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NY Rangers Goal Breakdown: Tony DeAngelo leads Rangers past Devils with hat trick, five points

Igor Shesterkin also stops 46 of 49 in win

Tony DeAngelo notched a hat trick and added two assists, while Igor Shesterkin stopped 46 of 49 Devils’ shots as the Rangers topped the Devils 6-3. DeAngelo was involved in the first five Rangers goals, giving them a two-goal lead heading into the third. At that point, it was the Shesterkin show, where he made 18 saves to preserve the lead.

This was another very strong defensive effort by the Rangers. They came out hot in the first, really controlling play and getting a good amount of chances. The Devils didn’t sleepwalk the whole game, and certainly poured on the shot attempts, but most were low or medium risk, as the Rangers really controlled the quality through two. Then it was a little bit of a turtle show in the third. Still a solid win for the Blueshirts.

Rangers 1, Devils 0

So the Devils just aren’t going to look for Artemi Panarin?

Devils 1, Rangers 1

Tony DeAngelo turned his back on Kevin Rooney here, which leaves him slow to react to the rebound.

Rangers 2, Devils 1

Two goals from the same spot. The Devils are not remembering to cover the guy cheating down from the point.

Rangers 3, Devils 1

This is a set play by Tony DeAngelo and Chris Kreider. It takes a lot of skill to place that slap pass from his own zone to the corner perfectly for Kreider to get the jump.

Rangers 3, Devils 2

Cross checking in front of the net is legal, I guess? That’s a clear penalty on Blake Coleman, knocking down Adam Fox, that goes uncalled.

Rangers 3, Devils 3

For the life of me, I have no idea why this is a goal.

Rangers 4, Devils 3

Tony DeAngelo is having himself a game. Brett Howden with the screen.

Rangers 5, Devils 3

There’s the hat trick, this time with a Kreider screen.

Rangers 6, Devils 3

DeAngelo cleared the zone, but didn’t get the assist here. Good 2-on-1 by Ryan Strome and Jesper Fast.

Shot Heatmap

The Rangers did allow more shot attempts to the Devils, but they had a large expected-goals advantage. This shows us that they kept the shots to the outside for the most part, which we see in the heatmap. A good defensive effort.

Skater Results

A lot of fun and a lot of good. Also I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Fox in the “bad” category all year.

That’s two games and two wins for the heir-apparent. I was surprised to see him start again last night, but he’s looked solid thus far. Nothing spectacular, but he’s stopping what he should and some that he shouldn’t. The Rangers have the Blues on Saturday before playing three of the following four against the Islanders.

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    • Yea it’s a real dilemma. They have such a log jam at RD with Trouba, Fox, Deangelo with Lundkvist and Keane in the pipeline.
      Deangelo is really establishing himself as a premier offensive defenseman in this league and I just don’t know how they can keep him long term. Best they can do right now is bridge him while Fox is playing on his ELC. That at least buys them some time to evaluate further.

      • Or move him to the wing, as was suggested earlier, and play the point on the PP!!!!!!!
        He can be a much better version of Smith if there really is a replacement for his spot on defense…….

  • Very happy for DeAngelo, but holy crap was Blackwood bad.

    And while it was a win, giving up almost 50 SOG to a pathetically bad offensive team like the Devs is (and without Jack Hughes no less), well, offensive. JD, you awake?

    That being said, Panarin is so effing great. I mean, just wow. So are Zib, Fox, and DeAngelo.

    I feel bad for Georgie, but maybe they trade him and he gets to play regularly. I hope so.

    • Don’t understand why you want to trade Georgie. We can carry 3 goalies and stay under the cap.

      You need old man Lundquist and his spray on tan to go away.

      • Hank is not going anywhere, he will be here until the end of next season. He’s said it a million times.

        So someone has to go and it’s not Shesty.

        • It is only up to Hank if the Rangers leave it up to him.

