Game Wrap-ups

Rangers, Panthers excite with a track meet as Panthers prevail in shootout

Back and forth game ends with Rangers loss in shootout

If there’s one thing we know about the Rangers, it’s that they are going to be fun to watch. The Blueshirts have the high-end talent to put up goals, but they don’t have the system in place to prevent chances against. Yesterday’s game is a prime example of what happens when your goalie can’t mask your defensive issues, as Henrik Lundqvist was given no help at all in the loss.

On the bright side, the kids showed they are alright. Ryan Lindgren got his first NHL goal and Kaapo Kakko scored. The young veterans Pavel Buchnevich and Ryan Strome added a few assists. Artemi Panarin showed why you give him $11 million a year. Offensively, a treat. Defensively, a nightmare.

Rangers 1, Panthers 0

This is an excellent passing play by Artemi Panarin and Ryan Strome, with Ryan Lindgren finishing. Lindgren crept in from the point to the back door and the Panthers couldn’t pick him up. This was a solid pass by Strome to hit him and then a great finish.

Rangers 1, Panthers 1

This is just a great play by Evgenii Dadonov to fight of Libor Hajek, and from his knees get the puck to Alex Barkov, who is smothered by Jesper Fast but still gets a perfect shot by Hank. This is a beautiful goal by the Panthers.

Panthers 2, Rangers 1

This is a learning experience for Adam Fox. Dominic Toninato is his man in front, but he doesn’t put a body on him or tie him up. The rebound after two saves by Hank goes right to Toninato and he buries it.

Rangers 2, Panthers 2

Filip Chytil, wow.

Panthers 3, Rangers 2

Honestly this is just a beautiful powerplay setup. The Panthers have a high end top powerplay unit, and the passing was crisp. Dadonov found the seam in the coverage and it was bang-bang.

Rangers 3, Panthers 3

This Brady Skjei rush was what we had his rookie season. Nice to see he still has the wheels to pull it off. This went off a skate but it was created by the speed of Skjei. More of this by him, please.

Rangers 4, Panthers 3

Joe broke this down nicely on the broadcast. Kakko took the pass from Strome and skated into it, opening up the angle and getting a step on the defenseman. Kakko put it just inside the post.

Panthers 4, Rangers 4

How did Frank Vatrano get this open behind three Rangers? Also a bar-down backhand is just pretty.

Rangers 5, Panthers 4

Chris Kreider with the deflection off the Fox shot. He is easily the best net front presence on the team.

Rangers 5, Panthers 5

This was deflected by Brian Boyle in front. There was some chaos as the Panthers were able to change up the side of the ice, but Skjei simply didn’t tie up Boyle in front.

Shot Heatmap

The Panthers got a lot more shot attempts than the Rangers did, but the Blueshirts did have the expected goals advantage in this one. It goes back to what we’ve been saying for a while. The Rangers are a train wreck from a possession standpoint, but at least hold their own from a quality standpoint.

Skater Results

There’s a lot of good here from an expected goals standpoint. The Rangers are certainly a high-event team, and their games are going to be track meets for the most part. It’s good to see Hajek with a strong game.

The Rangers are going to be a fun offensive team to watch, but defensively boy are they a disaster. They likely won’t fix any of those issues this season. So let’s enjoy the offense and the track meets. Just try not to take anything too seriously.

As a note, I’m away until the end of next week. There’s going to be delays in any breaking news, but we will still have the content flowing. If there’s anything out of date, you’ll know why because it was written by me and queued up well in advance.

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  • More importantly, Happy Veterans Day!!

    Thank you to all that have served and continue to serve, to help keep us safe. And thank you to your families’ sacrifice as well.

    God Bless!!

    • Tony

      And thank you for thinking of us, especially the ones who have scares they live with everyday, both physical, and mental……

      • I was at Normandy beach on November 1,and what a chilling and the most exciting day I have ever had! Walking on Utah beach and Omaha beach I had goosebumps and red eyes. I got to visit the museum and the cemetery of the 9000+ soldiers that are buried there! I will never forget the sacrifice of our brave men and women.

  • As I have said in the past, my family is extremely close with David Quinn’s old lady. She has family in upstate New York who are a good hockey family. Quinn’s coaching seat is beyond safe at this point and I was aware of that since the summer. He’s flexing every chance he gets with the individual shots in his post game presser. The people who have never played a competitive hockey game in their life won’t agree with him. Expect to see a new wave of vets on this team by next summer, courtesy of DQ->JG and Drury, the Boston club.

    As for veteran’s day, I’ll uphold the truth that was spilled to my old man from past generations. There’s nothing to lay back on about today except for those poor souls who had to get drafted. Than ended up being the first wave to get run over before they could fire off a single shot.
    God bless those civilians who got caught in cross fire of our drones. Also God bless the kid’s who have to fight every day in the underground black market.

  • Fast made a great effort to get back and cover the wide open Barkov. Unfortunately, Jesper slid by him and Barkov got off a rocket of a shot that got by Henk. As productive as his line is playing with Bread and Strome they do allow a lot of scoring chances.
    It’s Remembrance Day up here in Canada. Lest we forget, the sacrifice others made so that we can live in freedom.

  • Today and everyday we are grateful to our military personnel past, present and future. There aren’t words big enough to describe what these brave men and women do for our country…..God bless..

  • This is a game we easily could have one if we decided to play any defense. Way to lax in the defensive zone, playing a against a team that was probably tired in the 3rd because of playing back-to-back games.
    Oh where oh where has Jacob Trouba gone?

    • Continuing my plea to remove Ruff from this organization. How impressive could our young D be with a different defensive philosophy? And what could we get out of Brady if he had a coach that could help him get back to his rookie season form? How many games will be won giving up and average close to 40 SOG per night. Lastly, can we please win a faceoff??? Let’s Go Rangers!!

  • I sort of disagree with the laments about the Rangers’ defensive play in the game. Hey, both teams gave up 5 goals. Either they are both offensively talented or they both suck defensively?

    I enjoyed the game, it was fun to watch. No, I don’t think that the Rangers’ defensemen are as bad as advertised. Their forwards need to help out more, and the team has a bunch of inexperienced players, but they are a credible NHL club and are only going to get better. Enjoy it!

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