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Friedman: Chris Kreider and St. Louis could be a fit

If the NY Rangers trade Chris Kreider, St. Louis could be a target

In his 31 Thoughts yesterday, Elliotte Friedman mentioned Chris Kreider and how he would be a great fit for the St. Louis Blues:

5. You know who screams St. Louis Blues if they wanted to add? Chris Kreider. He’d be perfect for them.

This is an interesting nugget, and most likely a throwaway thought based on how Kreider plays and how St. Louis likes to build their roster. But you know us, and with Kreider unsigned and likely headed towards a trade, let’s explore this.

Kreider is a 28 year old winger who is a pending UFA (29 in April). He has a very manageable cap hit, probably underpaid given the market today, at $4.625 million. He’s a 20-goal, 45-50 point guy who has a very unique skill set of unmatched speed and strength. He’s a matchup nightmare that also happens to be a terrific net-front presence.

Comparable trades from last year:

  • Kevin Hayes, 26 year old, 20-goal, 40-point center traded from Rangers to Jets for Brendan Lemieux and a first round pick.
  • Mats Zuccarello, 32 year old, 15-goal, 55-point winger traded from Rangers to Stars for what amounted to 2nd and 3rd round picks with conditions.
  • Ryan Dzingel, 26 year old 20-goal, 40-point center traded from Ottawa to Columbus for Anthony Duclair and a pair of 2nd round picks.
  • Charlie Coyle, 26 year old 15-goal, 40-point winger traded from Minnesota to Boston or Ryan Donato and a 5th round pick.

There are some minor differences here, but the basic premise is that Kreider will fetch either a couple of 2nd/3rd round picks, or a bottom-six NHLer and either a 1st or some combination of 2nd/3rd picks. I can see the Rangers getting more if Kreider signs an extension with any acquiring club immediately following the trade, meaning they were able to negotiate with him prior to the trade.

The thing with St. Louis is they don’t have much cap space to work with, and Kreider at $7 million will be tough for them to add. I think, in St. Louis’ case, it’s a pure rental deal.

Off the NHL roster, I can’t imagine they part ways with Robert Thomas or Sammy Blais as both are in the top nine. Maybe Robby Fabbri, who has a pair of 30 point seasons and is only 23, but he’s done nothing the past two years thanks to a torn ACL and has been a healthy scratch for the last week or so. Fabbri could be a good buy-low candidate with promising offensive numbers.

Looking at the Blues’ prospect pool, I think we can cross someone like Jordan Kyrou off the list immediately. The Blues aren’t trading their best prospect for a rental. Ditto Klim Kostin.  It looks like it might be a “take your pick” of guys like Scott Perunovich, Alexei Toropchencko, Mitch Reinke, Nikita Alexandrov, and Niko Mikkola.

The Blues are missing their 6th and 7th rounders this year and their 2nd and 7th rounders next season. So they have the major picks to make a rental work.

Keeping market value in mind, I could see any of the following scenarios working out:

  • Fabbri and a 2nd for Kreider
  • A 1st and a 2nd for Kreider, although the years of the picks might need to be worked out.
  • One of those prospects and either a 1st or a 2nd for Kreider

In the rental market, that’s how market value plays out. It may seem underwhelming, and the reaction from Rangers fans will likely be close to the displeasure with the Zuccarello return. But there’s still value to be had here, if the Rangers decide to trade Kreider.

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  • Krieder to anyone at this point in the season is nonsense. This won;t happen until the playoff race is more clear.

  • They should resign him. Prospect lw depth is negligible. Kravtsov is likely a longer term project. He seems to have chemistry with chytil etc.

    In terms of the trade market Taylor hall will kill the lw market and these returns being underwhelming is an understatement.

  • Strome at $4m, Krieder at $4.5m and Smith at $4m are all contracts we will need to remove. It will open up our ability to adjust the roster. Someone needs to talk Staal and Hank into retiring too. Maybe get some more legit centers on the roster too. We may actually need to add a player at the deadline instead of just trading away assets. The future is bright, if we can move some difficult contracts.

    • easier said than done…though I agree with your post with the exception of Kreider. I would offer Kreider a 5 year deal 5.5/6 million…..

    • Hank really needs to go. Brooksie stated yesterday that Georgiev has outplayed him thus far and I can’t imagine that changing. That 8.5 million per year Is killing them and could be put to much better use.