          Hank can be told to retire. The Rangers can carry three goaltenders and dress Shesty and Georgiev for every game, leaving Hank as mascot. They can tell Hank that this is the plan and suggest he retire to save face. He may retire or he may assume they are bluffing and stick it out — or hope that one of the goalies flounder and he gets back in, but there are actually options.

          Do Quinn and Gorton have the courage to do this? Doubtful.
          Are they smart enough to know that this is what is best for the rebuild? Also doubtful/

          And in the end, ticket-buying fans like yourself feel it is more important to pay homage to this legend than to give everything to the rebuild.

          • He’s not leaving $8.5 million on the table. Would you? And while I believe he is a hinderance to the rebuild it is what it is … and if he didn’t have that NMC he would have been gone shortly after the “letter” just like Leetch and Messier and Ratelle and Giacomin and Graves and on & on & on …

          • Raymond:

            Hank is staying for his whole contract and he is still playing at a high level, all his metrics show that.

            He loves being a Ranger and he loves being in NYC.

            It is a priority to him to be drafted and retired as a Ranger.

            He’s been asked no less than 3 times if he wanted to go elsewhere and the following answers were given: NO, NO, and finally NO.

            As for my personal feelings, he is still playing at a high level so no reason to get rid of him. I loved Eli Manning too, but I also thought that it was time for him to go.

            I pay homage, but also want results. Hank gives me both.

          • To Frank first,

            JFTR, it’s not $8.5M, it’s $5.5M. Te first number is his average salary over the course of the contract. As for the question, would I leave the money on the table. I think so, in his place. Five million dollars means a lot less to him than to you or I, because he has way more money than he needs for the rest of his life and I don’t know that he has some great cause that he needs money to donate to. So the money should be a consideration, not a driving force. Of greater concern, in my opinion, are his legacy and his enjoyment of life. Will another year tarnish his image or enhance it? Will changing teams to make a run at the Cup be a positive or a negative? Does he still really want to play hockey or move on to the next chapter? I don’t know how HE answers the questions but the answers should trump a few million dollars to an already very rich man.

            To Richter,

            Metrics are a fiction. Goaltending is about winning, GAA, and save percentage.

  • Shesty’s the real deal. I think he gets one maybe two more starts and goes back to Hartford. The Rangers then hit the phones to get the best deal for Georgiev. Shesty’s rockin a .925 save percentage and keeping cool with 80 sog after 2 games.

  • I think you gotta keep Tony D. Too much upside. He’s comfortable on the left side. Gonna trade Kreider and Fast for sure. If we can move Skjei’s contract too we should be able to lock up D’Angelo.

    • The answer could very well be play him on the left side. If that works he can still be a top 4 D and justify the money he will be making. Maybe a future top 4 of Trouba/DeAngelo and Fox/Miller?
      On a side note, they HAVE to find a taker for Skjei if they sign DeAngelo long term. He will be battling for scraps under the top 4 and will not justify the cap hit (not that he’s justifying it right now).

  • 1. Signing ADA for at least next 4-5 years is essential, why? Because Keane and Lundquist Jr are not necessarily ready in next 2-3 years

    2. Look at the graphs of advanced stats… Find Strome, good in Goals and bad in possession…. With 🍞 Man… Now we’ll have 16 maybe 18 mil

    3. 6-7 mill ADA… Now who is your choice… Strome or Kreids… My pick Kreids

  • Sign Tony D long term (which is what I said repeatedly last summer), decisions about the D can always be made later. Guys like Keane and Lundkvist can spend some time down on the farm …. but for starters they have to get rid of Staal in one way or another.

    • Marc Staal is a good hockey player. PERIOD. He is most certainly among the six best Ranger defensemen. It is hard to compare players who face different quality opposition but certainly, without trying to correct, and head and shoulders above Skjei and Trouba. He has been on the ice for 13 even strength goals against, basically 2 per 60 minutes. And Staal is doing very well on his offside on the PK playing with Lindgren.

