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Tampa Bay Lightning/Rangers Game Thoughts

The Kevin Shattenkirk revenge game was fun!

No intro tonight, this game was abysmal. Let’s keep this short and sweet shall we?

  • Burn the tape. Collect it, put it in a folder on a hard drive, put trojan viruses on that hard drive, and get rid of it. This was the worst game the Rangers have played since the Hertl 4 goal game in 2013. (Remember that made Biron retire?)
  • That Kevin Shattenkirk guy is good huh? Still can’t convince me he wouldn’t have been effective on his off-hand on this team this season; high cap-hit or not.
  • Can we fire Lindy Ruff now after this dumpster fire of a game? These defensive systems are TRASH.
  • +/- is a bit of a bad stat cause more often than not, it’s used to contextualize that a player is some offensive/defensive stud, but I found it really interesting that Panarin’s line overall was a “+” tonight. Could be that Quinn didn’t have them on the ice much during the even strength goals, but it was just something interesting to see. 21 points in 17 games isn’t bad either for Panarin!
  • Did the Tampa crowd really chant “We want 10?” To be honest, I wanted to see it too!
  • Does anyone else agree that Jon Cooper has one of the most punchable faces? Guy seems so arrogant for someone whose teams choke in the playoffs on grand scales. Lest we forget they got shutout back to back in the ECF against the Caps, or SWEPT in the first round?
  • So…..when is the trade deadline and the lottery?
  • On the microscopic bright side in this game, at least Chytil continues to score at will. The kid is something to watch.
  • Obligatory “One loss closer to Byfield” thought.
  • See you all on Saturday.

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  • If last night’s game does not prove to all Ranger fans that DQ is indeed over matched as an NHL coach, then I don’t know what to say. But go ahead, blame it on a young roster. Keep the blinders on.

    Not only does he not have control of his team’s playing structure, he does not have control of his team. AND, he added to the mess on top of it by giving TB a PP in the first period. Not to mention another too many men penalty.

    All those fights really helped. Not.

      • Maybe Flyer fans, Santa Claus would be down-voted here just for reciting “The Night Before Christmas “ on Dec. 24th.

        • Which is fine, but I would like a rebuttal as to why those people disagree. That’s what “discussion” and the whole point of this blog is. I have zero problem with disagreement, but back it up.

          It’s like when my kids were growing up and I would say “why did you do that?” and the response was “because.”

  • Ridiculous game. Quinn is a joke of a coach, and Ruff could be outcoached by people in the stands at games at this point.

    Regarding Quinn: what does it say about his talent judgment that the Rangers’ best offensive player of late besides Panarin has been Filip Chytil? Really really makes one confident that this Boston chowderhead packed off Kravtsov to the AHL. Too bad Vitali couldn’t teach himself how to speak English with a Boston accent, Quinn would’ve given him a spot in the lineup for sure then.

    • It says that chytil was one of the best picks of his draft. Also that lias may be one of the worst. Krav HE WAS NOT READY, neither is wahlstrom or zadina .. like get over it.

      • You’re right again. Micheal Haley will lead the Rangers to victory. Quinn is really a genius. As are you.

    • I’m with you pal.

      I was more than willing to give the coach a pass for last year, because it was a mish-mosh year. But, unfortunately last year has continued into this year, only with better talent. As a result, they’re at .500.

      The Rangers will not do anything now, but if the point is to develop this roster for the next 5 years’ worth of seasons, then why have them being coached by the guy who probably will not be here for those 5 years? He’s a college coach, plain and simple. Which is not a bad thing, unless you’re a college coach trying to coach in the NHL.

      I would love to know what he sees in Howden that he doesn’t see in Andersson.

