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Dreger: Rangers and Chris Kreider continue talks, likely to be traded

Rangers willing to retain 50% on Kreider to facilitate a deal

On yesterday’s edition of Insider Trading, Darren Dreger noted that the Rangers and Chris Kreider are going to engage in contract extension talks, but Dreger believes that Kreider will still be traded by the Rangers before the deadline. Dreger also noted that the Rangers are willing to absorb 50% of Kreider’s $4.625 million cap hit to facilitate a trade.

The Blueshirts absorbing 50% of the the remaining 3-4 months of the contract is really a no-brainer and a non-issue, since the Rangers don’t have cap space concerns and absorbing 50% likely increases the return. This is just common sense, as the Rangers have done with a lot of their deadline deals in the past.

As for an extension, this all begins and ends with Kreider’s demands. The rumors are that Kreider could sign for seven years and $7 million, or at least that’s what he could get in the open market. Those are certainly educated guesses, but one never actually knows until the contract gets signed. This will be the soon-to-be-29-year-old’s biggest opportunity for a pay day.

Aside from demands, it seems like the biggest concern is Kreider’s age. Aside from his speed, which naturally will take a bit of a hit as he ages, Kreider’s biggest asset is his net-front presence. That skill likely ages quite well, especially since Kreider is still as strong as an ox. While the aging concerns are there, and we will get into that in a later post, I think they are slightly exaggerated.

Regardless of skill set or aging, it all comes down to dollars and cents. Kreider’s demands will dictate his future in New York. Until then, we wait and see.

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  • Tough loss if he goes….K’Andre is about as close as he comes to Kreider, but he is a defenseman and still a prospect…..Let us pray

    • Rangers will take 2 steps back only if Kakko gies in front of net. Lundquist needs to be dumped instead. HNever wins the big ones. Horrible with puck. Pay half of his salary to go

      • Hank has a no-trade clause and he’s already stated he wants to be here throughout the rebuild. He’s not going anywhere. In a perfect world they would dump Stall or Smith and keep Kreider, but unfortunately it seems Kreider is already one foot out the door.

  • No one can replace his net front presence and that’s the issue. Considering all the money that will be off the books after next season I think the Rangers should focus on the term more than the $s … plus limiting his NTC to the greatest extent possible. Of course if a trade produces too much value to pass up, you do it.

    We can talk all day about whether he’s developed to his full potential or not … but when you factor in his 50-55 points plus that net front presence that leads to a lot of goals where he doesn’t pick up a point, you have a very valuable player. Given his skating and commitment to fitness, I don’t see him breaking down like some other power forwards over the course of the next 4-5 years.

    • If Kreider ever had Mike Keenan as a coach he would have been a combination of Rick Tocchet and Cam Neeley rolled into one. His heart and desire will always be questioned. He needed a Keenan type coach to take him to the next level.

  • If Chris kreider leaves the rangers hockey will be at a loss. I remember watching when he first started with Rangers and if he goes the Rangers will suffer. He will be missed greatly.

  • If you’re telling me we are going to get the Kreider who shows up most games, takes the body, uses his speed and leads by example…….I’m all in. Sign him! If, however, we are going to get the Kreider who disappears for games on end, doesn’t use his body and veers off towards the boards instead of straight to the net, them I have concerns. Its a lot of money to invest going forward; whether he is worth it or not is the question.

  • I am all for retaining Kreider if possible. There are many things the man does that don’t show up in the box score. He brings the physical element that most of the other forwards lac.

    That being said, I believe that the deal breaker will be the length of the contract, not the amount per year. I’d like to see a 5 year deal and I’d wager that the Rangers would be amenable to that as well. I’d also bet that Kreider wants a 7 year contract and probably will not agree to a lesser term. It is a shame if that ends up being the case.

    • Yep it’s the term… Kreider is most definitely worth the money… but this is the salary cap era in hockey. The money is there for the superstars, non-superstars have to jockey for what they can get. Low level players that have certain skills will have jobs as bottom six fillers. Guys like Kreider may have to shop their services in today’s NHL. Teams just can’t afford to pay guys in their mid to upper thirties big money with this cap.

    • As funny as it sounds. It’s a possibility of Toronto since they are looking to supplant their roster. Maybe Smith and Kreider. Take on half their salaries. And give us 2 ahl lifers and some decent draft picks.

      • Actually I was thinking Smitty and George get package and sent to Torona. The Laffs are looking for a Dman and a capable young netminder that can take the reins from their goalie Anderson. Krieder will likely go to St Louis as they try to make it 2 Stanley Cups in a row.

  • Gorton needs to truly get rid of Smith, try to move Buch and get rid of Staal. Gorton and JD need money on the cap to re-sign Kredier and Tony D. Shattenkirk’s buyout next season is pretty high and I believe add’s 4.5 million onto the cap.

