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NY Rangers Goal Breakdown: Blues knock Rangers down to size

The St. Louis Blues are a good hockey team, and they showcased it last night. The Blues dominated the Rangers from the start and rode it to a 5-2 win. The game itself would have been a great confidence booster for the Rangers had they skated with the Blues, the way they did with the Avs, but alas it was not to be.

This is not a game where you blame a specific aspect of the game. The Rangers played well in the first, but they were outclassed by a far superior team. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just shows us how far the Rangers need to go before they are true contenders.

Rangers 1, Blues 0

Filip Chytil with one that should have been stopped.

Blues 1, Rangers 1

Gotta cover the guy out of the box. Robert Bortuzzo makes them pay.

Blues 2, Rangers 1

Five Rangers on one side of the ice – that leaves Vince Dunn open like this, uncontested.

Blues 3, Rangers 1

A powerplay goal from the Ovechkin spot. Not much else here.

Blues 3, Rangers 2

This is an easy one to break down since it slaps you in the face. Both Blues defenders went low to challenge Chyil and left Brett Howden wide open.

Blues 4, Rangers 2

Sigh. I don’t think you need me to break this down.

Blues 5, Rangers 2

Jaden Schwartz got the inside track on Mika Zibanejad and the deflection was well placed.

Shot Heatmap

There’s not much here that should surprise anyone. St. Louis is really good. Just run with it and on to the next.

Skater Results

Another one of those where you expect them to look bad and they did. It is what it is. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m not looking at this with a lot of concern. Let’s focus on those not in the “bad” sections here.

Next up is three of four against the Islanders. The Isles are good, sorry to say, but I will be equally upset about losses to them as you are. Let’s hope they continue good process.

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  • From the previous thread, my post:

    Before anyone says anything stupid about Hank, look at the shot chart for the game. Not that real facts make any difference.

    Hajek-DeAngelo was a hot mess. Strome is a hot mess when Panarin is not doing the hard work for him.

    The good: Lindgren-Fox were the best players on the ice this game. Chytil, who totally carried “the kid line” was great as well.

    Just awful: Not coming close to scoring a goal on the 4 minute PP, and then giving up the goal right after, you could have turned off the game right there. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, puck lost, and cleared down the ice.

    And the Blues are without their best player (Tarasenko).

    This is what an NHL team with structure looks like. DQ and his band of clowns should watch it over and over again.

  • Fell bad for Hank, but in my opinion, he should request a trade because he is not going to get the full brunt of the workload anymore.

  • These types of games are going to happen against good teams. I know, I get it, don’t tell me, let me guess. The coach is a fool, the team is totally disorganized and a joke. Fire the coach! Next!

    Regards- orange

    • IMO our D stinks as a unit and not even close to being a playoff type defense. We have three babies…..that are still learning…..we have Staal..enough said…..we have the fill-in Smith, who leadership is trying to showcase as a veteran versatile player, who stinks IMO, and Brady, who I still cannot figure out….Tony D will probably leave as he will not stay for a discount…So how can anybody say, looking at this current defensive crop, can say we are a playoff team?…I’m sorry Richter, but this is just not a playoff team yet…..just my opinion friends.

      Forgot to add that Ruff doesn’t help the cause, but our D is mediocre at best at the moment.

  • Then there was, or was not, the future captain Chris Kreider, the guy always ready to put the team on his back and provide the necessary lift, rewarded with less than 14 minutes TOI for another outstanding game.

  • i have my concerns about whether JD is really running this team………I won’t even mention the name that haunts me behind the scenes and it isn’t James Dolan.

    • As for Hank, if I was him, I’d ask for a trade….Hank would always be a Ranger, but he will be toiling with this org. until he retires…..Igor will be taking over the regins next season and I just can’t picture Hank as the backup goalie..sounds too fkn strange to see Hank riding pine for 70% of next years games…

  • And what of Kreider? What will happen? Anyone here JD recently state that the most importantly, the foundation and future of this team outweighs current state? That’s why I deciphered anyway….Sounds like nhl playoffs are not a priority to leadership this season, but for Hartford it seems to be a priority as I am getting tired of hearing how great Hartford is playing…..Which isn’t a bad proposition, just starting to get frustrated with JD booster phrases….

  • Another example of why the Rangers need to sell at the deadline. They just aren’t there yet. Kreider, Strome and Fast should be moved. Ideally they can get young high upside forward prospect(s) in lieu of picks.

  • Strome needs to go, Chytil is showing he’s ready to take the 2C role. Kaapo and Filip will be a year older and wiser next season and should do well in the top 6. This cap-hell this team is in is discouraging and exasperating, Kreider needs to go also, Kravtsov has to be groomed on the third line next season. The only problem is the forward depth on this team is awful. Morgan Barron needs a chance to show what he’s got.

    • Speaking of Barron, I’m reading he’s a marginal prospect. Really? He’s a player with size and is not afraid to use it, skates and shoots well, can play center or wing and is excelling at a ranked D-1 University. Tell Fox you can’t move from college to the NHL. Quinn might actually like this kid.

    • Morgan Barron is a beast. He will be very good for the rangers. Big guy and is north south type of player. Straight to the net and does not care who is in the way

  • this just hammers home how much perspective is everything when comparing players, especially prospects. chytil – 16 points. kakko – 16 points. one is a 20 yo amazing phenom and the other an 18 yo bust (according to the interwebs).

    • The crowd just goes with whoever’s making the most noise, regardless of what’s actually happening, and will change direction as soon as the next bright, shiny, thing comes along.

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