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Vegas Golden Knights/Rangers Game Thoughts

Lord have mercy...

Hehe, where do we even begin with this one? The Rangers were flat-out out-played and Vegas used their speed and talent to take advantage of this young defense corp. Hank with his play kept the team in this one, but the offensive players could not step up today. But enough of this intro, let’s get to the thoughts shall we? We’ll keep it pretty short tonight

  • Oh so it was going to be one of THOSE games huh? Heck of an effort by both DeAngelo and Lundqvist to keep that puck out, but what are you going to do? That’s such a flukey goal and I don’t put blame on anyone.
  • Now while I don’t put tons of blame on anyone for the first goal, the second goal is entirely on Brett Howden allowing Tuch to blow past him for a quick tap in. Howden is supposed to be this up and coming two-way forward? Prove it. I can’t see it with my eyes what makes him better than other centers in the system, and the numerous models out there by guys like Sean Tierney show this guy is just bad. Can a conversation be had that he might need some Hartford time?
  • A brutal pinch by both Skjei and Trouba cost the Rangers that Smith goal. Yes, Lundqvist bit hard on the move, but don’t put your goalie in that kind of position where a guy gets a breakaway from your offensive zone.
  • Cody Glass is going to be a really good power play threat for years to come in Vegas, holy smokes he made that pass to Pacioretty look easy.
  • Lemieux is a better net front player right now more than Chris Kreider. I don’t know what Kreider needs to get going, but he needs to find it.
  • The Rangers had their chances to score tonight, but death, taxes, and backup goaltenders playing well against the Rangers. Give Subban credit, played out of his mind tonight.
  • The special teams were once again the difference tonight as the Rangers couldn’t get it going on the power play.
  • How are you a former 5th overall pick and you don’t know you can’t throw your teammate’s stick to him when it’s on the ice?
  • Please don’t embarrass Artemiy on Thursday against the Blue Jackets…

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  • *The 4th line is absolutely useless. Howden is worse than Andersson centering that 4th line. Howden needs some time in Hartford.

    *Panarin on the right side of the power play is just awkward. Panarin and Kakko playing opposite of each other on the PP is more effective than Zibs and Panarin.
    Strome shouldn’t be on PP 1.

  • *these 2 facts can be simultaneously true. howden has (other then a few games) not been good. he is still a better pro player then lias right now. lias cant carry the puck up into the ozone in the nhl, for that simple fact alone.
    * what on earth did these (paid!) coaches do destroying a pp that was like tenth in the league. kakko is a best right half wall guy – and they inexplicably took him off. Zibanejad isn’t a better player than panarin – and they should stop catering to him. if he needs the left circle – bump him to pp2. they deserve every L until this is fixed.

    • We are stupid fans, but one PP unit has 4 RH players on it and the other has 4 LH players on it.

      Panarin and Zib are great “at the dot” but both are on at the same time, wasting one of them for the 2nd unit.

      • Rangers fans can thank David Oliver for putting these combinations together. Don’t single out Ruff on this staff. DQ (horrible with player deployment, plagued by BAD starts in games and obsessed with his FAV 4 of Strome, Howden, Smith & Haley) is simply a placeholder until the young Rangers mature. JD……..please install YOUR coaching picks!

        • You willing to wait for Boudreau to be fired from Minny?

          But seriously, I don’t think Quinn is going anywhere.

  • So 8 games since Nov 20th probably finally caught up with them. It happens, as this was a stinker all throughout the line up. Next game…

    That being said, but shouldn’t this be the lineup on a regular basis?

    Smith (by default)-Howden-Nieves (or whomever)


    First PP unit: Panarin, CK, Chytil, Fox, DeAngelo
    Second PP unit: Zib, Kakko, Buch, Trouba, Skjei

    Strome has no business on the PP IMO.

    I was at the game and watching CK all game. Honestly I do not know what’s going on there.

  • Completely asinine to put Zib and Bread on one PP unit and then Buch and Kakko on the other. DQ hand-cuffed both PP units all by himself! God forbid you have 2 units that are set up with the right mix of LH and RH shots that are dangerous. May as well keep players happy and have no success on the man advantage. It looks like crap, but at least no one’s ego was bruised.

    It’s still amazing to me how the coverage in the d-zone collapses down, gives up the blue line on purpose, doesn’t force too much, and still leaves the slot open regularly for great chances against. It doesn’t even make logical sense. They’re ALL in the middle and teams still find great chances right in front.

    This team could really use some grit and grit that can play in the top 9. If/when they trade Kreider, we will have virtually no players on our top two lines that have any degree of toughness. That will be a problem.

    • IMO? Because the Rangers were playing a high powered offensive team, and the Rangers are trying to build up Georgiev’s trade value.

      I could be wrong, but that’s what I think. And I benched Hank in my fantasy league because the Rangers were playing Vegas, lol.

    • Also just read that once Georgie hits 60 NHL games played, he cannot be sent down without going through waivers, which is probably the real reason.

  • No mention of Howden’s turnover on the third goal? I feel like I saw that a little bit too much last night: guys trying to be fancy at the blue line when they should just be getting it deep. I think Kreids and DQ alluded to that in their post-game interviews: keep it simple stupid.

    • It was such a poor effort team wide that identifying individual flaws is tough to do.

      That being said, this is nothing new for Howden who is, getting less and less time on the ice.

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