NY Rangers Fan Confidence Poll: November 18, 2019

Checking in on the NY Rangers' performance from the past week

Record Last Week (Sunday to Sunday): 1-2 (9 GF, 14 GA)
Season Record: 8-8-2 (60 GF, 65 GA)
Schedule This Week: vs. WSH, @ OTT, @ MON

Top stories from last week:

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the Rangers, their direction, coaching, management, prospects, and overall quality on the ice. You can click the tag “Fan Confidence Poll” to view historical polls.

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    • Quinn sees Howden as a younger version of himself who made it to the show… plain and simple…

      • The Quinn should resign immediately if that’s his parameters for fielding an NHL line up.

        The Rangers have to stop with the “playing their faves” BS, players who do not deserve to play. I’m so tired of it. It’s a big part of why they do not contend.

        And most of them are on the back end: Girardi, Staal, Dan Boyle, now Skjei, all players the Rangers either signed or re-signed and continued to play them no matter how their performance was/is.

  • The Howden vs Andersson debate, from Tom Castro of the Hockey Writers:

    Per Natural Stat Trick, Andersson’s Corsi For percentage is 40.10 while his Fenwick For is 42.17. The Rangers have generated 19 high-danger scoring chances and allowed 20 while Andersson has been on the ice.
    Howden? He’s at 38.92 CF% and 40.86 FF%, and the HDCs are perhaps the most revealing. The Rangers have managed 33 such chances for and given up 51 when he’s been on – and this while playing with considerably better linemates – with the caveat that Howden’s line is also ostensibly going up against better players than Andersson’s as well.

    David here already gave us stats as well. These are objectives, not emotions. And while Howden has better opportunities and faces better opposition, his play certainly does not warrant a “guaranteed” spot within the line up. HOW Andersson is not even tried at a better spot in the line up with more minutes than Howden is negligence at its finest. The reason? Quinn likes Howden better than Andersson, for whatever reason there is.

    Chytil, who is a million times the player that Howden is, gets demoted. But somehow, Howden continues to get a pass, even though the stats CLEARLY show that he is no great shakes, as an NHL player.

    THIS is where I know for a fact the coach is wrong, to not even TRY to give Andersson at least an opportunity to play in a better spot. Quinn would rather put Brendan Smith, a freaking D man for God’s sakes and who has ZERO offensive skills, on the 3rd line before Andersson.

    Disagree all you want, but the facts (stats) speak for themselves.

    • Tony

      Great post, and basically what we have been saying all along. I gave the survey a 3, all because of the mishandling of Lias, and Haley in the first place. I’m not say the kid is great, but be fair to him, and any other young man drafted by this team.
      I understand we all have bias’s, but to ruin a kids chance at a career just shows this man is over his head, and is a flop to me when we discuss developing players. He could go back to BU for all I care, he stinks up the place with his bull crap, the two faced piece of dong!!!!!!!!

      • Thanks bro.

        What I do not get is that Lias i 7 overall pick, WHY would you not want him to try and succeed? Even if you hate him? Makes no sense to me.

        • He’s not a North American skater.

          Quinn likes na players. They are more expressive and easy to read.

          It’s just bad coaching. He can’t squeeze the euros like he can the others.

      • Write what you want but Andersen deserves what he gets and the focus should be on Butchie and not Howdy as he should be the next to sit. He can’t put the puck into the ocean. Going to be interesting when Mika come back. Hopefully Quinn gets it right with line changes

        • To Charlie: Buchnevich has 15 points this season (and a 46.1 Corsi percentage, with a plus 4.5 relative Corsi), while Howden has 4 points (and a 38.1 Corsi percentage, with a minus 6 relative Corsi). How do you manage to arrive at the conclusion that Buchnevich should be benched over Howden, if you are an actual hockey fan? You might want to try another sport to analyze, this hockey thing is clearly over your head.

          • Take your head out of the computer and watch the game will ya!!! Butchie has had more opportunities to put the puck into the net than any other player. He cannot finish and that’s the name of the game. Howden isn’t exactly Nash either but I would take him over Butchie stats or no stats. And Quinn seems to think so as well

          • Sure, lots of smart fans will take a 20-point forward over a 50-60 point forward. Makes a lot of sense.

            As far as the computer remark—the fact that you used a computer or smartphone to post a remark that told me to get off the computer kinda speaks for itself.

    • That lays it out pretty neatly, Richter. Howden’s the true minor leaguer on the Rangers’ roster. The dude has been horrible for 100 games now.

      • Thanks pal.

        To me, Howden and Lias are interchangeable, at the very least. They should have gotten equal opportunity and let their play dictate the rest. But it seems that it’s already decided without that “competition.”

