Lineup Changes

New lines as Mika Zibanejad returns to practice

KZB reunited

Mika Zibanejad, out for close to a month with what was an upper body injury but definitely in no way shape or form a concussion, returned to practice today and was immediately inserted into his 1C role.

The lines were changed up, as expected, but there weren’t many changes here. KZB was reunited, and Ryan Strome remained attached to Arteim Panarin’s hip.

I’m guessing Filip Chytil is getting moved to wing on the second line, and Jesper Fast will replace Micheal Haley on the fourth line. Greg McKegg remains out.

Update: DQ just said that the centers will be Mika, Strome, Chytil, and Howden, and the order has not been decided. So there goes my theory.

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  • I really don’t understand why Buch and Chytil are being split up when they looked great together. Put Kakko with zib and kreider for an explosive line. Keep panarin and strome together since it works, and let chytil and buch continue to gel.

    • Because, if it aint broke, make sure you break it. Wait, that’s not how the saying goes, is it?

      I won’t outright bash DQ because he gets enough of that from everyone else. I will say Haley is obviously not an NHL caliber player, and playing the likes of Haley and Smith – a defensemen masquerading as a forward that struggled to play his ‘normal’ position – is hardly good judgment or intelligent. In fact, it’s the most annoying thing about this team in my eyes.

      I love watching the young guys develop. I do not love watching guys waste bench space and ice time that don’t have a future with this club or in the league. I’d rather listen to someone chew food in my ear for an hour than watch Haley and Smith skate aimlessly and take dumb penalties.

  • Quinn is riding Strome at center with Panarin until (if?) the wheels come off. Keeping Chytil at center is the right move, no issues with him centering a 3rd line with Kakko. There’s potential for Kakko (and that line) to really take off with a competent center. Howden at 4C is where he belongs. Just dont expect that line to be a shut down line.

  • The Quinn bashing is unfair. This is a young team, and will take a bit to jell… the players bust it for him and this from relaible sources…players love him becuase he is always talking to them and making them all fell like they are part of the team…unlike Vigneault, who never spoke to anyone….. Those expecting a Quinn firing will have to sit outside the garden for a while….Ruff is the coach that needs to go, but he is part of the buddy system so he will not get canned and instead an amicable separation might occur after the season is over. I don’t want Ruff within a city mile of K’Andre Miller! or any of the other D prospects…….As for Quinn……at some point the players have to be accountable for there dum-dum mistakes….but I am a patient fan… I will stay off the Q bashing until deemed necessary to do so…….I have been a Ranger fan for 50 years and I can say every Ranger coach, including Keenan, has been bashed by us Ranger fans…Hell, fans were calling for the firing of Keenan during the stanley cup finals!!…………ridiculous…..

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