Game Wrap-ups

Georgiev steals one as Rangers outlast Blue Jackets

Georigev makes 45 saves in win

The New York Rangers outlasted the Columbus Blue Jackets last night on the back of Alex Georgiev’s 45 saves, surviving with a 3-2 win. The Rangers were thoroughly crushed for most of the game, with Columbus controlling the shot attempts and scoring chances, but it was Georgiev who stood tall as the Rangers’ skilled players got them their 3-2 win.

Artemi Panarin scored the eventual winner against his former team as the Rangers took advantage of a few mistakes by the Blue Jackets. Joonas Korpisalo allowed three goals on just 19 Rangers shots as the Blue Jackets inability to finish and stop pucks again cost them.

Blue Jackets 1, Rangers 0

This was some bad luck, as Brady Skjei’s stick broke, leading to the rush up the ice. Cam Atkinson’s shot hit off Jacob Trouba’s shin pad, changing directions on Georgiev. The shot was going low blocker and wound up beating Georgiev five-hole.

Rangers 1, Blue Jackets 1

The simple breakdown here is that Columbus wound up with three guys behind the net. Upon further review, Kaapo Kakko was able to get the puck to Mika Zibanejad because Nick Foligno’s stick hit the post as he was going for the loose puck, giving Kakko the space. Zibanejad made a Mats Zuccarello-esque pass to Brendan Lemieux in front for the goal.

Rangers 2, Blue Jackets 1

This time the Rangers got some luck, as Trouba’s shot hits off Seth Jones’ stick and by Korpisalo.

Rangers 3, Blue Jackets 1

That’s three Blue Jackets on one side of the ice and no one in front to cover Tony DeAngelo and Panarin.

Rangers 3, Blue Jackets 2

Seth Jones is good.

Shot Heatmap

This is basically what you expect to see when Columbus gets 63% of the shot share.

Skater Results

Well there’s Adam Fox and a positive shot share. I guess we should appreciate the fourth line too, since they were at least dull and not bad. But yeesh.

Take the points and run back home to face Montreal tomorrow. That’s all there really is to this one. The Rangers will perform as their goalies are able to bail them out.

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  • I don’t often talk about referees but the officiating last night really sucked on multiple levels … and I’m not sure the imbalance last night wasn’t in some small way influenced by that. I mean I can accept that officials can miss a call, but something funny is going on when the ref misses that egregious knee to Skjei’s chest while he’s down on the ice — I mean he was literally facing the play and 3-4 feet from it. Guess he must have blinked there for a few seconds.

    • That Skjei non-call was brutal. A slew-foot to take him down, followed by a crosscheck and knee to the chest. Worthy of a game misconduct, and the ref just let it go.

      • Yeah … I didn’t mention the original slew foot because I didn’t note where the ref was in relationship to it … but that knee was literally right in front of him. Then just to add insult to injury they call a penalty on Skjei because his stick barely touched Nyquist’s skate — to be honest I thought Nyquist lost his balance on his own.

        • Yes Tanto I thought the call on Brady was pretty questionable, but at least one can understand the Ref being fooled by the sequence of events. On the other hand, no calls being made while Skjei was being mugged was pretty atrocious.

          • Absolutely, the call on Brady was borderline and subject to interpretation (ahem) … it was just funny (not haha, more like grrrr) that he got called for a somewhat weak penalty right afterwards.

  • One of the worst officiated games that I have ever seen. And please Mr. Quinn, I am a supporter, but stop whining for Christ sakes!! You are starting to remind me of Tortorella….lol

    • Would love some Tortorella in Quinn … when Torts coached us we had a distinct identity, nobody wanted to play us.

  • I think the Rangers had the puck in their offensive zone only 4-5 minutes in the whole 3rd period. How you win this game is a testament to Georgi. He deserves to start the next game.

    The way Buch played Jones on the Canes second goal was atrocious. I am shocked he continued to see the ice.

  • If you listen to Pete Stemkowski on the radio he often subtlety indicts the Rangers’ defensive system. He repeated it last night between the first and second periods. He basically said the Rangers are non-aggressive in the neutral zone and don’t move up to engage the opponent and simply leave the door open for zone entry. He even mentioned Ruff in the analysis (hammering) of the system. Our goalies are going to be exhausted by the middle of January.

    Albert and Stemkowski are a good listen and Dave Maloney DOES NOT belong between the benches with Micheletti doing the color.

    • Agree Frank. Ranger defensive structure is very weak and it’s a trickle down effect…….I am getting tired of leadership praising Ruff….I do not want that guy within 13 states of K’ Andre!!

  • I truly don’t believe that the Rangers’ defensemen stink as much as the system they are asked to play. Giving up the blue line with holes like a wedge of Swiss Cheese just goes against most defensive systems with which I am familiar. It puts undue pressure on the defensemen and causes them to have to retreat to the hot spots and defend. I don’t like it at all.
    Be that as it may, Georgiev was special last night. Get over it Quinn, your goalie stole a game. Teams need that at times. Be happy with the win and a little more positive. Also, split the games between Hank and Georgiev for the rest of the season to keep the kid sharp and give Hank enough rest.
    The Breadman delivers. Tony D continues to do nice work down low, creeping in on the goalie. Trouba played well, dominating some of the Blue Jackets on some plays. Fox played well, and Brendan Lemieux keeps getting better. Watching the Rangers is fun again, even when they lose, but especially when they win.
    Lots of things to be happy about despite Georgiev needing to be a brick wall in the win.

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