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Rangers allow three in a row to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory

The expected track meet between the Rangers and Bruins certainly started off that way, but it was the Rangers controlling most of the play. But it was clear the Bruins are the superior team, as the Rangers weren’t able to weather the storm, giving up three straight to give up the two-goal lead. They got a point though.

  • We get it, Henrik Lundqvist is the greatest and hasn’t won a Cup yet. Stop making it the focal point of every pregame involving the Rangers. Also stop showing that stupid Alec Martinez goal. Just stop.
  • Drop the puck already, yeesh. I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to grab lunch at 12:45, and I finished my lunch before this game started.
  • Hank looks absolutely dialed in early – those were some tough saves. This is going to get ugly if the Blueshirts keep allowing these kinds of shots.
  • This second powerplay unit really controlled the puck, but I’d like to see Jacob Trouba and Tony DeAngelo flip spots. Trouba is a shooter, so put him on the off-wing and let DeAngelo run it from up top.
  • Pavel Buchnevich is having himself a year. Nice to get him in front of the net and a goal.
  • Dare I say the Rangers are controlling play this period? *checks stats* Yup.
  • You know what I dislike more than seeing that Martinez goal over and over again? Seeing Mike Milbury on these NBC broadcasts.
  • The Rangers have allowed just 7 shots on goal through 25 minutes….what is going on here?
  • Part of me wants to say the Bruins are tired, but the Rangers sure are taking advantage.
  • What a read by Panarin there to start up that Chytil goal.
  • Nothing like a stick to the jugular.
  • What a waste of a 5 on 3, yuck. Too pretty. This will bite them.
  • Man a bunch of deflections and Hank in his diving efforts knocks it in. Rough.
  • And now it’s a tie game – even with Brad Marchand on the bench.
  • Oh man another bad luck goal. Krejci’s shot hits Zibanejad and goes right to Pastrnak for the open net goal.
  • Can’t give this team a powerplay late in a tie game. Playing with fire.
  • Ohhh boy a double minor this late is fun.
  • Until we see the Rangers powerplay at work…
  • What a terrible time for the powerplay to look like a train wreck.
  • Well at least they didn’t blow it completely.
  • I love 3 on 3 overtime. There’s so much going on.
  • And then Hank dives for the puck and my heart stopped.
  • And game. Sigh. We all knew that was coming right?

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  • Buch had a good game, but you can’t just send it behind the net 3-on-3 like you could 5-on-5. The OT is all about possession.

    Nice to get a point in Boston, but in the logjam and up 2 earlier, it’s tough too.

  • 3 thoughts:

    They refuse to shoot
    They refuse to shoot
    They refuse to shoot

    5 on 3 and a full 4 minute PP, results in 2 SOG. Buch misses basically an open net in OT. Just can’t happen and expect to win against a good team like that.

    • My thoughts exactly. At this point DQ should bench the entire pp unit and go with whoever will fire the damn puck on net. Where’s Brandon Pirri these days….

      • They were all discombobulated trying to pass the puck instead of just keeping it simple by firing at the net and going after rebounds.

        The Rangers had them on the ropes and let the Bees take the game.

  • you could see it coming, they just weren’t winning any battles. please shoot the puck should be taped to there forehead.
    KREIDER MIA HAS TO GO PERIOD……………………………………

  • The second Bruins goal was Brady being weak on the boards and allowing his man to make a big play. There is a lot about Skjei game I like, but he needs to play stiffer. Overall a good team effort. The Rangers missed the net on a few of their golden opportunities. This game really could of gone either way.

  • Through my rose colored glasses…I’m happy to pick up a point in nasty Boston. I see my Rangers growing better by the game…Too much negative crap by some of you experts…

  • Still happy with the outcome, that first Boston goal was a killer.

    This team has talent … the left side of the D will grow and compliment the best RD side in the League.

  • They played great 5 on 5 and stunk on the power play. Great to get a point in Boston against the best team in the league.

  • Was at game. Three words inform the Rangers loss: Shoot. The. Puck.
    Sat with my buddy who’s a Bruins Nut Case who was as incredulous ( but happy) the Rangers did the last pretty pass game. On the other hand Bruins seem coached to put pucks on and foreHammer and staple to keep the opponent hemmed
    Rangers looked young today.

  • Altogether, a well deserved point against a tough opponent. The anemic 5 on 3 was the turning point of the game because the kids seemed to lose some edge thereafter. Nevertheless, they proved they can play a good game and potentially beat an excellent Boston team.

  • Had a get together with about 4-5 Rangers fans last few days…..First topic that came up ???????………Shooting the puck more (So it is getting obvious to a lot of people ).

  • Was at this game. Rangers looked GREAT for the first half of this game. Really dominated the Bruins. Of course the Bruins woke up, and did their thing. Despite losing, this was a great game for the Rangers. They hung with the best team in the NHL and looked the part at times. This was a nice building block in the rebuild. They let them off the hook in the 3rd with their bad PP, but as far as process goes I was happy with the showing. They are trending up. Lindqvist is still the man.

  • Didn’t need the MSG post game show to hear Kreider say how he needs to bring more effort to the game.

  • Like my obeservation about PP

    1st special brigade: Ziba, Bread, Strome, Fox and Kreids…. only one lefty here Kreids which screen in front of goalie…… where is right office?

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