      • Who wants to be saddled with an $8.5M cap hit for the next two years? The Rangers won’t find a dance partner for Hank unless they swallow 60% of the cap and 60% of the salary. The salary is, I believe, somewhere around $5M.

      • I feel like Henrik will be a topic if and when another club makes a call to the head offices and they then see exactly what this club can get for it’s future from a move like that….

        But wouldn’t it be nice if the club made a move with Staal years ago… look what we face now with his contract.

        history is there to learn form it sometimes.

    • Strome has played better of late, it would be interested to know what his camp is asking for in negotiations. He should be considered as a player to bridge the rebuild/tear down. Staal is likely the next candidate for a buy out. Lundqvist and Smith will likely finish out their contracts. The Rangers will not find the cap room to re-up Krieder.

      • Bloomer

        I hate to break the bad news to you, but we have some real heavy dead cap space, and I suspect we won’t tread those waters with Marc!!!!!!!!

  • I agree this would make a lot of sense for St. Louis. I think Colorado was also mentioned as a destination for Kreider. There was something going on there last year for the #16 pick. I think we are best suited to see how the season plays out and try to move him closer to the deadline if moving him is in the cards. Tarasenko is out 5 months and Landsekog is out indefinitely. I am not sure these teams will find a replacements too quickly. I could see our management gin up the rumor mill to try and play Colorado against St. Louis.

    I also think Edmonton is a good fit for Kreider . If we trade him in the near term I would imagine it would be in a deal with Edmonton that involved Puljujarvi. (Needs to be signed by December 1 to be eligible this year) Not saying they would do that one for one, or we would either for that matter. Throwing spit balls here.

  • The return for Kreider mentioned in the article doesn’t seem worth a trade to me. He is at least a 25+ goal guy by the way as evidence by his most recent full seasons where he hit 28 goals both times. He is also a presence in front of the net and plays a physical game. Nah, I don’t buy it unless he demands an unreasonable contract.

    • More than 2 years at $6M each would be unreasonable to the NYR. He disappears for long periods of games more than almost everyone on the roster. You have to forget he is a lifelong Ranger and do a value proposition.

      • With all due respect Sal, I don’t buy the ‘disappears’ line about Kreider and never have. He is always a physical presence. You don’t score 28 goals in the league disappearing. He might be streaky, but he works hard.

  • I think the comment had more to do with the fact Tarasenko is out until March. I think that’s why there’s all this chatter all of a sudden about STL

    • Plus if STL trades for someone good to replace Tarasenko, they can stash Vlad on the injured list until the playoffs, much like the Hawks did with Kane a few years ago. I believe they can add the equivalent of Tarasenko’s salary to their current roster that way, and then put Vlad on the playoff roster regardless of salary cap totals.

  • I like what Chris gives to this team in the way of size, net front presence, and leadership. I suspect the organization isn’t going to just dump him for a few 2nd, or 3rd round picks, silly thinking there. Now if a #1, and a good young prospect is offered, well we have too seriously think it thru. The upcoming draft is deep, from all the press deeper than this past draft, so as many #1’s that we can get, the better.

    • Kreider has been saddled with a rep for being inconsistent. I think he’s mostly been playing with too many line changes and system changes to correctly judge this part to his game. I think he is the kind of player this club needs in 2-5 years to come.


      • Hank has chosen to stay. He could have been traded during the past 2 years.

        Hank knows what he stayed on for. I see a split in games once the schedule goes into a normal cycle.

      • Pas44

        I’m commenting on the proposed returns people said we’d get for Chris. I’m not pushing to move him, but if his demands are out of sight, well good bye Chris!!!!!!!!

  • There is no one in the Ranger org that comes close to what CK gives when he is playing his game.

    That being said, he wants 6/7 years then I do not see the Rangers doing that. In January, we should know where this is going, either trade or extension. Unfortunately, in most games, CK is playing the way Zuc did to start his season last year, meaning that CK thinks he’s going to be traded.

    So of course STL will be rumored since they lost Tarasenko.

    • I mean pro rata kreider is playing right near his usual point pace. 6*8.2 = 49 . Ok a little under but I don’t think hes playing that bad.

      • He’s played better the last few games but probably because he could not play worse after the first few games.

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