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Rangers score six straight in big time win over Islanders

Big time win in their first meeting of the season

The Rangers handed the Islanders a big time loss last night, scoring six straight goals en route to a 6-2 win. The Blueshirts had us wondering within the first 13 seconds, allowing a quick one and making us wonder if this is how the night was going to go. Luckily it was the Artemi Panarin show, with two goals and five points to carry the Rangers to the win.

Alex Georgiev had a great night too, making many difficult saves to preserve a lead in the second period and ensure the Rangers could relax a bit in the third. Neither goal against could be called a weak goal and he really had no chance on either. He’s doing his part to boost his trade value.

Isles 1, Rangers 0

This was just a bad defensive zone giveaway. There’s no real breakdown here other than it was sloppy play that wound up in the back of their net. Luckily this was the last time they were sloppy.

Rangers 1, Isles 1

Jesper Fast, who was part of the turnover on the Isles goal, gets it back. Barry Trotz and the Isles had some legitimate beef here, as Fast knocked Nick Leddy’s stick from his hands as he dove for the goal.

Rangers 2, Isles 1

The Isles account is a little salty here. I am a little surprised that this was allowed though. I thought Chris Kreider’s stick was above the crossbar.

Rangers 3, Isles 1

Adam Fox caught Semyon Varlamov cheating to the pass and beat him short side. Credit to Ryan Strome for rotating from the net mouth to the slot to open up that option.

Rangers 4, Isles 1

Panarin forcing the turnover. Panarin converting the other way. A thing of beauty.

Rangers 5, Isles 1

What I believe to be a new-look forecheck (more on that in a later post) created this goal. F1 and F2 were in deep, allowing Fast to pressure the outlet and force the turnover at the red line. Strome collected the puck and did what he does best – fed Panarin for the goal.

Rangers 6, Isles 1

There wasn’t much to break down on this goal. It was a set faceoff play that required Filip Chytil to win it clean, which he did. The puck rotated to Jacob Trouba who put a nicely placed shot by Varlamov. Couldn’t find a video of this one.

Rangers 6, Isles 2

The Isles got a powerplay goal after a Jordan Eberle shot took a weird deflection over Georgiev, and Brock Nelson whacked it out of the air for the goal. Couldn’t find a video of this either. Guessing everyone was done with the game by this point.

Shot Heatmap

This was utter domination. Look at all the shots from danger areas. Very unusual for a Trotz team to be crushed like this.

Skater Results

That’s a whole lotta good and fun, exactly what I like to see. Micheal Haley is trying to break the chart. Guessing he wanted to break Johnston but didn’t get the chance, so this was a valid replacement.

The Rangers are off until Thursday when they get the Isles again. Meanwhile the Isles play again tomorrow night and then cap off their three in four in Uniondale against the Rangers. If the Rangers play like this, and continue to change up their forecheck, it will be a fun one to watch.

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  • Panarin is just unreal, one of the best Rangers we have ever seen.

    The Rangers should bottle last night’s game and try playing that way for 75% of their games. After the ridiculous first goal allowed, they were great. Maybe Brendan Smith should get himself thrown out of games more often.

  • Panarin’s hockey IQ is unbelievable…..He is such a smart player and you never know what he’s thinking…I could only imagine what the opposition is thinking when they see Breadman on the ice…..not a good feeling to be on the other side when he is on the ice…Just an amazing player.

  • Good game for the boys, showed some backbone, and Smith is earning his pay in this game.
    Breadman is earning every penny they signed him for, the man is outstanding. From here on out management should look at players who want long term deals, study their games, and if they can perform at half the rate that Artie does, then they sign them. What is Stepan doing with the desert dogs these days????? Just saying…………….

  • Ffs the Fishsticks had plenty of shots from the “the high danger area” as well. They are just coloured blue instead of red for special effect. George had a solid game and their goalie stunk. Bread was magic. That was difference in this match.

  • A good win. Let’s combine this with a few more before the All Star break to give us a fighting chance to be in playoff contention.
    Still think Krieder needs to go, but hold on to Strome.
    Fast, as much as I think he is a 3rd line player, adds some grit to the Panarin line.
    Still could use some 4th liners who bring some offense to the team

  • Isles are a bad team that has had great goalie play this year. When their goalie has a bad game, they get destroyed. Sound familiar?

    Isles have lost 8 of their last 13 games, and lost one of their top pair defensemen. Good to see the Rangers beat a team that they should beat.

    • Icelanders are definitely trending down, but these are games we need to win, and we showed some good edge last night. Wanted at least 3 to 4 points from 3 games with them. Well on our way.

  • The only negative is that we don’t have a 4th line that can contribute offensively every now and then …

    Kakko looks like he needs a rest and some Karjalanpiirakka. If it wasn’t so close to the All-Star game and if we were 100% healthy he would be spending a little time in street clothes.

      • If his name was Kravtsov or Andersson he would have seen street clothes and the AHL already. The Karjalanpiirakka is just referencing the fact I think he’s homesick, confused and lonely. The “he needs a rest” because I’m not seeing the explosiveness in his skating that we witnessed earlier in the season.

        Why can’t we be honest and just say it, he’s having a hard time adjusting to the NHL. Sure there’s a flash here and there, but his overall play has been underwhelming.

        • I’d like to see him play thru it. And be given the chance to play through it, which it looks like he’s getting from Quinn. I thought he had a decent game last night, 4 shots on goal total.

          • I thought he was a passenger on the line last night with Chytil and Howden. He’s been allowed to “play through it” countless times already. I’m not suggesting he’s been immune to punishment, like we saw with that DQ ill-advised 3rd period benching after he took a bad penalty, but he’s been given the benefit of the doubt much more often than any other young player on the Rangers over the course of the last few years.

          • He turns 19 in a month. This ain’t Finland. He just needs to play; he’ll be fine. The great Al McQuire used to say, “the best thing about freshmen is they get to be sophomores”.

            Regards- orange

  • That’s what I said. Isles are overrated and have a great coach…But even with great coaching you need the players…..Even the great coaches need the players…..Would Trotz have us closer to a playoff position? Perhaps, but as mentioned earlier, our D is about 3/6 short of competency. We also have 3 youngsters in there as well……

    May I also add the Ruffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff factor…Yikes!!!

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