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Revenge in Montreal – Rangers come back for stunning 6-5 win

Revenge is a dish best served cold

The Rangers came into this one looking to find good process, but then promptly went down 4-0, with two goals the direct result of bad zone entry process. The Blueshirts made it interesting, scoring three straight in the second en route to tying the game at five.

  • Hey Tyler actually let me know he couldn’t write this one, so I have the full game!
  • I like that Brady Skjei is back with Jacob Trouba. Not because Skjei has been good, but because Libor Hajek has been atrocious.
  • Hey the Rangers didn’t allow a goal in the first minute! Progress!
  • And they scored….I’m a jinx.
  • After watching that replay – what was Hajek doing? He ran away from his spot like he was chasing a pop up.
  • And another goal, immediately after the defense backs up and allows the entry and the shot. Just step up and that shot doesn’t even happen.
  • And another one where they allow the pass into the zone. Step up, please!
  • Worth noting that the wife left for the other TV at this point.
  • It’s not hard. Stop the entry, stop the shot. That eliminates the risk of Alex Georgiev and his rough outing in this one. It’s not mutually exclusive – the goals were relatively weak but the entries shouldn’t have happened.
  • What a pass by Adam Fox on that Jesper Fast chance. If Fast were a lefty he one-times that.
  • Woof, bad goal by Georgiev.
  • On the bright side, I have sole control of the TV and a case of White Claw.
  • I switched chairs. Break up this bad mojo.
  • That’s the Skjei we need to see. What a rush up the ice.
  • Pavel Buchnevich – too many men on the ice and Rangers killer, scores here with his drive to the net. Yes, I’m mocking David Quinn for that pregame comment.
  • What a shift by this powerplay unit. They’ve had the puck for a while.
  • And then Brendan Lemieux gets the goal on the deflection and it’s 4-3!
  • Not moving from this seat.
  • That was not a good 5-on-3. Too much perimeter play and not enough shooting.
  • As the third period starts, I think of that game when the Blueshirts were up 5-0 and then lost 6-5. This is my revenge. Get. It. Done.
  • Can’t allow those centering passes like that, especially after that bad turnover by Tony DeAngelo. Yikes.
  • And as soon as I think the Rangers are going to be fine, it’s 5-3.
  • Now it’s 5-4….this game is a little crazy.
  • And a shorty to make it a tie game!
  • And now a lead!
  • Two huge saves by Georgiev!
  • Way too nervous for a game in November.
  • Revenge!

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  • If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. Any chance we could petition the NHL to take Ottawa off the schedule? My prediction- any time the Rangers score six goals, they’ll probably win. I emphasize, probably.

    Regards- orange

    • “Any chance we could petition the NHL to take Ottawa off the schedule?”

      No need we don’t play them anymore this year. 🙂

  • The Rangers were a fun team to watch again. They weren’t as bad as the 4-0 score indicated. George had a shaky first period, but got better as the game went on. A total team effort led to success in this one. I really like Lemieuxs game right now, that shorty he scored off a Howden fed was a beauty. I hate to say this, but why was Haley in the lineup?

  • I’m starting to think 2 second round picks for Adam Fox was a bargain,Howden with his best game as a Ranger,what a rollercoaster of emotions in this game ending in ecstasy!

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde … this team is crazy (and that’s ok). ABM (always be moving) and Gap Control wins hockey games.

  • Just finished watching encore version. Wow! After 4-0 I was sulking, but what an amazing win! So happy for Lemieux. This is just what he needed. He has so much potential. Hoping this is the game that gets him on track. He can be a “Gallagher” sandpaper with skill kind of player!

  • Georgie was not good, but then turned it around. For a change the goalie put the rest of the team in a hole, and the team rewarded the goalie, refreshing change.

    Kudos, yes I am complimenting the coach, for staying the course with Georgie.

    Lemieux, just wow. But I hope he doesn’t kill himself the whole year, because the season is a marathon, not a sprint. The Rangers need his style of play the whole season, for sure. Just great last night. Getting better every game. A keeper.

    THIS is the Kreider we need!! Outstanding.

    Lindgren-Fox, our true top pair D men. Though Skjei-Trouba were very good as well.

    Howden’s best game as a Ranger that I can remember. Even very good on the PK.

    Very gutsy win, for sure, and it could not come against any better team. I hate the Habs, lol.

  • Oh man. Just wow. And the season is not half over yet. Great effort, resilience and great work by the youngest team in hockey against a sold-out hostile Montreal crowd – great work on the ice and the locker by players and staff to stay the course – never give up! I love the way they are building and yes they will give us some headaches from growing pains, but boy, these guys will be something as they continue gaining much needed experience.

  • Can’t recall the year, but I still remember the angst as the Rangers blew their own big lead up there some time back. Sweet win, a nice piece to the rebuild if they do take the lesson to heart. Any thoughts on Fox having future all star potential? He just looks consistently really good.

  • Ugly game… great comeback against the Habs. Lemieux needs an A on his jersey……G with some big saves late…. fought the puck early, gathered himself late….. Quinn was the most emotional I have ever seen him… Praised Kreider and sent IMO, a message to leadership to sign him….. Panarin is great…Howden played well.. Brady and Hajek could use a brain wash… lol

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