want their first and Sammy Blais or Zach Sanford

  • As a NYR an I would be wanting:
    1) Boston — Studnika and a 2nd — ask for a 1st but drop if you have to
    2) STL — Klim and a 1st
    3) COL — Jost and a 1st
    First to blink!

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