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Exploring possible trade destinations for Alex Georgiev

Teams need goalies, but the market is tough to predict

During Saturday night’s loss to St. Louis, Elliotte Friedman mentioned that the Rangers are now listening to offers for goalie Alex Georgiev. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as Henrik Lundqvist is going to retire a Ranger (probably) and Igor Shesterkin is looking to be the heir apparent. That just doesn’t leave room for Georgiev, and the Rangers are doing the right thing by maximizing value of their asset.

Georgiev is going to have a healthy NHL career. He’s only 23 years old and has solidified himself as an NHL starter. His numbers aren’t sexy, but he’s also on a pretty bad Rangers team. GMs looking for a young, potential long-term solution in net are going to be calling the Rangers. The question is going to be cost, as the Rangers are reportedly looking for a young NHL ready forward. There aren’t many teams that can front that cost. But there are some that can.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Georgiev to the Leafs joke has been going around for a while, but with Frederik Andersen’s recent struggles and the Leafs Stanley Cup aspirations, the Leafs could view Georgiev as a long term solution. After all, Andersen is 30 years old and the Leafs will need someone cost controlled at least through the end of that contract.

As for the return, Jeremy Bracco’s name has been mentioned a lot. There hasn’t been anyone like Friedman mentioning his name, it’s more the rumor mill and putting the logical pieces together. Bracco, 22, is a former second round pick and a Long Island native. The RW is in the last year of his ELC playing with the Toronto Marlies. He’s certainly more of a playmaker, with a line of 3-25-28 in 36 games this season. Last year he put up 22-57-79 in 75 games. He’s on the cusp and the Leafs are crowded in their top-nine.

The Leafs also have picks in all rounds except the first and fifth this year, with multiple picks in rounds 4, 6, and 7 if they need to add. But would the Rangers want to see him in the conference for the next decade?

San Jose Sharks

This season may be lost for the Sharks, but that roster is still loaded and they could look at their goaltending woes as the reason why they are awful this year. Martin Jones has been downright bad, but the Sharks are committed to him for another four years at $5.75 million. With an aging core and a lot of big contracts, a goalie could be viewed as the missing piece for one last kick at the can. Plus the move can be sold as a move with an eye on the future.

As for the return, the Sharks have a bare system. Alex Chmelevski is one of their better prospects, with back-to-back 75 point seasons int he OHL before jumping to the AHL this year. The 20 year old center has a line of 6-8-14 with the San Jose Barracuda. Jonathan Dahlen, their 2nd rounder from 2016, is a name that’s been mentioned on social media as well. He’s currently on loan in Sweden (Timra IK – Allsvenskan) and is tearing up Sweden’s second tier league.

Whether or not Chmelevski or Dahlen are what the Rangers view as close to NHL ready remains to be seen.

Calgary Flames

The Flames are a wild card here because outside of Cam Talbot, who at 32 is far from a long-term solution in net. Calgary has a pretty young roster, and while goaltending hasn’t been an issue yet, the tandem of Talbot and David Rittich likely isn’t going to be with this core long-term. They have Dustin Wolf, but he’s years away and goalies are very difficult to project.

Calgary is pretty barren in their farm system as well, with very few legitimate prospects that are close to the NHL. Maybe Adam Ruzicka? He’s skilled but wildly inconsistent. Calgary is a true wild card here, but I don’t think they have the pieces to get it done – unless Dillon Dube is in play.

Edmonton Oilers

One last wild card – and that’s the Oilers. Edmonton oddly committed to Mikko Koskinen long(ish)-term this offseason with a three year deal at a $4.5 million cap hit. He’s not sporting sexy numbers, and goals against is a big problem for the Oilers. The problem is that the new regime in Edmonton is hard to read, and it’s no longer an easy win with Peter Chiarelli at the helm.

In terms of NHL ready forwards, Kailer Yamamoto is the name everyone will gravitate towards. The C/RW has 32 games in the NHL, but has really clicked this year through six games (2-3-5). The 21-year-old certainly fits the mold of what the Rangers are looking for. Is Georgiev enough to pry him from Edmonton?

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  • Kapanen or Johansson would look good in a Rangers uniform. We could take on a little cap space. The leafs need a D man too. Skjei and Georgiev plus for Nylander works also. May sound crazy but can the Leafs afford their top 4 forwards and still compete? Regarding Edmonton Puljujarvi jumps to mind. Colorado could use a goalie and they are loaded with prospects. The Devils were supposedly interested….then Sheri gets fired.

    Let’s hope for a great return

    • Nylander is Not a superstar yet but he will be, that’s why he got the payday. They’re not trading him… especially for a package with Skeij. If you throw in an unprotected first round pick along with Giorgiev it still won’t do it. Adding K’Andre or Nils MIGHT make them think about it and that’s ONLY because they are in cap hell.