      And having that old fool Ruff behind the bench is a travesty that the whole org takes blame for. And Haley should be waived and Staal put on LTIR immediately. Oh, and right a wrong by bringing back Krav, put him on the 3rd line, and LEAVE HIM ALONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

      • Have you ever played hockey? I already know the answer to this…

        You’re just a fan who has never jumped over the board with a pair of skates.. As just a spectator, I don’t think you have the knowledge to be able to call out on who can coach at the pro level vs college. First of all he has to start somewhere and second of all I disagree with your he’s just a college coach talk. This team isn’t that good but he’s still doing decent job at coaching for a suspect top 6 D core and a terrible bottom 6.

        • #1, I have played many sports when I was younger, so I have had my share of being subjected to all sorts of coaches/managers during my playing days.

          #2, Just because they are in the NHL, does not make them right. 2 Cups in 80 years proves that. And with an org that has all sorts of resources available to it.

          #3, I would like to see what would happen if this team had the proper players on it, playing night after night, and deployed in the right ways, to see the results. Merely having Haley on the team, no less playing, tells me that the Rangers have no effing clue as to what they are doing. not to mention deploying a defenseman on the wing, who has zero offensive skill. Even putting DeAngelo at wing makes a heck of a lot more sense than Smith.

          So, IMO, this team is not this bad, a team that bleeds shots every game. Blame it on the young team, if that’s your preference, but I’m not buying it.

          • Richter come on, that’s not true. I do value your opinion. You have made excellent comments in the past. Just because I don’t agree with what you are saying doesn’t mean I’m a hater. Look, agreed it is frustrating but imagine before there was a draft in the old times – Canada took the best and the northern states were always favorites to win a Cup- New York was always spit upon and the fact we got two Cups in those pre-War years is a miracle on ice.

            Don’t go on facial angry expressions on David – remember he is new and has to get respect from the officials, and unlike AV, he will let them now about it – in the locker room, he is praised by his players, and he knows how to coach a young team. Trotz yes – he is a helluva of a coach – but check out his history with young players and his first 5 years – he never went past .500. It wasn’t till 15 years later – 15 years – that he took a veteran Capital team and finally in year 3 struck gold. So give David break is all I’m saying, friend, wait till he gets this season over and then we’ll see.

          • ok skip, I apologize, I probably hyperboled, lol.

            My opinion, I do not think the roster put together warrants the bad play that’s out on the ice, even in wins. The fact of the matter is, and we have seen this movie in past years, that the goalies are playing at a high level, both of them. And when they do stand on their heads, you have last night as the result.

            Who’s fault is that? The coach? The players? A percentage of both? We will find out because he’s not going anywhere, for this year anyway.

            But again, DO NOT assume that they are right, just because of the position that they hold. And we as fans, who have seen enough hockey over the years, are educated enough to know when OBVIOUS bad decisions are being made.

          • so just shut down all blogs. why have them, since we are incapable of having any type of legitimate opinions.

      • I am not yet ready to join the Quinn fray – there are still too many other things that affect the makeup of the team.
        Let’s start with:
        Ruff – seriously this guy is still here?
        Reggie Haley – please remove him – he is an embarrassment to the NY Ranger jersey
        Andersson – why don’t we send him down to Hartford so he can play and get some confidence and then reassess before we lose him
        Howden – perhaps he could use some Hartford time as well?
        Igor – they better start thinking about how they are going to get Igor some games. They are going to need 3 goalies if they play like they did in Tampa. And even if they don’t, they need to get him some NHL games
        Kravtsov – get him back quick
        Rykov – where is he?

        Honestly though, despite all this, they are generally fun to watch. They are the youngest team in the NHL even with Haley and they have more coming. Got to keep it all in perspective.

        • I understand still taking a wait and see approach, I respect that, but to say that he is immune from criticism is ridiculous.

  • I’m hoping the Rangers are one more bad game away (Saturday?) from replacing Ruff. You are so spot on with your John Cooper observation! LOL. Tampa is right up there, with the Bruins, as being a bag of d_cks team …especially when they’re up big.

