BSB’s Rangers thankful list – Thanksgiving open thread

What we here are thankful for regarding the Rangers

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers. And to everyone else, Happy Thursday? That works, right?

In the spirit of the holiday, I polled the BSB writers to see what they are thankful for when it comes to the Rangers.

Rob C: I’m thankful for Adam Fox. He’s quickly become my favorite Ranger to watch, which is saying something considering Artemi Panarin is on the team. Fox does so many things at an elite level already, and he’s not even 22 yet. When he really hits his prime, the Rangers could very well have a true No. 1 defenseman that should be around for the next decade.

Rob L: Their white jerseys. Some of the best in sports.

Tyler: I’m thankful for a true super star in Panarin and one in the making in Kakko.

Becky: I’m thankful for the rebuild. The Rangers are babies – their average age as of today is 25.4 – with talent to boot. This season is oddly fun and the team will only get better as the years go on.

Dave: I’m thankful for the roller coaster ride. Let’s be real, this could have (should have?) been like last season, where the games were meaningless and there was no real spirit in the fanbase. This year is different. Simply by adding Kakko, Trouba, and Panarin, the Rangers can light it up on any given night. We may win but I may die.

Use this as your open thread for the day. Open question: What time do you eat your Thanksgiving dinner?

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  • I’m thankful for Hank who year in and year out represents the Rangers with stellar play, competitive fire, and class on and off the ice. Thankful too for this blog and the always interesting (and sometimes maddening) takes. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We will be sitting down at 4 with 24 around the table!

  • Thankful for this blog, where considered, topical discussion abounds…as opposed to just banter and inside jokes amongst a few. Thankful for those who protect others…in the US and also in the Ranger red white and blue too….we win with more goals than the other team, but we score goals with space and time. God bless the USA and LGR!!!!

  • I’m thankful for all BSB’s efforts year round to keep us engaged in many topics involving my favorite team in all of sports.
    As for The Rangers:
    1. I’m thankful they decided to do the rebuild
    2. I’m thankful the got ADA in the trade for Stepan. I don’t think there was a better option.
    3. I’m thankful we won #2 in the draft lottery and got Kakko
    4. I’m thankful we didn’t wait until next year to get Fox. He was worth the price.
    5. I’m thankful the Nash trade got us Lindgren, K’andre and we turned Spooner into Strome
    6. I’m thankful Hayes and Pionk got us Lemieux and Trouba. Also thankful Philly is choking on Hayes-contract.
    7. I’m thankful we signed Panarin
    8. I’m thankful Buch is elevating his game
    9. I’m thankful we got Quinn for player development
    10. I’m thankful we traded Brassard for Zibanejad
    11. I’m thankful we have JG as our GM.
    12. I’m thankful JD is our President
    13. I’m thankful we have the best farm system in the NHL.

    Ok I’ll stop now. But we sure do have a lot to be thankful for! I feel like a cup is in our future! LGR

  • I am thankful that some humans got together and started a game called hockey.
    I am thankful that my dad started watching hockey on TV with me in the early 1960’s, making me a Rangers fan for life.
    I am thankful this Thanksgiving for the young people and skilled players playing for the team, and that JD is back.
    Perhaps most significantly for this Thanksgiving, is the return to health for young Mr. Zibanejad. May he have a long career.
    Finally, I am thankful for Dave and his buddies making BSB what it is, and for the friends I’ve met her.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • I am thankful to have been born in the U.S.A Everything else I am thankful for starts with this.God Bless those who won’t be enjoying Thanksgiving with their families so that mine,and all of yours,will be safe

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