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Vegas smack Rangers in sloppy loss

The Rangers came out sloppy and never looked back

The Rangers came into their game last night on a 4-0-1 run and were promptly smacked around by a better Vegas team. The Golden Knights didn’t even need to dominate much –although they did start off on a 13-2 shots run– as they just needed to take advantage of mistakes and simply execute.

The Blueshirts were quickly down 4-0 and then Vegas just shut it down, limiting everything to the outside. Vegas controlled quality (61.77-38.23 xGF%) while protecting that lead, ensuring the Rangers never stood a chance. There was no Montreal Miracle here.

Vegas 1, Rangers 0

Hank made a tough save here with the glove, but didn’t get all of it. Eventually in the scramble –and a nice play by Jesper Fast to tie up the stick on the rebound– Hank and Tony DeAngelo knocked it into the net.

Vegas 2, Rangers 0

I know it’s a powerplay, but that is some poor swivel-head there by Brett Howden. Yea, he had two guys, but as Steve Valliquette said in the broadcast, you have to get to the back post. He was in no-man’s land and Alex Tuch got his second in five minutes.

Vegas 3, Rangers 0

Not a good turnover by Howden, with the dangerous pass between the blue line and the top of the circle (danger zone for turnovers) with both Brady Skjei –whom Howden was targeting for the pass– and Jacob Trouba in the zone looking for offense. Reilly Smith took it to the house.

Couldn’t find a gif of this one, sorry.

Vegas 4, Rangers 0

This was a great pass by Cody Glass on the powerplay. Max Pacioretty was so low that you can’t really pin the coverage on anyone. That said, I think 28 year old Hank gets to this.

Vegas 4, Rangers 1

Brendan Lemieux cut to the net and found the seam between the defense. He had defenders around him but Trouba threaded the needle for the deflection.

Shot Heatmap

This is about what to expect from the Rangers, at least defensively. It’s not really a systems breakdown here. It’s just Vegas is good and swarms the middle of the ice. Offensively though, you usually expect the Rangers to get more quality chances. Fatigue maybe?

Skater Results

Don’t know why I haven’t included the CF% chart here, but here we are. From a CF% perspective, the Rangers were “fun” in the sense that both teams got a close to even (and high) amount of shot attempts. However Vegas got by far the better quality, hence why the xGF% chart has most of the Blueshirts firmly in “bad.” How about that Ryan Strome, though.

Vegas is a good team that just beat the confidence right out of the Rangers. This is what a fast, skilled team can do when you make mistakes. If there’s a positive here, it’s that while the Rangers certainly hemorrhaged shots, there were no real system breakdowns. It was some bad luck against, two bad mistakes, and just a tip your hat goal.

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    • I suspect DQ and management are trying to boost/promote/reward strome. otherwise they totally destroyed the units since mika returned. panarin is clearly not the same player from the right side and shouldn’t be deferring to imo our second best player right now.

      • Either Strome is being shopped or he (DQ) does not want to rustle too many feathers. Either way, now we have 2 lines and a PP that are not clicking.
        Panarin needs to go back to line 1, Kakko needs to go back to the PP1 unit and Krieder needs to take his head out of his ……

    • The PP is as good as I thought it was going to get this year. They’ll never be a top 5 PP or rank in the top 10 consistently month after month. It will go as far as Panarin wants to take them but that’s about it. He’s not exactly working with elite talent on a nightly basis. How many times does Kreider need to miss open net deflections? Luckily Quinn caught on to put better PP QB’s up top than Trouba. Fox and ADA still need to manage the flow and pace of the puck on the PP.

      • Interestingly, Kreider and Kevin Hayes have the same number of points thus far (though Kreider has played one less game.) But, Kreider has 4 PP points, and Hayes but 1. I guess AV should re-think Hayes on the power play?

  • This is what I expect for the entire year…….no sustainability will equal to a 500 team……….I did mention to some of my good friends that this rebuild into a contender was going to take 3-5 years from the time AV was let go….and I believe this is what we are looking at…..

    • 3-5 years…you are joking I hope. They signed Panarin, traded for Trouba n didn’t trade Kreider n play Haley, Smith n McKegg pretty regularly because this is a accelerated rebuild, as stated by management.

      • 3-5 yes…Next year is the 3rd year and I expect playoffs next year……There are way too many question marks still on this team this year…Signing Panarin and Trouba did not guarantee anything. The D is still an issue…Everything has to jell together and team chemistry is not there just yet..We need to make decisions on Kreider, Smith, Staal, Strome, Andersson……I do believe players will be moved at the deadline…..This team is playing exactly as I thought they would…In flurrys and spurts…….

  • Howden stinks. For reals. Really sick of watching his ineffective play on both sides of the puck. Not much at the dot either.

  • not one of their finer games that’s for sure. It’s still a rebuilding year and you get stinkers like this one. The special teams were brutal. Let’s see how they rebound on Thursday.

    On the PP we moved the puck well, and kept the zone well too, but they pass too much. One thing I didn’t like about the PP was Panarin on his off side. (Kakko should be there). Zib and Panarin should be on different PP units to play to their strengths.

  • And while we’re at it—why does Brendan Smith still have a job on this team? What exactly does he do?

  • “…beat the confidence out of the Rangers”…over react much?…lol…since the Rangers just beat the Devils 4-0 guess the Rangers beat the conference out of NJ, right? good grief. Subban was great in goal n we had a few D team lapses to start game off …it happens, accelerated rebuild still on track, just take a deep breath n relax.

  • Man LVGK didn’t even need to double team or face guard Panarin in order to contain him. All they made sure was to have sticks facing the right way while protecting the middle of the ice, especially in the entire slot area. Easy win and night for the LGK.

    I saw their thread last night and those fans certainly miss seeing Trouba with the Jets haha. This D core will need to wait until 2023-24 for fans wanting to see positive change. Skjei and Trouba will hopefully get replace not far after that time frame. Ryan Lindgren is going to get Michael Sauer in his own if he doesn’t keep his head up. I can see why Boston would want him but I also see why he was a throw during the Nash trade. He reminds me of a much less tougher version of Andrew Ference and probably less reliable. Someone like Hajek needs another summer of training his body but once he manage his low center to gravity at this stage, he’ll be a reliable force in this league. He has so much potential to be a top 4 in this who can grind out 5 on 5 minutes. It’s a shame that this fan base has been getting on him for rookie mistakes that Trouba and Skjei make on a nightly basis.

    • How’s that Kevin Hayes Flyers jersey fitting you? That’s gonna be worth REAL money someday, I bet.

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