Detroit Red Wings/NY Rangers Game Thoughts

Even if you put a giant asterisk on this one that it was against Detroit, this is how we want the Rangers to play and what we hope is going to come out of all of these prospects blossoming eventually. Creating a team that not only has a balanced attack, but hopefully can contend for a Stanley cup. Let’s get down to business with the thoughts shall we?

  • The story of the game was how Marc Staal was coming back into the lineup. While this was a highly questionable decision based on who came out–if we are going to be honest, Hajek or Skjei could have probably used a night off–Staal had a decent game for what we expect of him.
  • No one other than the Senators can out tank the Red Wings, holy smokes.
  • I REALLY wish one of these years, the NHL would come to its senses and allow the Rangers and Red Wings to both wear their colored jerseys while playing each other. There is something about the Red and Blue on the ice that would just look so nice; very much like the 2014 Winter Classic.
  • It cannot be stated enough how good of a statistical start Tony DeAngelo is having to this season being as he’s a defenseman. I know there are a lot of takes and data out there to support that Tony is only good in the offensive zone, but 11 Points in 13 games is impressive no matter the context of how those points came to be.
  • Brendan Lemieux riding shotgun with Kakko is…dare I say fun??? I know we ultimately want Kakko playing on a top line with Zibanejad and Panarin, but I like that Lemieux can get in people’s face when people take runs at Kakko.
  • It’s good to see those hands are not just for throwing punches, that was a great spin move by Lemieux to shoot for a rebound and find DeAngelo for the opening goal.
  • Chris Kreider scoring? In this economy? Good for him. A lot has been said of his game, and it is warranted, but he needed that goal.
  • Greg McKegg is never going to come out of the lineup now is he? In all seriousness though, great patience and what a bad goal for Howard to give up.
  • Thank God for a good power play and good penalty killing tonight. This was a special team’s game, but its good to see the Rangers have success with that tonight even with Zibanejad out of the lineup.
  • Detroit is bad, but I’m glad that the Rangers played a full 60 minute game in this one. Trouba’s comments about Ottawa and how they thought it was going to be “easy” was extremely puzzling to hear as a fan of this hockey team. You don’t want to hear your shiny new defensive toy on a 7 year contract say stuff like that when he should be mentoring the young blue liners that come up through the ranks.
  • Game, set, match. Artemi Panarin is also a point per game player!

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