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Tony DeAngelo nets hatty, five point night in win over Devils

First defenseman hat trick and five point night in as long as I can remember

Tony DeAngelo had himself a night to remember. The defenseman scored a hat trick and added two assists as the Rangers topped the Devils. DeAngelo had a goal and two assists in the first and then a pair of goals in the second to complete the hat trick and five point night. After that, the Rangers held the Devils to the outside for the most part in the third, adding one insurance tally to put the game away.

  • The Devils just kind of forgot that Artemi Panarin existed, and I find that to be hilarious since he was at the top of the circle when Tony DeAngelo fed him for that goal.
  • Tony giveth, Tony taketh. He turned his back to Kevin Rooney on that goal. Bad icing beforehand by Ryan Strome led to the defensive zone faceoff on the powerplay.
  • And then Tony gives it right back. Another goal that the Devils forgot about players creeping in from the point. I will have a lot of fun this game if the Devils continually do this.
  • Now a set play by DeAngelo with a slap pass from his own zone (!) off the corner (!!) to Chris Kreider who tucked it under Mackenzie Blackwood. That was pretty.
  • Remember when defensemen were able to do whatever they wanted in front of the net? I guess now forwards can. That was a clear crosscheck on Adam Fox by Blake Coleman. Woof.
  • Pavel Buchnevich might be the unluckiest player on the planet right now. Just can’t buy a goal.
  • Whenever Panarin passes and it goes by the Ranger on the screen, I immediately wonder who he is passing to, only to see another Ranger off screen skate into the puck. I don’t know how he does it.
  • Igor Shesterkin is calm and collected in net. He’s not jumpy, just smooth. He’s the future.
  • In what world is that a goal? Couldn’t even track the puck on the overhead camera.
  • Man DeAngelo is having himself a game.
  • That’s Brett Howden in front with the screen.
  • And there’s the hat trick.
  • The Rangers have been a little looser this third period. Feels like they are playing most of this period in their own zone.
  • There’s two big saves from Shesterkin to keep it a two goal game.
  • Strome sure can dish the puck, good finish by Jesper Fast and this one is over.
  • Honestly – just bet the over on every single Ranger game going forward.
  • Good lord Buchnevich really can’t buy a goal.
  • Oh, and 46 saves by Shesterkin, but yet you didn’t really feel like he was challenged much except for that two save flurry in the third.

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  • Re-post from last thread:

    A hat trick for Tony D, the kid is going to get a huge pay raise next season, A five point game for the defenseman, with two assists to go along with the hat trick. Good for you kid, prove all the naysayers that they were wrong!!!!!!!!!

    Jan 9, 2020 at 9:12 pm
    Right on Walt. Deangelo is proving to the critics that not only is he a talented young defenceman, but also that the Rangers were the clear winners in the Stepan trade.

    How true a statement that is!!!!!!!!!

    • ADA’s accuracy last night was amazing!!!! The placement on all 3 goals (corners , rising w/ pace) as well as the bank shot to Kreider off the end boards was all you could ask for.

    • DeAngelo ($950,000) has twice as many points as Stepan ($6.5 million) right now (7 goals, 10 assists). GREAT TRADE, Mr. Gorton!

      • “DeAngelo ($950,000)”

        What’s the over/under, in seconds, that this gets brought up by ADA’s agent, in negotiations with the Rangers? If the negotiations with the Rangers happen?

        • At the very least, Rangers have to offer a “bridge deal” to ADA…….it buys them 2 more years, right?

  • Tony doesn’t have a canon of a slapper like Trouba, but he has a pretty deadly wrist shot and used the screens well. He also made a helluva back-hand pass to Panarin from behind the goal. He has been working down low a lot recently when he gets the chance and makes deft passes there.
    You keep guys like this kid because, as I keep repeating, highly skilled players don’t grow on trees!

    • As you say, Tony(ADA) is highly skilled. With the supposed glut of defenseman coming the next couple of years, I would love to see ADA (Tony) play forward. He can skate, stick handle pass and shoot, knows something of playing defense, and is feisty. He could play on any line!!

      • Art

        Someone else made that same recommendation a few days back, and if we have a glut of good young d-men coming up, why not give this a shot. One has to think out of the box on occasion, and this experiment could work wonders for Tony, and the Rangers!!!!!!!! If Smith, who has 1/4th the talent can be used on the wing, why not ADA?????????????????? This, by the way is no attempt to put Smith down…..

          • Absolutely. Should be devastating especially if ADA could come close to Fast’s ability to retrieve pucks

            I’d also like to try him with Zib and Kreider. Buch can’t seem to buy a goal. Lets put him on the third line and push Howden down to the 4th or let Kakko sit occasionally and catch his breath.

        • Hi Walt, I’ve posted the idea several times the past month. This is the first time its getting any response.

          One thing the Rangers don’t have enough of is snipers and ADA seems to be very accurate with his wrister.

          There is no question he has matured and is starting to fulfill his potential. He can definitely play at this level; the question is how high is his ceiling? I think he could be a ppg player if Quinn cuts him loose to attack with minimal defensive responsibilities.

          We need to figure out how to keep him. He is only 24 and first coming into his prime. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I was initially thinking we should offer him a bridge deal (3m/yr for 2) but now I’m leaning to a longer term lockup. Its definitely riskier and in the grand scheme of things, he has only excelled for half a season but how often have we had an opportunity to get a player with this much proven ability at this stage of his career.

          Lets go Rangers!!!

          P.S. Rangers fan since 1965. Danny Howell (Harry’s son) was my best friend at the time

    • This former 1st round pick is a budding star and just reaching his prime…..he plays with grit and a “controlled edge” now. I completely agree with Walt…….DeAngelo is part of the “core” going forward!

      • ADA SHOULD be part of the core, but this is the Rangers, they keep their faves who have high cap hits, and are forced to trade away players that they should keep.

  • Anybody notice the Rangers gave up 49 shots last night to a lousy hockey team? Happy for Tony D, but man were the Rangers saved by the Tsar….

    • SSDD!!!!!!! The defense has to be corrected once and for all, and Ruff isn’t the guy for this job!!!!!!!!!

    • “Anybody notice the Rangers gave up 49 shots last night to a lousy hockey team?”

      I was at the game and I noticed it about halfway through the first, and after the first, when the Devs had 17 SOG.

  • That was quite a show. It’s hard to believe ADA could be traded. I understand the log jam in Defense. But this kid is on pace for over 60 this year and getting better by the day. Also look at his penalty minutes. Way down from the past few years. He’s evolving into a very special player. And he’s got great chemistry with this tram. He’s a keeper.

  • Does anybody else think that Kaapo looks kind of slow / maybe a little bit tired? There was one shift in particular that I noticed where he got beat by 2 Devils that didn’t really look like they were trying all that hard. Love the kid and understand that he’s 18, just something I’ve noticed over the course of the season.

    Also – that 3rd goal by the Devils was complete and utter horse-$h1t.

  • Did anyone notice Trouba pinching when we were at 5-3 ? Lead to a 2 on 1 with a great save .Not a wise move for a high tier defenseman. He’s usually good for 2 or 3 bonehead plays. That was one of em.


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