kaapo kakko top line Rangers preseason finale lines

For a game with no Crosby, there was suspicion that the Rangers could have a somewhat decent game tonight. The kids did not disappoint one iota. Let’s break this one down and get to the thoughts shall we?

  • Going into this game, there was certainly some hope with Crosby out that the team would not be entirely skated out of the building. The second period had us worried a little bit as Pittsburgh started to get better and better possession numbers going, but Georgiev held down the fort well.
  • I said it before and I will say it again, I am thankful as a Rangers fan to cheer for an organization that knows how to get goalies in the system to backup Henrik Lundqvist. Whether it be Georgiev, Shesterkin, Huska, Wall, there are NO shortages of depth at that position. Even better when you have a hall of fame coach in Benoit Allaire in my opinion.
  • Another rookie who just continues to tear it up is Adam Fox. What more can you say about this guy, he is far and away the best defenseman the Rangers have this season. The skill and awareness to hit Kakko in stride in overtime for him to tap it in for the win had us all thinking of the next decade of this duo. Adam Fox to Kaapo Kakko forever and ever, praise be.
  • Speaking of Kakko, it’s truly remarkable to watch him grow more and more confident each game. His two goals tonight allowed him to become the first 18 year old to have a multi-goal game in franchise history according to the Rangers info and Stats Twitter. DO YOU ALL REALIZE HOW OLD THIS FRANCHISE IS? This kid is going to be not only a star, but someone who will become synonymous with hockey in both New York and internationally.
  • I don’t put a huge emphasis on importance of “grit” for a hockey player, but it was nice to see Lindgren not put up with any of Evgeni Malkin’s BS while battling with him near the crease. Lindgren might want to be careful though, Malkin is one of those “Red Mist” types and would probably cause serious injury to Lindgren. *See Pittsburgh/Philadelphia last season.
  • Did anyone else realize we were so high up in the power play success rating? I sure as Hell didn’t, awesome to see though as a fan and having to watch YEARS of mediocre power plays. (Lest we forget the 2014 playoffs?)
  • This game was a reminder that while yes there will be growing pains this year on the forward and defensive fronts, this team will play a solid game from time to time. Your goal scorers tonight averaged the age of 19.5.
  • Let. The. Kids. Play!

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