        Just dumb.

        • Weren’t Howden and Anderson different types of players coming into their draft years? I thought Howden was a terrific scorer in “juniors” while Anderson was viewed as a well-rounded player with a 200′ game. DQ’s problem regarding deployment is he has failed miserably as a coach to put the “kids” in a position where they can succeed!!!

          • They did have 2 different perceptions about them, no question.

            But the “debate” here is that Howden has done zero to maintain his spot while Lias never got a chance to secure his.

  • The statement above, and the two faced piece of dong is due to the many times he made remarks about how he likes Andersson’s game, how wants him playing here, and that the organization wants him around, only to play the kid the minimal amount, and then send him down to the AHL to restore his confidence, and get major playing time. Again, what a crock of pooo!!!!!!!!!

    • “And, just as Quinn stated Saturday morning to both the press and to Andersson in a one-on-one chat during the morning skate, they still believe in him. This does not change the organization’s conviction that he can be a valuable contributor in the future. But at this moment, it wasn’t working.”

      As we can all read, this from today’s article in the NY Post, what the man says, and what the man does, is 180 degrees different. It may be too early to say this, but I could see this clown gone by the season’s end, and many will say good riddance for it!!!!!!!!!!

  • We had the same fancy stat debate between Fast and JT Miller. JT was up and down from the minors and spent much time in AVs doghouse. Last time I looked JT was in the top 20 in league on scoring and anchors the Canucks first line. Fast has only broken single digits in scoring once in his career and is best suited as a 3 line player.

  • I’m fully confident with the NYR players and staff. Please don’t hate, but I see the glass half full, y’all – I guess that is my outlook in life and it has blessed me. I agree with Lias being sent down, to me, if he comes back a la Chytil, well that’ll be totally dope and awesome – no doubt it helped Filip. There are quite a few top 5s who never saw the pro ice. I also agree with Haley being waived, DQ means what he says, and he had a nice talk to him, face to face, as to why he was being waived. They upfront, bro, and he did not embarrass the vet. I enjoyed the poll results, and though I get there are a few “bad news” bears, it’s cool, I see the future bright for this club even with the big ups and down we will def have the rest of the season – stay the course, boys. Peace.

  • What exactly is Mika’s injury?
    Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want him back until he is well.
    The guy was proving to be a top 10 NHL forward.

    I assumed when I saw the hit, it was a concussion protocol thing……but why is there a gag order of his ailment – or did I miss something?

  • I have not been happy about the lack of opportunity shown Andersson, but at this juncture sending him to Hartford is the best thing for the young man. He is a hard working kid. He won’t mope a la Kravstov. I fully expect that he will work his butt off to get back to the big club. So be it. I hope he makes it hard for them not to call him back.

    Despite my misgivings regarding Andersson, I am glad that they finally cut Haley loose. Haley might be a good thing for the Wolf Pack. He doesn’t belong with the big club. The next domino I’d like to see fall is a possible retirement by Marc Staal. I doubt that it is going to happen and I suspect that the ‘healthy scratches’ were not healthy ones at all since he went out on IR soon after. That makes me think that he will be playing at least some of the time when he returns unless he retires. The defensive unit is far more mobile without Marc despite his tenaciousness. He just is no longer effective over the long haul.

    The big worry, and the reason I dropped my confidence rating to 8 from 9, is the health of Mika Zibanejad. It sure sounds like a concussion protocol and that is simply a very bad thing for the young man. Let’s all hope he gets well soon.

    I am optimistic overall (an 8 is still optimistic!) Panarin has made a believer out of me. Trouba will play better because his skills are obvious. Kakko is starting to get it and his skills are undeniable. Crazy Tony DeAngelo is putting up crazy numbers and playing a lot of minutes recently while not being so much of a defensive liability. Adam Fox has shown some weaknesses in the defensive zone, which is not unusual for a young player, but is poised and skilled at both breaking out and passing the puck and at getting it on net. Lindgren seems to be skating well and that is good news for the big boy.

    The jury is still out on Quinn, but JD is in town and I trust the man.

    • I forgot to mention Brendan Lemieux. We haven’t had a yapper like that since Avery and Tikkanen, and he can play too. I like him.

      • Yeah Peter – Lemieux is for real, bro – guy works his tail off. The kid is s spitting image of dad. Haley might not clear waivers if SJ is still interested like they were weeks ago. Anyways, like most pollsters (yeah, baby!) I’ll step out for a while – I’m gonna enjoy some Wolfpack and certainly hope to see you down the road at the games.:) Peace and I’m out! Go NYR!

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