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Report: NY Rangers still interested in Edmonton’s Jesse Puljujarvi

Rangers showed interest in Oilers' winger over the summer

Note: No recap from yesterday’s win. Sorry.

Per Chris Johnston on Sportsnet, the Rangers are a team that continue to show interest in Edmonton’s Jesse Puljujarvi.

The Blueshirts had interest in the summer as well, but nothing ever materialized. Puljujarvi has requested a trade from Edmonton, and is currently playing in Finland, putting up 11-9-20 in 18 games so far with Karpat.

The former first round pick (4th overall) in 2016 has been consistently misused in Edmonton, playing fourth line minutes and never really getting a chance to show why he was a 4th overall pick (sound familiar?). The 21 year old is without an NHL contract right now, and will need to sign by December 1 in order to be eligible to play in the NHL this year.

If the Rangers land Puljujarvi, he would like supplant Brendan Smith on the forward depth chart and help round out that position that is organizationally weak both on the NHL roster and in the system. Currently Smith is #4 on the depth chart at RW, with Vitali Kravtsov the major RW prospect currently in the KHL.

Edmonton’s NHL roster is currently in ned of basically everything, but they are in a precarious cap situation right now. Makes you wonder if the Rangers can land Puljujarvi and a dead weight contract for something like a draft pick.

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  • How bad is Edmonton’s cap situation? Instead of recieving a pick and Puljujarvi–could the Rangers let the Oilers keep their first and take Staal instead?

    • Edmonton has Adam Larsson sent to return mid December… at 4.166 Mil… they can’t take Additional salary…

  • The Oil like the Rangers are in cap hell. Puljujari has plenty of upside and would be a good fit in the young Ranger organization. The question is at what price. I don’t believe he is worth a 1st rounder based on how his NHL career has gone so far. The Rangers could offer up a second and maybe throw in a minor leaguer prospect.

    • Puljujari definitely has more upside then Andersson. The Rangers have plenty of centers in the pipeline to replace the young swede. That would be a good move if the Rangers could swing it.

        • Seems like a no-brainer even if we have to sweeten the price a bit. Jesse is bigger, faster and has a better shot than Lias. And we don’t have an immediate need for Lias once Zib returns. Much higher upside vs. The disappointing Andersson. Another miracle by Gorton? Hope so.

          • You better watch what you are saying…BSB and 95% of fans here LOVE Lias Andersson, they think Lias is destined to be the 2C after Zib, everyone else is just warming the seat for Lias.

    • Trading Andersson for Puljujarvi doesn’t make the most sense — and no, we aren’t blessed with a lot of young center prospects. We have d’men and goaltending in abundance (prospect-wise) though, makes more sense to lighten our load in that respect — and those are areas where the Oilers are lacking.

      Should also note, we have a good number of quality RWs already on the roster — and you can add Kravtsov next year as well … so I’m wondering where he fits in the scheme of things. Will he be used in a 3rd line role? 4th line? Seems to me the team that should be looking for a player like Puljujarvi would be one lacking at least 1 Top 6 RW.

  • Oilers are over the cap when Larsson returns so I’d expect them to try and free up some cap space which NYR can’t take on. It’s going to take a 1st + to get Puljujari and I don’t think the NYR will care. This deal is more about making Kakko feel more at home with another Finn on the team as it is about his upside. No way that Brendan Smith is the odd man out although all of the talking heads keep pushing that scenario. Smith has been one of the most consistent players all year long as Quinn loves his Swiss army knife abilities. Haley or Mckegg go way before Smith.

  • We certainly should be listening, if not discussing it. But at what cost? I would listen on Lias but let’s not give up any #1 or #2 picks – OK?
    Interestingly, a large portion of the posters feel Kravs was in the wrong by going back home. Not sure how JP is any different from that perspective.

    • Kravs needed to be a little more patient. Chytil was also sent down to the iron league after a mediocre camp. He busted his butt, showed the Rangers club that he wants back and so far it has paid off. IMHO Nams was moved to create some roster space for Kravs. However, the young Ruskkie bolted before proving to the Rangers that he is NHL ready.

      • Don’t disagree Bloomer – if Kravs stayed and played he could be dancing around MSG right now.

        However, that does not negate the serious flaws in the NYR employee relations area. If I had a kid with huge upside talent who I knew had an out to go back home, I sure would’ve done a little handholding to assist in his transition to NY and the NHL. All it would’ve likely taken was a little reassurance that he was in line for the big club but “we just want you to get some big minutes and get comfy with North American hockey for a month or so in Hartford.”

      • Or…conversely – they could have gone to him and said that we were impressed with your camp and we want to give you ten or so games with the big club to see what you got and then we will assess where things are at. If you are dazzling us – well kid – welcome to the NHL. And if he is getting Lias minutes, hopefully, he can understand how going down to Hartford and pulling an Igor could help his case.

        It doesn’t matter – it just seems that the kid is getting the rap for heading home. It goes both ways and it should have never ever happened.

        I brought it up in relation to JP – a slightly different situation contract wise – but they both went home.

      • check out DQ presser today, discussing callups and not sulking. you can tell they didn’t like what krav pulled.

  • I disagree with the premise. Edmonton needs almost everything? They are doing quite fine this year.without Laarson,so what could we offer? Secondly, when Zib comes back, a center has to move. Most likely Strome to wing which would send Smith to 4th line or out. Where would Puljarvi play if you dont want him as a 4th liner? And Kravatsov plays the same position.!

  • Edmonton needs to make the playoffs this year or McDavid’s head will explode. They’re not trading Puljuarvi for draft picks. They need a player who will help them now.

  • Here’s something that no one mentioned so far, so here goes. I’d make the move to get the kid, and stated so earlier as well, if for no other reason than the Kakko kid needs a friend, and countryman to run around with, and feel comfortable. He has expressed frustration, and also got homesick, so this makes a heck of a lot off sense. Didn’t they just get a retired player form Finland, played with the Devils, to come over and hang with the guy for a few days, and it worked wonders for Kakko.

    Jesse has skill, that’s for sure, and you never have enough quality skilled players on any team. He is also a big boy, 6’4″ and over 200 lbs, who can possibly be moved up in the line up. If he is able to play more than one wing, and we can’t resign Kreider, boom here is his replacement, on the same line as Kakko. I’d make a solid offer to get this deal done before the deadline!!!!!!!!!!

  • Am I over valuing Kreider by saying him for Puljujarvi straight up is insane–thinking Edmonton would have to add a first?

    • or second. def add something since there is def risk with involved. but if trading Kreider for a prospect this is the type to go after.

  • Rangers could take contract of Gagner, add couple of seconds, or for example Rykov or Reunanen….. and take Puli

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