    • someone had extra vitamin B today. this is a very calming post, I will read it several times today!



      • It happens to both very good teams and very bad teams. We are somewhere in the middle. What matters is what we can learn from last night, modify it and make it go away against our next team. Tampa was poised for either a very slow start or an explosion out of the gate. We all saw what it turned out to be. I am thinking only 2 maybe 3 goals were soft goals, the rest were snipes.

        • Rangers are like 3 points ahead NJD. People are acting like this team is literally in the middle of the Eastern standings. Lucky that CBJ isn’t making a point about how everyone wants to leave Columbus. Pitts being riddled with injuries and no Crosby for the next 4-5 weeks.. NJD not making the most of their roster upgrades. Those three teams are terrible right now but could easily jump over this team. The Rangers are in the middle of the lame duck pack that are chasing WC1 and WC2. I expect this team to still be within a game or so of becoming a lottery pick.

  • Speaking of bounce backs, it seemed that Georgiev did have a better third period, only allowing a PP goal. First time I ever saw a goalie reenter a game after being relieved. Did the broadcast crew not quite say the rest of the team had some flu symptoms too?

  • that sucked last night. On the plus minus Panarin and ADA were both +3. seems very odd. If there was any silver lining to this dumpster fire it’s Chytil. 2 more goals. I think we have found our #2 center. Love the Byfield reference. Remember Perfetti, Lundell and Lapierre as consolation prizes to that.
    Glad Kakko missed this one. Hope he’s feeling better soon!

  • I’m not going to dump on the team, they dumped on themselves last night. It’s over, get a win over Florida…………

    • As fans, all we can do is get pissed and hope for a better game next time.
      DQ lost his mind on the bench
      Haley should not ever be in the lineup again. We need more talent on this team.
      Trouba got hurt, let’s hope he is okay for the next game
      Did anyone play defense for the NYR last night? If we get one line playing ANY defense against FLA, that would be an improvement
      Any word on how Kraftsov is doing in the USSR

  • I fully expected that there would be games where they are dismantled. Let’s see how they play against the Panthers.

    On the +/- subject, interestingly Panarin and ADA were both +3 last night.

    • Peter – lol – posted that last night, man. No surprises cuz mama did say there’d be days like these, bro. Ups and downs gonna happen, kinda haz to happen, before growth. The kidz are learning, tho. All press and experts projected us not in playoffs, but know what – we may surprise. Every young team has serious growing pains. They going to b OK, team grows, become family, and will kick ass and then we the ones who will want 10! Yo did any of y’all check out Morgan Barron our prospect at Cornell wearing the “C” for them – my boy gets a hat trick. 10 points in 4 games – and wtf, when did he grow 6′ 3″ …and 220? That kid grew from last year and is playing top center – we got something cooking at Cornell Athletics, undefeated – plan on checking that out this weekend vs Clarkson if I can get a ride from my tomorrow. Peace!

      • It’s not just games like last night, unfortunately. The Rangers are the worst, or near the worst, in shot attempt differential, in the league. Even in wins, the Rangers are being out-attempted badly, the goalies have just played out of their minds to get the wins.

        I was at the home opener, against the Jets. Winnipeg totally dominated that game with possession, shot attempts, etc., but the Rangers won.

        Playing that way over a full season will not produce a lot of wins. Maybe for the short-term it will, if the goalies hold up, but at some point yo have to figure that the goalies start to buckle. And when they do, you have the result of the Tampa game from Thursday night.

  • Flush this game. No need to dwell on it. Tampa is a very good team and we beat them just a few weeks ago so take solace in that.

    Cooper has a very punchable face. That cracked me up reading that. And his team takes on that same persona. That team is really annoying to lose to, as they appear to be “bad winners” when they’re up big. Not so much when they’re getting swept out of the first round playoffs though.

    Shake it off Rangers and Ranger fans. Look on the bright side; maybe if they play another stinker in Florida on Saturday night Ruff will be replaced Sunday morning.

