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Henrik Lundqvist is King

Henrik Lundqvist. That’s it, that’s the intro. Let’s begin shall we?

  • Henrik Lundqvist is an ageless wonder. This Hurricanes team is an analytical darling and there’s a reason they are up high in the standings. Lundqvist was able to elevate his game to a level he’s been able to for the majority of his career and make save after save after save. While Shesterkin cooks in Hartford, it is great to have such a steady tandem in net with Lundqvist and Georgiev.
  • The decision to scratch Brady Skjei was not the worst idea. I try to be as fair in my analysis as I can, but ever since signing that contract, Brady has not been able to recreate his game from 2016-17. It could be Lindy Ruff in how he’s coaching, it could be Skjei’s overall role on the team that he’s put in more of a shut down defender now than an offensive one, but either way, he needed a night in the press box.
  • I sound like a broken record most nights when I compose these thoughts, but it cannot be stated enough how much fun it is to watch Artemiy Panarin night in and night out. So great to have that super star forward that shows tangible star power. Great work overall by the Strome and Fast duo on that first goal as well.
  • Every member of the Rangers owes Henrik Lundqvist anything his heart desires, he was fed to the wolves.
  • Pavel Buchnevich has gone more under the radar I would debate this season, but it is great to see him get a goal and put up yet another multi-point game. If the Rangers hope to be competitive soon, guys like Buchnevich are vital to a well balanced hockey team. The Kreider-Chytil-Buchnevich line is fun as hell to watch
  • Tony DeAngelo continues his hot streak of points with that sick shot which Lemieux then tipped. After reading the story of how he trains to tip pucks, it’s awesome to see him get in the “G” column. He’s also a REALLY good penalty drawer which is not talked about enough. It’s a skill that goes more under the radar during a game and over the course of a season, but if you want reps on your power play, you need someone to get you there.
  • What more can you say about tonight’s game? Lundqvist is the main reason this one goes in the win column. Don’t know how a single person could dislike this man and what he has given this organization for years and years.

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  • DQ made adjustments after the first period, and the NYR won the game against a difficult opponent. BSB needs to show DQ some love.

  • It’s not right to give all the credits to the players and blaming the coach after every loss. Be fair.

  • Why Kravtsov went home so early? He could be the next call up from Hartford to replace either McKegg or Haley.

  • Always good to win on the road…….. And in the post game (even tho hockey is a team sport ) listening to interviews it was almost like not a team win but that one guy won the game……and that is about 80% true .

  • It took a while to notice just how good Buch’s game has been, ALL SEASON … I will say it again, should have signed Buch long term — this is what happens when the FO doesn’t show confidence in their evaluations of players.

    • well, there are two sides to every deal. also coming off a 38 and 43 point season… bridge was the right move imo. if he breaks into the 60’s this year.. good for him. imo DQ through all his dragging has made him a more complete player.

    • You sign him long term if you’re confident he’s a top 6 wing on a team that’s competing for a Cup. We just don’t know that yet.

  • Carolina is a hell of a team, fast, physical, and relentless, as Coach Quinn would say. The Rangers, young and inconsistent, managed to keep themselves in the game with big plays when they counted, and Lundquist flat out stole, just stole, the game from the Hurricanes. He’s one of the great goalies of all time, and he’s not done yet. If his schedule is managed correctly, he might just have another great season.

  • Henk was in his zone tonight. The Rangers scored when they needed too but one has to admit Carolina carried the play for the most part in this one. Nonetheless, a win is a win, but if the Rangers are to take the next step forward, they got to reduce the number of puck turnovers, particularly in the neutral zone.

    • while obviously youd rather the shot and possession metrics to be more even, I think its important for the young players to know what it takes and feels like to beat good teams and how to lock down games late.

  • Hank was great and a win is always a good thing – but can anyone explain why the rangers regularly give up so much time and space in the slot? Is this part of the ‘system’, or just poor execution? It appears that the defenders often don’t know who to pick up and hesitate – even move away from loose pucks or attacking players. Can anyone explain this?

    • Good point. I just think it will fix itself as they play more (the scouting dept. in my opinion should also peek into that). I think it is more vibe/hesitation than execution/system. They hopefully will play their way out of those bumps. We sure needed Henrik last night – that boy earned a good portion of his contract. lol!

    • “It appears that the defenders often don’t know who to pick up and hesitate – even move away from loose pucks or attacking players. Can anyone explain this?”

      Yes, the coach doesn’t know what he’s doing and neither do his assistants. Put Trotz behind the bench with these same players and you would see a much better system. Especially on D.

      • I was listening to Stemkowski on the radio and he said the Rangers offer very little neutral zone obstruction, therefore opponents (Hurricanes) fly to the offensive zone and set up shop. Seems like the forwards are at fault here about as much as the defense. This should have been a 7-1 Hurricane victory if not for Hank.

        • It is kind of simple, the Rangers had gap control in the TB and Nashville games, and did not after those 2 games.

          So the idea that there’s no resistance in the neutral zone is the same issue as not having a forecheck or not defending well in their D zone: bad gap control. have a Ranger within a foot of the opponent all over the ice makes them harder to play against.

          It is simple, really.

  • Great article, Tyler – agree on all fronts.
    Henrik! Henrik! Henrik! That boy was crazy unconscious last night – oh man!
    Loved how they showed Lemieux at practice same day before the game how he would kneel behind the goal while teammates blasted the puck at an open net – just so he would not squint – it helped! back to back wins – well deserved rest. My boys in blue stopped the silly Hurricane post-game show y’all! Nice! Send the wave back home!

  • Very exciting to see the team starting to gel. There is gonna be some clunkers along the way but judging by the way they played in these back to backers the progress is evident. Now can we get rid of lindy ruff so Skjei can get back on track?

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