These are the kinds of games you love watching as a fan, and despise if you are a coach. Plain and simple. But make no mistake, this was a solid game throughout the full 60 tonight. Let’s break this one down and get to the thoughts on this matchup shall we?

  • Holy Lundqvist, how does he keep doing this time and time again given where he is in his career? The Hockey News put out an article earlier today asking if he is the greatest goalie in this post-Broduer generation; the answer is hell yes. Game after game, this guy is just able to tangibly show he can make a difference. I know there was a lot of dissent and outrage over Justin’s article earlier this week about trading him. However, If he can go win a cup, I want him to go win a cup and I would not think any differently of his career or judge him for making that decision. If he stays though, can’t wait to see him make amazing saves like that stick one on Necas with a wide open net a little more until he retires.
  • I feel like I am copying and pasting this every post I write, Artemiy Panarin is a genuine joy to watch every time he is on the ice. His abilities both with and without the puck are just elite.
  • Did anyone else jump up and fist pump when Mika scored that power play goal? Just me? Okay. The power play was good while he was away, imagine it now….
  • Imagine thinking back in the spring that two 2nd round picks was too much for Adam Fox. This guy is a stud.
  • So Lemieux was responsible for the too many men call…will Quinn publicly call him out as well?
  • The Rangers PK has had a good last couple of games but it’s tough for Hank to yet again not get a shutout cause of a bad penalty. How many “Too many men” calls is that now in the Quinn era? Line juggling so much might have something to do with it and it’d be interesting to hear if that messes with the players, but they do have to be aware of how many people are on the ice while on the bench.
  • To give that top power play unit more flexibility, I would put Kakko back on his off wing to get another lefty on the unit. Kreider as a net front is the only lefty and you should have a guy like Kakko looking to bump passes around or shoot one-timers from the circle.
  • I was really happy to see that Quinn decided to let Chytil be the 2C even after Zibanejad came back, that was the right move in my opinion. First of all, it gives him a chance to play with Panarin and Strome, second of all, he can truly develop into a 2C. He is going to probably be the 2C of the next decade so there is nothing wrong with playing him in that role to see how he does.
  • Carolina is a tough team to beat, they have a lot of depth and skill up front and a massively underrated blue line. This was a fantastic game to watch.

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