    • Were they bad winners when they beat the Rangers in the semis a couple years ago? Not really. They’re a good team, with a ton of classy players on it, from Stamkos on down.

      And Cooper may be a smug bastard, but his NHL/AHL record puts about 90% of NHL coaches to shame. Certainly makes our angry bartender of a coach look like a clown by comparison.

        • Nobody, just think it’s silly to be upset at a team that beats your team 9-3. Especially when you’re talking about a coach who is far better than the Rangers’ coach. After a game in which David O’Tortorella Quinn lost his composure and looked like a clown to boot.

          • Lighten up, Francis. It’s just hockey. Good, bad or ugly it’s supposed to be fun.

            You’re entitled to your opinion just as I am regarding the Bolts. I view that team as a very talented, very cocky, sometimes dirty, sometimes embellishing kind of team coached by a very good coach with a punchable face.

  • Now we have to see how they respond in FLA. That’s the big thing. Do they cut it off right here or does it linger on and trigger a losing streak?

    You could see it right from the start… they were not skating anything like they have been. Now, I didn’t think it would be that bad. But you could tell they were “off” when they were not pressuring they way they have been lately. Valiquette noted them pressuring outside the dots and getting beat 1 on 1 most of the time. To me, it was the support that was missing. When they got beat, the was no one else there and the Lightning could just walk in on us with options to both shoot or pass. I thought they also obviously found a hole in Georgiev’s game on the high blocker side. They put at least 3 (maybe more) in that same exact spot.

  • It’s time to bring Jacques Lemaire out of retirement and revive the neutral zone trap. This team has an open door at the blue line and EVERY opposing team takes advantage of it. The Rangers’ shot share is appalling and if their goaltending was even slightly less efficient they would have maybe 2 wins.

    The defense is young, but the forwards are defensively clueless especially between the blue lines and their back-checking is not so great either. The number of attempts at the goal is mind boggling. The system has to be revamped or something.

    • You must be a soccer fan, no self-respecting hockey fan would ever ask for the trap to brought back into hockey.

      Stuff happens guys, don’t read too much into one loss. We are rebuilding. Patience!

      • I was being sarcastic. But this open door policy assault on our goalies has to be fixed and it’s not just this game.

  • I was at this game last night and boy did it hurt lol Team seemed sluggish off the puck drop and they didn’t have an answer for Tampa’s puck movement in their own zone. Still not sure why Mike Haley is ever on the ice. That icing that resulted in a face off goal was atrocious.

    • I was there Conor – The Bolts were just toying with the Rangers.

      Haley and his thuggery was a joke. They are down six goals and he’s running around the ice begging for someone to fight him. What purpose does that serve? Waking up the team? They should have thought of that in the hotel room.

  • RELAX.
    This team is nowhere as bad as last night, and conversely nowhere as good as when we beat a good team.
    We are one of the youngest teams in the NHL. Lose Staal, Hank and Haley, we have the youngest rosters.

    Young teams are by nature, inconsistent, it happens.

    • Without a doubt Jerry. They dominated the Bolts at MSG, and got thoroughly dominated by them in Tampa. 1/2 against a talented team like the Bolts? I’ll take it.

  • Brutal performance all the way around……I am a patient fan, but last night was alarming…Haley should not play again.. Trouba looked hurt prior to getting hurt. Hajek needs to go to hartford…Bring up Keane and let’s see what he can bring to the big leagues. Leadership has to make decisions on Kreider, Strome and Lars…..IMO this team is years away from contention……Ruff needs to go and Quinn needs to become assertive and play his best players….Still think leadership is calling shots on certain players.

    • Georgie appears to be falling apart, Howden still plays too much, the defensive system is horrendous, and we are almost at the quarter mark of the season—displaying pretty much all of the same flaws that the team had last year, despite the new players and the overall talent upgrade. If that’s not a worrying trend related to the coaching staff, I’m not sure what is.