      It seems unrealistic to think that Hajek is going to be better than Staal before Staal hangs up his skates. Keane is an All-Star in hartford, then again so was Gilmour. Keane is now a net minus player on a good team. Maybe he is the real deal but we don’t know that. We know little of Rykov to date. There are scenarios where Marc is in the way next year, but there are many scenarios where he is a useful player.

      Staal’s salary next year is $4.2M and in any buyout scenario, this is the operative number, not his actual cap hit. Buying him out save $2.8M next year (really $2M after you factor in a replacement player) and costs you $1.4M in 2021-2022 — basically not a good way to free up cap space.

      As for signing DeAngelo long term and putting decisions off to down the road, signing a long term contract is a big decision. Right now, it looks like they could easily sign and trade, but who knows.

      Personal opinion: There is a certain redundancy to DeAngelo and Fox and DeAngelo is likely more valuable to some other teams than he is to the Rangers. Which means high trade value. Unless one truly believes he is HOF quality or at least close, the Rangers should be OPEN to a trade. Do I actually trade him? Depends on what other teams are willing to give up.

      There is a basic silliness among certain fans that you trade your bad players and keep your good players, i.e., assume other general managers are idiots. No, you trade your overvalued players (some of whom are quite good) and keep your undervalued players (some of whom are not much above replacement level).

      In this day where offense is stressed among defensemen and stat aficionados do not undertand that PDO is a skill,, there is a tendency to overvalue players like Karlsson and DeAngelo and undervalue players like Lindgren and Staal.

      • Should the Rangers be open about a trade involving DeAngelo? Of course and if they get comparable value in the form of a good young winger and a pick they should consider it. Should they consider signing him long term? Of course. This is a break-out season for ADA, continuing what began the last few months of last season, but better. As he put it, he had some talks with Quinn early in the season and Quinn has ‘let him loose’ the last two months, and it shows. Yes, DeAngelo will never be a shut down guy. Yes, there are moments when he brain cramps, but he has improved his D-zone work and has been unleashed offensively. My prejudice is toward keeping highly skilled players if possible because they are not easy to come by.

        • BTW presently DeAngelo has 36 points and Karlsson 33, but Karlsson costs north of 11 million and DeAngelo makes less than I million!

      • Sorry Ray but I’m going to have to agree with Rocky… Staal sucks. And to say that he’s only been on the ice for 13 goals against at even strength is meaningless especially on this $hitty shot-share team with goalies that are standing on their heads. That 2goals per 60 is luck more than anything else.

        Staal’s CF% REL is crappy and this team isn’t known for its possession strengths. Staal is big but doesn’t engage anymore. The only thing he has left is his experience as an NHL defenseman which helps him (slightly) in gap control and angles. But allow me to reiterate Staal sucks!

        • Games are decided by goals and not by shot share. Do you disagree with that? It doesn’t actually matter, when assessing the past, whether Staal’s 2 goals per 60 against was skill or luck. Either way, he has been an effective defensive player for the Rangers this year. The luck or skill question is only relevant if you are trying to predict the future. [It is true BTW, that Staal has been on the ice for relatively few GF as well, only 15 at ES.]

          Unfortunately, the contrast between +/- and CF% is not being debated properly. +/- (which ideally should be corrected for empty net goals) is important because it is what decides games, but is susceptible to strong sample size error because there are relatively few goals. CF% is a much more accurate statistic because of sample size, but it more accurately measures something that does not actually matter, shots.

          I have done a number of small studies. I looked at the number of goals scored by each team in a recent season as well as the number of shots. Of course, the number of goals is shots times shooting percentage. I determined that roughly 70% of the difference between teams was based on shooting percentage and 30% on number of shots. My guess, though I did not analyze, was that the importance of shooting percentage would been even higher on defense because of the goalie effect. The other studies at various times concluded that there was almost no correlation between CF% and position in the standings. One year I think the worst team in the league at the end of the season had better Corsi numbers than the best team.

          The underlying point is that goal scoring is a function of Corsi and PDO. PDO is much harder to measure, but is also more important. Obviously people in the Ranger organization think Marc’s PDO success is skill and not luck.