    It is amazing and frustrating all in one that Glen Sather’s insane contract to Marc Staal is hurting what Gorton and JD need to do. Anyone see Staal in the first period the other night chasing down the puck in the offensive zone and was slow as anything and two-islanders just came into the zone and took the puck away for a nice SOG?

    This Staal contract is going to potential be one of the factors to why Kredier will be traded. This organization needs Kredier

    • They can just buyout Staal’s contract over the summer. The cost is relatively low. The real issue with Kreider is TERM and NTC.

  • Kreider’s ability to skate with both extraordinary speed and power is a very rare commodity, and history shows that age tends not to be the diminishing factor that so many fear five, six, seven years down the road. Patrick Marleau is a prime example. He averaged almost 27 goals per season from age 34-38. I certainly understand the argument for dealing CK, even if I disagree with it. But the idea that he will cease being an offensive force due to a dramatic loss of skating ability is simply a canard. And when you add in his net-front presence and his leadership qualities —- things a player like Marleau did not have in any abundance at his best —- the argument for retaining him is I think very compelling.

  • I really can’t picture Kreider in any uniform than the Rangers. I just can’t. Like, his name wouldn’t even look good on the back of another team’s sweater in whatever swoopy typeface they use. I guess I’m trying to say that he so embodies what the Rangers are (fast, physical, two-way, strong, clutch, and putting up points), that it will be a sad day in Rangerland when he is traded. I hope Dregs is way off here.

  • Evander Kane
    Kevin Hayes
    Anders Lee

    Why should CK ask for less? He shouldn’t, it just won’t be here that he will get it, IMO.

    It’s a shame because there is no one in the org like him but that’s the business side of sports. But then again, what have they won with him on the team? If we say “keep everyone” then we have a team that will never win the Cup, given the team’s track record in the last, gulp, 25 years.

    I would do 5 years, $7M per, but I don’t think CK does.

      • Actually, yeah, because for me (and the Rangers), it’s all about term.

        But I did do a GM Airchair last week, and even fitting in CK at $7M was doable but tight. They would have to buyout Staal, Smith, and trade Strome. I kept ADA at $4M per. So $8M per is probably not doable.

  • I love the fact that most players fear Kreider’s presence and will not take cheap shots at him. He never has to throw a punch at anybody else because of his tremendous strength. When he grabs someone they can’t move. Maybe the coaching staff has finally gotten through to him so he won’t pull his disappearing act again. Even so. I still want the Rangers to keep him!

  • Hi all,

    Realistically speaking if Staal does get moved, Smith as well, Andersson Haley traded and Howden gone as well, would the Rangers have the money to resign Kreider and keep ADA? There have to be young players ready to take 3rd and 4th line. What about Gettinger (6’6) winger put him on the 4th line. Call up some players from Hartford.

    If Rangers trade Kreider they lose a player that has so many qualities; can score, can deflect shots on the PP, provide a screen on the PP, can hit, can protect Artemi, Mika. We all know Kreider would want to destroy the Rangers first game as a member of the opposing team. Rangers move Kreider the PP will be worse, also skill players like Artemi cannot create the space out there to score goals, set up goals. Its on JD and JG to trade the players that need to be moved and keep a somewhat good core together.

    Ideally with staal, smith, haley gone, at the end of next season rangers should have the money to sign the last few players and trade or sign players that can turn the team into contenders. If it is done correctly Rangers can contend for the cup in 2022. An icing on the cake would be acquiring Patrick Laine from Winnipeg, just think Rangers can send a few picks towards Jets for the deal.

    Panarin, Laine (if it happens) Kreider Mika Kakko ADA Fox Miller (K’Andre) Chytil Igor Rykov Keane Strome ADA Trouba, etc. That is a good core to build around and then add the final touches to the team. Figure also Panarin and Laine gives the Rangers the best chance at the cup, maybe even multiple cups. I noticed Kakko needs a player that can set him up and also take the pressure of him to score. What better than a fellow Finnish born player to allow him to to flourish. Also, takes the pressure of Panarin.

    Cup winning teams have won in the last 5 plus years: good core of players, good goal tending, superstar players, good defense, power forwards, defense forwards, good PP and PK. Plus the overall team toughness has to be there, Kreider needs to remain a NYR.

  • The real problem is an old goalie who can’t stop a beach ball and his contract. Rangers could have a dynamic goalie tandem with two young stars for relatively little money. Instead, good players will pay the price because the King and his massive ego won’t step aside for the good of the team.

  • FYI – Staal and Smith buyouts at year end will reduce next year’s cap hit to $3-3.5mil (From I think $10mil). That is more likely to create room for resigning ADA unless he brings in a hll on the trade market.

    If JD were smart he’d have Ray Bourgue have a chat with Henry (ie “go for the cup in Colorado!”).