      • Tavares, Matthews, Marner, Nylander and Reilly account for $45,489,366. That’s 55% of their cap on 5 players. Long term and short term that is not sustainable. The cap needs to go to $91 mill to reduce that number to 50% of the cap. We think we are in cap hell. This is cap hell. Of course they would only trade Nylander because they had to.

        They need to move at least one of those forwards and turn that into Defensive depth.(which they severely lack) I don’t see them moving Matthews or Tavares. I have a hard time seeing them moving Marner. That leaves Nylander. It also makes no sense for them move Reilly as he is their best D man and he’s on a good contract. After this season, Muzzin, Ceci and Barrie are UFA’s. They have 2 other D men under contract; Holl and Marincin. (besides Reilly) Sandin could be ready and/or Liljegren. Considering their cap space and needs, does it make sense to look to move Kapanen or Johansson? Both combined = Nylander’s cap hit. At some point a team needs depth. They also have a long list of RFA’s to sign next year. Engvall. Marchment, Timashov, Dermott and Gauthier. and as it is they have just under $14mill in projected cap space, using $81.5 mill as the cap number. Did I mention they need a cheap back up goalie also?

        If you moved Nylander for a package of Skjei and Georgiev and something else. (not a first or Miller or Lundqvist; maybe Hajek maybe Dallas’ 3rd)The Leafs could promote Bracco. If he’s so NHL ready. and Bracco, Skjei and Georgiev combined would equal the cap hit of Nylander.(the combined cap hit will be higher next year with a new deal for Georgiev and Bracco, but their RFA’s so not huge raises. ) They still have Kapanen and Johansson for depth. Maybe they get a better package elsewhere. But their goal tending sucks pretty bad. And I am not sure who else is on their sights. Furthermore If things break right for them they won’t have to play Boston in the first round, which may encourage them to move sooner rather than later. So it’s up to Toronto to figure out their situation. But there lack of D and poor goal tending versus our need for forwards we make a good match. They essentially traded Marleau for a first(top 10 protected) in this year to clear out his cap hit. They have big cap issues and not much relief. I wouldn’t rule anything out.

        • I’m mostly in agreement with your comment except they’re not giving, yes giving, Nylander to us for Skeij, Georgie and Hajek (or some facsimile). Nylander is on the brink of stardom and the rest of the league knows it. They could move Nylander for a much better package than that if they were merely looking for cap relief.

          Skeij doesn’t really help their cap problems and he sucks to boot. I still hold strong that they wouldn’t trade him for Georgie, Miller or Nils and a first round pick. I would offer that in a heartbeat. This kid, IMO, is a perennial 40 goal scorer and they don’t come around too often.

          • I think under a different defensive coach, Skjei could return to what we thought was a good player a few years back. I find it hard to believe a guy Trouba is also struggling under Ruff, and no one in the front office hasn’t seen it yet?????????

    • You dont have cap space, that’s the problem.

      The Rangers are in love with Strome and still have Staal/Smith on the books. That’s partly why they’ll trade Georgiev over Shesty (partly).

      To the author: Georgiev turns 24 in a matter of weeks. Shesty is 1 month older than Georgiev. But because of when they signed their contracts, Shesty is the better value.

  • Georgie for Yamamoto would be a terrible trade, Yamamoto is really undersized (5’8”, 155 lbs) and would get killed in the eastern conference. Yamamoto is super skilled but that lack of size is a huge red flag. This guy is no Zuccarello, he’s much more slightly built than Zucc.

    Gorton has to get a serviceable player here, not a reach at a high-risk player. Georgiev will be in the NHL for a number of years, he’s only 23 and likely will improve even further.

      • Zucc plays at 180 lbs, not 155, and is feisty and physical despite his stature. From what I’ve seen of Yamamoto he’s not nearly as feisty…..and he’s at least 35-45 lbs lighter than an average NHL player.

          • Agreed, but I think Yamamoto is a bit of a reach, as I initially said. Would like to see more of a sure thing coming back for Georgie, especially if Lias is being packaged as well.

          • Or to put it better: I think any team’s season would be instantly positively impacted by the acquisition of Georgiev. As such I’d like to see a young but somewhat established pro coming back our way, regardless of where Georgiev ends up.