          Finally, the fact that the Ranger goalies are standing on their heads really fits the narrative nicely, but is it really true. All NHL goalies are great – that’s just reality. They all make unbelievable saves. My sister, a Sharks fan, loves Martin Jones and Aaron Dell – thinks they are excellent. The relative success (or lack of) of Talbot and Raanta after they left suggest that Ranger goalies are simply not as good as we think they are. Yes, Henrik Lundqvist performed at a Hall of Fame level 2005-2013 but that does not make him a priori a great goalie today. And we have seen far too many goals given up by both Hank and Georgi this season that they would like back.

          But even if they are great, why are the tenders saving Staal and not Trouba or Skjei?

          • Ok as you stated…. In Charting Hockey Staal’s xGA is okay, whether it’s luck or not, but his xGF (as you alluded to) is not okay. This metric, that you seemingly like, cancels out Staal’s “good”. In fact according to Sean Tierny Staal’s play is just bad in this area. But most of all Staal’s cap hit doesn’t come close to justifying his presence on the team.

          • I am not a fan of xGA or anything with an x in it. I like plain old GA because it accurately assesses a player’s contribution. xGA attempts to make the stat less luck-dependent and therefore more predictive.

            The discussion here is not whether Staal is a star, but rather whether he is bad. At even strength, he has been on the ice for 15 GF and 13 GA — both of those numbers are low. He missed some time and if one prorates and gives him the same ice time as DeAngelo, the numbers are 25 and 22. In contrast, DeAngelo has 41 GF and 32 GA. At even strength, DeAngelo appears to have been more valuable (I say appears because stats should be interpreted considering usage), but Staal has been not bad. Staal will neither get the Rangers in the playoffs nor keep them out.

            Of course he is not worth $5.7M per year, but he is an NHLer.

        • If you can believe it, Staal is having his worst year yet.

          But the Rangers keep trotting him out there every game.

          • This is idiotic. Staal may be having his best year in the last four. There was certainly a year two three season ago when he really struggled. He has been on the ice for thirteen ES goals against. On the PK, he gives up a goal every 11.7 minutes, I believe best on the Rangers. And you have some half-baked statistics that say he is terrible. Defense is about keeping the puck to of the net.

            If Lundqvist were as good at this stage of his career as Staal is, the Rangers would be in the playoff hunt.

          • If Staal is so good, why did Quinn scratch him? If not for Hajek’s knee injury, Staal’s still in the pressbox.

            Love how you hate good players like Hank in favor of washed-up players like Staal.

          • Queue,

            In retrospect, Staal appears to have played the first part of the season hurt. After being deservedly benched, he got surgery I believe and when he was reinserted, he was much better, both by analytics and traditional stats. On the PK, I believe he was a weakness while now he is truly stellar.

            Concerning Staal, Quinn and I are largely on the same page.

          • Raymond: “This is idiotic. Staal may be having his best year in the last four.”

            This is the 2019-20 season, right? Quite honestly, I don’t know what you’re watching.

    • And that won’t take much either. From what I understand he is being fitted for new skates, with double blades to keep him upright, before they put him in a wheel chair, for the PK!!!!!!!! The man has been immobile for years, that’s why I started calling him a pylon, and with players passing him by, he looks like a turnstile. The guy is so washed up, it’s pathetic!!!!!!!!

  • With all due respect, I don’t need analytics to see with my very own eyes that Staal should be off the ice…The dude has been a great Ranger and a shame that he sustained a terrible injury to his eye, but he has to go…..

  • Seriously though, as for Hank, I agree with Richter…..Hank will not be going anywhere and will retire a Ranger…..Hank has said a million times that the org. has treated him like a KING….Would I like to see him retire? Sure…I am greedy and could use the money for other players, but without Hank….how many playoff years would we have missed? wow…..At times during his glory years and there were many, the team looked like they would sit back, eat donuts and let Hank win the game by himself…..What a fkn shame that he has no stanleyC…..damn shame.

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