      Also, they were completely dominated by a team that regrouped/restrategized after their recent loss to NYR. In other words: a good coach (Cooper) devised a gameplan to exploit the obvious weaknesses in the Rangers’ “defensive system”. On the opposing bench was David O’Tortorella Quinn, whose next changed strategic tactic will likely be his first offered at the NHL level. We all saw how that worked out. Florida is next: lets see how well they adjust to the Rangers after NYR gave them a battle.

      • Georgie is fine, he had a sub-par game in conjunction with some wicked precise shots that would have eluded the best goalies in the League — it’s not like Hank fared much better in net. TBH it was one of those nights where the Bolts capitalized on almost everything.

        • At the time Georgiev was pulled in last night’s game, he’d given up 12 goals on the last 71 shots taken against him. That’s ECHL level goalie play. He’s been bad in 3 of his last 4 starts.

          • No, bad in 2 of his last 4 starts (or 5 starts if you wish) — the game against the Sens and the game against the Bolts … can you blame him for those two games? Those were probably the 2 WORST performances by the team this season. The other 2 games against Pitt and Nashville (plus the first TB game) he was pretty much lights out.

          • “Can you blame him?”

            Georgiev has been bad lately, and he played like someone who didn’t want to be out there against Tampa. So the answer to your question is yes—I can blame him for subpar play of late. What I am most concerned about is that Georgi’s already weakening under the nightly avalanche of shots he and Hank face every single game. Obviously the coaching staff is offering no help to the goaltenders as things currently sit with NYR.

          • Were they not the two worst performances by the team? If so, how can you blame the goalie? Also, did you even note the placement of the shots in the 1st period of the TB game? Those were snipes, even the best goalie in the world maybe stops 1 of the first 4 goals in that game — and even Hank let in 4 goals in the 2nd period. The TB game was on the TEAM, not the goalies.

          • Again, at the time he was pulled against Tampa Georgiev had allowed 12 goals in his last 71 shots faced. You consider that a good run for a goalie? I don’t.

          • I consider the CONTEXT of the RUN. There’s nothing ECHL about his performance, the team in front of him played like crap against the Sens and TB — hank had the same result as Georgiev against TB,

            Last 3 games 88 shots, 13 goals … the 2 games prior to that stretch 63 shots, 2 goals … but don’t just cite some “stat”, consider the context of the stat.

          • Placement of shots—yeah, those 12 goals in 71 shots were all perfectly placed, that must’ve been it. Georgiev is already wearing down under the nightly barrage.

  • Well, it’s nice to dream and comfort ourselves on mornings like this Dave but not expecting this team to be bottom-10 and will not get a sniff at quinton byfield unless it overcomes some seriously long lottery odds. but hope springs eternal!

  • My Rangers Christmas list:

    – Give Ruff the boot!
    – Give Lias Anderson a legit 5-10 games span anchoring the 3rd line before Mika gets back. If he fails send him to the Wolfpack to gain confidence offensively.
    – Send Howden down now to the Wolfpack to get legitimate Offensive time and work on his defensive game
    – Keep boosting Kreider and Strome’s trade value at all costs; Brendan’s too would be a bonus
    – convince Staal to go on LTIR list or retire.
    – Drop Haley as we have plenty of guys that if need be can throw a punch
    – bring up 2-3 deserving guys from the Wolfpack
    – Bring up the the Prince to get a couple games duing the 6 games over 9 days span of the season to put an exclamation on him being future #1 goalie over Gorg; Then trade Gorg for the highest bidder.
    – If Quinn keeps up these head games of meritocracy, Quinn-bin, sacrificing of health over long haul of season, thus wasting both fans and management’s time then say good buy at year end. I really don’t want to see all this when we have a really solid team in 2-3 years time.

    I honestly could care less with the scores and standings this year. Best to be last than 2nd at this point in time.

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