  • Could we include Hajek in a future Georgie deal? It’s clear he is not an NHL defenseman but maybe som other team is willing to take a risk due to his age

  • Both Toronto, and or Edmonton would work. Andy above made an interesting proposal, and Nylander would give us some major help at the forward position.
    The Oilers can use Alex, and in return we get a draft pick, along with Puljujarvi, who could fit in right away next season, and also provide a buddy for Kakko.
    The Sharks are all but out of the PO picture, and probably won’t want to give up too much , while Calgary has Talbot, but do they have anything that may be of interest, young prospect almost NHL ready, or any good picks??????? All the questions will be answered by the 24th of next month!!!!!!!!

  • “Neal Pionk’s brief career with the New York Rangers lasted just 101 games, all of which came under the tutelage of Assistant Coach Lindy Ruff, who was responsible for the defensive corps. During Pionk’s tenure with the Rangers, he tallied 40 points and posted a minus 17 rating, finishing the 2018 – 2019 season with a minus 16 rating and a Corsi of 41.6 percent.”

    The above quote came from an article this morning by Brendan Azoff, on Blue Line Station, here stating the obvious that many on our site have stated before. It’s a good read, and a short article. This issue has got to be addressed immediately, if not sooner!!!!!!!!!

  • If EDM is really interested, then I say you pair Georgiev and Lias together and go back for Puljujarvi plus something else.

    But overall, they need roster players who have a heaviness to their game. I, for one, will be disappointed with picks if they go that route. 1st rounders, sure. But I don’t think Georgiev and/or Lias are going to fetch first rounders. This roster needs some bite to it. There’s a noticeable difference when Lemieux is out of the lineup, and we still have Smith and Haley in our bottom-six right now. So, since Georgiev and Lias probably won’t get us a high pick, I’d rather them be moved to pick up bottoms 6 players with upside who are at least difficult to play against.

    The toughness and defensive structure are the two biggest things to fix in my opinion right now…

  • Off topic, but couldn’t resist: how ‘bout those NJ Devils? Their franchise is flaming wreckage at the moment, and that’s very cool.

  • I am not optimistic here. We don’t know how Georgiev will stack up against Talbot career-wise, but I think Georgiev has a less impressive resume than Talbot did in 2015. All the Rangers got then was a low 2nd and a 3rd (and a 7th round upgrade). They combined the 2nd and 3rd to get a mid-level 2nd and drafted Ryan Gropp (ouch). On top of that, the Talbot trade was made at the draft, which I suspect is a better time to trade a young tender, and the Rangers were not under pressure to trade him – unlike the three goalie situation at present.

    I personally wanted to hold off on trading Georgiev until I felt confident we knew who the better goalie going forward was. I am comfortable now because I think it is clearly Shesty. Unfortunately, that same observation can be made by other GMs and how much do you really want to pay for someone who is likely to be league average starting tender?

  • Georgi, Krieder, Fast, Skjei all should be considered parts of a possible package. We need a young scoring forward and could afford to lose a defenseman. Our CAP issues may pose a problem with Tony D and Strome resigning as well.

  • I think it is premature to ship out Georgie based on only 2 games from Igor.
    I certainly hope they play Igor another 7-8 games before selling out Georgie.
    Georgie is a very talented kid.

      • Do you pay attention to the rest of the NHL? Trading players because of the salary cap happens all the time. Better players are traded for less hockey talent frequently as well, simply to clear cap space. This isn’t a new development, it’s gone on for years. If it didn’t happen like this, McDonagh and Hayes would still be Rangers.

        • So you don’t see any difference between Trading accomplished veteran about to cash in on their top free agent contract, and young players who are still improving and haven’t established their full value yet?

    • WWPD—No, drafting goalies all the time is an organizational failure. Trading an expendable asset at a time when other teams need that asset is good business.

      • I think you will be disappointed in the return we get for this guy who maybe will be but hasn’t proven that he is yet an NHL starter. We may think he will be, but until he does it for a whole season, you don’t get the same value. The failure is not having the wherewithal to prove out both prospects as NHL starters and choosing which to trade and which to keep once you have a more reasonable basis to evaluate that. Forced to trade young improving cost controlled players because of roster and cap mismanagement is a failure.

    • Trading Georgiev is only possible because of organizational success. Shesterkin was drafted in 2014 (4th round), Georgiev was signed in 2017 (undrafted free agent) to replace Raanta. Who in their right mind would have bet that they’d BOTH turn out to be as good as they are? Now we have a surplus of goaltenders (don’t forget Huska and Wall are in the system, too), and you’re saying that it’s a failure if we end up trading one of them?

  • We are not trading away Georgi because we WANT to, we are because of 2 reasons
    Shesty will go back to Russia if he stays down in the AHL any longer, something the NYR do not want
    Hank has another year on his contract at +$8M

    Our hand is being forced here.

  • Can we get a Georgiev to Ottawa for prospect Shane Pinto thread going. Would be a perfect fit for both teams.

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