  • Just think like stated above Alexander and Igor as the goalie tandem/duo. Figure each goalie can get 20 wins, that is 80 points throw in some OT wins Rangers can get 95 points. Either way, they would be in the playoffs. Igor gets 30 wins Alexander gets 20 wins, 50 plus wins, 100 plus points. Would be ideal to have Igor start 40 plus games next season and get accustomed to a full nhl season.

    Lundqvist is just being very selfish. Doesn’t he realize he cannot stop pucks like he did before. Probably NYR will make him a goalie coach/scout etc. so he can have a shot at winning the cup not as a player but still a member of the organization. If Lundqvist retires, is traded or bought out rangers save quite a lot of money. Someone on this board mentioned before using the Leafs and the Canes as trade partners. Canes have a 6’3 and 6’6 player. Wonder if JD and JG can pull off a miracle and possibly acquire some good players(needed players) and trade or buyout 2 players. Either way if they are balanced moves and the team is better the Rangers can be set up for next season.

    • How is someone being selfish by fulfilling the terms of a contract offered to them by their employer?

      Those big young players you’re talking about as trade targets are from Ottawa, not the Hurricanes.

      Lastly, the goalies have been the very last thing the Rangers have needed to worry about this year. All 3 have played very well behind a terrible defensive system.

    • For the life of me, I don’t understand why people want to buy out players, only to add to the dead cap space which is killing us. Just look at Shatty’s cap hit alone next season, some $6 mil, that’s nuts. Trade, sit to force a trade, send down to the AHL, anything to have players request a trade, but NO MORE EFFING BUY OUTS!!!!!!!!!

        • Buying out Brendan Smith literally saves nothing. His salary next year is only $3.3M and so the cap reduction would be only $2.2M with $1.1M having to be paid back the following year. However, you can get a $1.1M reduction the first year simply by sending him to Hartford. So the buyout just moves $1.1M from next year to the following year — and knocks out the option of cap reduction by trade.

          Obviously, because of the NMCs, buying out Lundqvist or Staal does save something (but less than you might think as actual salaries are $5.5M and $4.2M respectively), but as Walt says, it creates problems the following year. Of course, as Lundqvist is likely to be the third best tender next year, a buyout there makes some sense, but I don’t think he was your target.

          • I want Smith bought out so I never have to see him on the ice in a Ranger uniform ever again.

            I’m not worried about the following year. A lot of contracts come off the books and next year’s buyouts would cost very little in 2021-22.

          • Honestly Smith and Staal should have been rotating in out of the line up as 6/7 defenseman. Smith is not a forward and I think he’s a serviceable bottom pairing defenseman.

  • If they could trade him for a 1st and a good prospect, then buck historical trends and re-sign him this Summer–that would be swell.

  • Kreids is UFA…so here’s an idea. Rangers are not a playoff team and if they do make it aren’t going deep. So why not get maximum return for him call it a 1st and a prospect. Potentially package the 1st or prospect with Smith or Staal – get them off the cap…at least one of them. It will free up some cap space for a potential return of Kreids in off season. Don’t think he will sign w team that trades for him w/o getting a chance to test free agency mkt. Any way LGR!

  • A side note, Gerard Gallant of the Vegas Knights has been relieved of his head coaching duties. He took an expansion team to the cup finals, and did a very good job with them for three years, could be brought in to replace the “Chowderhead” DQ. It won’t happen, but one can wish just the same!!!!!!!

    • Hearing you on this Walt. Gallant and Laviolette are out there right now. Either would be an improvement over the current blustering clown show behind our bench.

    • They are near the top of the division (I think). There has to be something more to this, because his “results” did not warrant this at all.

  • You can thank Glen Sather for these albatross contracts. Need to keep Kreider, we have ENOUGH draft choices, pieces in the pipeline, when are we going to stop trading away good, young veteran players (i.e. see Kevin Hayes). You also lose leadership getting rid of the Kreiders of the team, too much youth as it is, need a balance of youth and veterans.

  • I love him as a player. I’ll take the warts in his game to have the net front presence, all-out speed, strength, leadership, and league leading tip in’s.

    With his speed and frame, I believe he will age well. I can truly see him form into a Michael Grabner-type player as he gets older and these younger players eat into his ice-time. And I still think he will provide match-up issues well into his thirties just from his skill set.

    6 years @ $6.5MM may get it done…

  • How can anyone blame Hank??? The real issue is the Staal and Smith contracts and please do not sign strome long term

  • Fire Ruff and hire Gallant or Laviolette to run the D?
    Or just fire Ruff and hire the first person they see.

  • Not surprising. He’s going to be expensive to resign and he will have a lot of interest by contending teams. He’s the best available rental currently on the market and should get a nice return. Don’t stop with Kreider. Move Fast and Georgiev as well.

  • Let’s pull a Yankee move like they did with Aroldis Chapman when they acquired Gleyber Torrez and trade him and get the great package in return. Then resign him for a 5 year deal for 7 million per year and name him Captain to start next season.

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